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dont wanna but i gotta


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so for the longest time, since i was 8, i've been having these pains in my stomach, im now 29. Thanks to one of my friends husbands i will be having surgery in the end of march.

logn story short, friend trying to leave husband, husband hit wife, wife told me to get their child out of the house, husband hit and kicked me, not a very nice man. good times i tell you

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Deary me, I hope all goes well with the surgery, and your friend and her situation are resolved.

I shall add you to my prayer list,

Anna X

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Guest pilaraquarius


I am SO sorry...Men like that need to be strung up by their B**ls!!!

PLEASE keep us posted!




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What an a**hole!! :tantrum:

I don't mean to be funny.....I'm very serious!! I hope he gets a taste of what that feels like someday!! We should set that guy up infront of that big hole and let "The King" kick his butt down into the depths of hell. I have no patience for men like that!

Best of luck Dear One with your surgery......you'll be in our prayers!!!




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Best of luck with your surgery Hun! Men like that just make me wanna.... oh grrrrrrrrr :tantrum: I can't even type it!

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