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Hello Gerry fans,

With the tremendous number of public appearances, interviews and articles in relation to the release of 300.... I think we are seeing the real Gerry emerge from all the new information we are being treated to.

Many of us fell for one of Gerry's characters, before we ever even knew who the actor was, and in some cases, our infatuation of Gerry, may be the result of infatuation with one or more his characters. For some of us... finding out just who the real Gerry Butler is, could be a difficult dose of reality. I'm already seeing this phenomenon across most of the fansites... as Gerry seems to be feeling confident enough now, to reveal his rougher edges.

I think what we see here, is a very complex man who refuses to be confined to anyone's box of acceptable behavior; how he should talk, who he should date, and how he should conduct himself at public events. Discussions are starting to pop up in fandom in regards to Gerry's colorful language, flippant gestures and sometimes roguish behavior. Some of the fans are shocked by photos of him flipping off reporters, or by how frequently he uses the F-bomb, or by his off color and often sexually frank humorous remarks. A few fans have expressed that they wish he would temper the bad boy side of his nature, and try to act more mature. Some fans find his attitude towards women degrading, and some do not appreciate his raunchier sense of humor.

I see Gerry as a man of huge contrasts: he is on the one hand; charming, gentle and sweet.... a guy who loves his mum and genuinely goes out of his way to help people he cares for. He has that sort of puppy dog goofy demonstrative side, who loves to hug and kiss, and who is very generous with his affections, but he also has his well defined personal boundaries.... and has been known to bark when they are crossed. He is self effacing, warm and hilariously funny... and seems to enjoy his own jokes more than anyone else. His quick wit is razor sharp, he is gregarious and utterly engaging, but he can also be moody and sullen... needing time to get inside his head, away from the spotlight and away from his adoring fans. I think he is a man who struggles with crippling insecurities... even when on the outside, he appears self confident... some say, even cocky.

He is capable of acting the perfect gentleman.... debonaire and gracious, a man who can hobnob with the upper crust, and socialize comfortably with any group. Gerry appears to have a very caring way about him, and has been known to do amazing things to show his fans his appreciation, and this is one of the qualities that have endeared him to his legions of female fans.

However, as with all human beings... Gerry has flaws or quirks... personality traits that some people may find less than appealing. He has a temper and and can be visibly irritable in certain stressful circumstances. He is known to be habitually late for appointments, and is admittedly disorganized.

He says himself, he is a man of extremes, and he seems to be searching for more stability and spiritual peace in his life.

Gerry is the yin and the yang... both dark and light. A naughty boy rogue in one setting... and then the gentle soul who tears up with his romantic and poetic sensibilities in another.

I think our Gerry still has a bit of the Glasgow streets in him; tough and combative when he needs to be.... and NO body's pushover.

It may be, that through the role of Lenonidas, Gerry has reconnected with that tougher aspect of himself, while at the same time... he is still the sweet and kind hearted softie we all adore. I don't think that will ever change

So who is the real Gerry?

I say...they are all the real Gerry.

So my question to you fans is this: can you accept him as he is? Can you enjoy the rougher and more raw; cussing, abrupt and impatient Gerry... just as he is, without expecting or wanting him to change? Can you still remain a fan, as more of his imperfections and quirks are revealed... and can you stand beside him, if there are things about him you really don't like at all?

I think we need to be prepared, that as he becomes the target of the press, and as we learn more about him.... there will be unflattering moments captured and witnessed. There will be situations where his humanity and vulnerability are on display.

Will those things diminish him in your eyes? Does your opinion of Gerry as a person, directly influence your appreciation for him as an actor...or can you separate the "man" from his craft?

As for me.... I will admit, I have never "known" anyone quite like Gerry... and he has challenged many of my conceptions about what is acceptable, or even charming behavior. That said, I now know without reservation, that I can and do accept those rougher edges of his blustery, charming and irresistible personality. Plain and simple, I adore the man as he is, and would never want him to change or conform to mine or anyone else's standards.

I have the utmost respect for his passionate individuality, and each time another layer is peeled away.... my heart seems prepared to take it all in.

So....what do you all have to say about this? :kisswink:

I am anxious to hear your thoughts!


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I totally accept Gerry in all of his Gerryness! And I love that " no body's pushover" Glasgow street attitude! I make no apologies for him! He makes me happy,he makes me smile & I don't have to know him on a personal level to appreciate that! Give me an honest man with rough edges any day! I'll gladly cover his back! Just give me a reason!!!!!


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People tend to forget that actors are PEOPLE! When they are in their own skin, they are just like everyone else. I tend to like Gerry the way we get to see him. I think it makes him more real. Go on and flip someone off when youre pissed. I do it! Drop an f-bomb all day everyday. I curse more than he does.(Im a former sailor,lol) I accept him for who he is. Whatever we find out about him or whatever will come makes no difference to me. I will still love him.

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People tend to forget that actors are PEOPLE! When they are in their own skin, they are just like everyone else. I tend to like Gerry the way we get to see him. I think it makes him more real. Go on and flip someone off when youre pissed. I do it! Drop an f-bomb all day everyday. I curse more than he does.(Im a former sailor,lol) I accept him for who he is. Whatever we find out about him or whatever will come makes no difference to me. I will still love him.


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To Sum it Up Swannie: Gerry is a HUMAN BEING.

With the phoniness in Hollywood, the shallowness, the "I can't tell you what I had for breakfast because that is too personal but I can tongue kiss my boyfriend on the red carpet" attitudes...HE IS A TOTAL AND COMPLETE BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

Maybe it's part of his appeal, that he swears, he smokes and tells how hard it is for him to quit, that he rambles, that he likes to talk, he has good moods and he's ENTITLED TO HAVE BAD MOODS, hell I do all that myself and I'm a chick..or a GAL, and that's the thing, he's a person who just happens to have an extrodinary job that he's exceptionally talented at.

What may come, I don't know, but Gerry is and will always be Gerry and THAT is more than enough for me.

**edited to add, that was my 1000th post..and it was explaining just what is some of the greatness of Gerry!!!!

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As much as I dislike the smoking it's what makes Gerry who he's. I love that he swears and doesn't mix words. As stated by everyone so far - it's what makes him human. He's just like you and I only he has a more hectic lifestyle and a small entourage of hanger-ons. Unfortunately, he lives in a world of people telling him what to do and when to do it, but he chose that path and he deals with it accordingly as he sees fit. When it's all said and done, he will make the choices that best suit him. He puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. He's just Gerry and I just adore him.


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Thank you Swannie, if I was going to hit 1000 doing it talking about what makes Gerry just a breathe of fresh air in an industry that needs it is the way to do it!!

Oh and Gerry was just on EXTRA! for those who aren't on the East Coast and can catch it...WATCH IT, it's worth it.

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Great job, Swannie, listing a lot of the traits of Gerry that we've come to discover. We all have the choice to continue to be a fan or not. Accept him as he is or not. I think a person can remain a fan and still recognize that not all his behavior is perfect. Gawd, I wouldn't want him to be perfect. How annoying and frankly how boring. There are plenty of folks out there whose career you can choose to follow that will always be some perfect representation of what they should be. But I don't think we ever get to "know" who they are and I think I would die of boredom waiting to find out. I find his way of "being" refreshing. It's one of the many things that I continue to find intriguing about him after two years of following his career. He's an enigma wrapped up in a riddle and I love being given the privilege of seeing him peel back the layers on occassion. Gerry is much more than a pretty face.

I enjoy the "rough" edges that we've seen of Gerry. Obviously, not everyone will and that's their choice. But if someone is going to choose to spend time on a fansite, it's my belief that they owe that person some respect. Otherwise, go spend your time on the multiple sites out there that are willing to bash someone for the tiniest thing that they do.

This brings to mind people that I've known throughout my life. They meet the person that is the "one" for them and all is right with the world. Then they spend their time trying to change that person into a more perfect version of who they think they should be. Either accept the person as they are or move on. But don't try to change them.

Hope this makes sense!

I'm with you all the way on this one Swannie. :kisswink:

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discoveringme, :drink::bounce::clap: :clap: :clap::fans:

Debrasue :butterfly::hearts:

I just became a BadGal!!!!!!!!! A first for me! Yeah! & I'm lov'in every second of it! I was gett'in so bored with being Vanilla! Hey! maybe some of that testosterone charged Glasgow Streets Attitude is rubb'in off on Me! I want more!!!!!!!! :baby:

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So my question to you fans is, can you accept him as he is? Can you enjoy the rougher and more raw; cussing, abrupt and impatient Gerry... just as he is, without expecting or wanting him to change? Can you still remain a fan, as more of his imperfections and quirks are revealed... and can you stand beside him, if there are things about him you really don't like at all?

What first initially attracted me to Gerry was when I read a print interview in which he discussed The Phantom. His passion towards the role, compassion, and empathy towards the character moved me because he's was a character I love and connect with...so I do love the sensitive/thoughtful side of him. However then I started watching video interviews and discovered how funny he was. The first time I got a taste of his humor was in the Beowulf video where he discussed one of his scenes in Mrs. Brown. I remember watching that several times, and thinking how hilarious this guy was. I think the fact that you never know what he's going to say makes him exciting, and interesting to watch. I love his outspokenness and sense of humor. Mine is pretty outrageous as well, so to see that in another person is one of the draws for me.

Does your opinion of Gerry as a person, directly influence your appreciation for him as an actor...or can you separate the "man" from his craft?

No, it really doesn't. There is a film where I hated his performance, and if I don't like a film or certain aspects of a film, I will say it; my positive regard towards him as a person have nothing to do with that...except that I may try to be more sensitive in the way I word things in case he does see it. Actually, the first time I watched him in a film it was specifically for me to judge if I thought he was a good actor or not. lol I had never heard of him and he was playing my favorite character so of course I had to see him in a film...right away! :lol:

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I have to put my two cents in here.Swan, I'm pretty sure I know what promted you to start this thread.I went to bed last night so upset, that I cried, and my hubby held me all night after I explained it to him.HE even got it!!!!I thank you Swan for this....

YES!!!!!!!!I can accept Gerry, rough edges and all.I wouldn't want him any other way!!!No one is perfect, and anyone who expcets him to be is a fool.That just wouldn't be our Gerry!I will do everything I can to always respect him.That way if I was ever lucky enough to be close to him and he felt the need to call me a *fookin b**tch*, I'd know he was just joking, because I would never cross a line and make him angry.Now I'll probably never get the chance because of what some people have pushed on him.

So, all in all,if you don't like his "attitude" that he is perfectly entitled to, just like you and me, his "colorful language" which in MHO is part of what makes him unique, then don't let the door hit you on the :barebum: when you leave.There are plenty of other GALS out there to replace you, who totally get what Ger is all about!I'm not tryin to be catty, I'm just expressing how I feel and that I will go to bat for Gerry every last time!!!!!

Love you Gerry!!!!!!!!!

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Good Question Swannie....My answer is simple. I wouldn't touch a hair on his chinny chin chin!!!!

Well meaning I wouldn't want to change a thing about him... HE...Gerry the MAN is why we are all here!!

:D Fran

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Can I accept Gerry for Gerry.....Absolutely

I have encountered many actors, people who I have regarded as special, but nobody quite as special as Gerry. Gerry is so wonderfully different, flaws and all and for those flaws I adore him the most. Gerrys imperfections are what makes him perfect. Gerry is a man...a human being & I`m glad he stands on his own two feet and doesnt care what people think and expresses himself (I assure you I curse more than he does).

Gerry is a wonderful person and I cherise those moments when he is so incredibley insightful and sensitive......and gosh does he make me laugh, more than any person has in a very long time.


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Swan and all the GALS, I don't post here very often but I've been a supporter of GALS for a long time. I spend most of my time on 'the OTHER' site ( :wave: ) but this thread comes like a breath of fresh air. There's an old Hawthorne story about a man who had a wife who was the most beautiful woman in the world except for one small birthmark. Instead of admiring her beauty and celebrating her loving nature he became obsessed by the blemish and couldn't rest until he eradicated it. In the end he killed the thing he loved. I've been afraid that that's what some have been doing to Gerry lately. Particularly at my home board. Setting aside all the wonderful things he is, the talent he shares, the spirit he gives, and focusing on the few things they find objectionable. "No one is perfect." "A fan doesn't have to condone everything he does." Etc. All of which is true but - and this is the big but - if we concentrate on the negative in anything, the negative will grow in our perception and blot out the good, the valuable that we should be cherishing.

OK - I know I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but I've been a bit depressed about all the nitpicking and censure at a time that should be one of joy and excitement for him and for us, his fans. So, back to Swan's question -

I will support him, try to understand him, cheer him on as I promised to do over two years ago no matter what, good times and bad. It is the human being that I saw - not some perfect fantasy - that won me over long ago. And if, at some point, something happens that's more than I expect - I will still be here, as I would be with anyone I care about who's going through a hard time, and support him, try to understand him and cheer him on.

Sorry to be so sappy but this thread really comes at the right time for me.

Thanks, Swan.


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I am so thankful that Gerry is a genuine, flawed, vulnerable human being and not a typical Hollywood celebrity, not an automaton, not a phony. The fact that he's not afraid to make what some people would consider "mistakes" or to just be himself in public makes him even more endearing to me. He has come from a rather tough childhood and not forgotten who he is or where he came from, yet has learned to be compassionate, polite, and charming when the situation truly calls for it. He is the epitome of "Everyman" to me.


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Guest greyeyegoddess

Funny, Swan, I was thinking about something similar while driving my 6 hour drive home from Hollywood this morning.

Things will change....I kept telling people that. The more Hollywood wants him, the less we may get to see him, except through his work, paparazzi, or interviews...but hopefully, there will be more of those for us.

I don't like to hear the coarse language. I really don't. I don't hate HIM for it, but it's just not what I like to hear. There are other things, like habits...

BUT....I say, the day I give up chocolate is the day Gerry will stop smoking. :kisswink: Not that I hope he doesn't stop sooner, but I am not the nagging person here.

If Gerry can accept his imperfect fans and all of our craziness, I don't see why we couldn't accept him.

He doesn't know how this success is going to affect him. We don't either. The only thing we have control over is how we approach him and support him. Our actions will be the measurement by which he decides how he will accept us and whether he feels comfortable with us-collectively as fans; whether he does more interviews and appearances.



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What would we do without you, Swannie? You always seem to know what is on our minds and

in our hearts--and you are able to put it into words and down on paper. Once again, I thank

you for that.

Two years ago I feel head over heels for Gerry as the "Phantom," and soon after that, Gerard

James Butler stole my heart. Meeting him last March made him a "real" person all the more

and he has my unconditional love, no matter what he says or does. Just as if he were really

one of my kids, I don't always like what he says or does (not very often, tho--LOL) but it will

never change how I feel about him. I have even caught myself saying, "If it is good enough

for his Mum, it's good enough for me!"

My observation this last few days (especially in last night's photos) is that he often looks a bit

sad. I also believe he internalizes so much, and worries about just about everything. Here

was his big moment--his big night, but I bet he had a hard time just taking it all in and enjoying

himself. (I hope I am wrong about that, and I guess we'll never really know.)

Anyway, you can put me down on the list of those who will continue to love and respect this

man for the person that he is, warts and all!!

Mommaduck (Judy)


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Guest pilaraquarius

After seeing G in person over the weekend....Here's my take...

Yes...he is beautiful to look at....BUT, for me...it was his WARMTH, HUMOR and KINDNESS...

LOVED the f-bombs..the gestures....the nautiness...EVERYTHING...

I pretty much got the real picture of the guy, and it made me love him EVEN MORE! (if that's possible....lol)

G IS DA BOMB!!!! :pointy:

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I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you had a very nice time! Were you as nervous as you thot you would be? I bet you did just fine!!! I thot about you the whole time & sent positive energy your way----did you feel it? lol! :hearts: :ohbaby2:

Debrasue :butterfly:

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Swansong, my thoughts on this are varied. The most resounding thought though is simply that Gerry is human first and foremost. Acting may be fun for him and that's great (and he's obviously very good at it), but the reality is that acting is his just a job. I've always seen jobs as the more money you make, the more you have to put up with. Seriously, think about it - people in the public eye, public figures generally make quite a bit of money, but they give up a lot for that position.

Liking the real Gerry is impossible. This is so because none of us know Gerry - we see what he wants us to see. He is able to control the image we have in our minds, to a degree of course. I liken how I see Gerry to the way I see characters in the romance novels I see. Just like the characters Gerry plays, it is all carefully crafted. Gerry does pull from personal experience, but we don't know what experiences these are nor when he's activating the memory of them in the role he's playing.

I guess I'm a "fan" of Gerry's the same way I am of pancakes and traveling. I'm excited at the thought of waking up and eating pancakes (love 'em, seriously) or planning for a trip the same way I am excited when Gerry will be on TV or when I go to see one of his movies at the theater.

I just think there aren't enough "fans" that can understand that he is not the character he plays. I think to a degree there is a bit of Gerry in the roles and vice versa, but because we as fans think we "know" and "understand" the Phantom does not mean we know anything about Gerard.

Very intriguing discussion though! I accept him, flaws and all because ideal perfection is boring - I love it when someone does something completely unexpected. Gerry obviously has many facets and I can accept every one of them because I'm only on the outside looking in (and believe me, I'm liking what I'm seeing. :cunning:)

Gerry = fookin sexay! :whochnuzzle:



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