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The Real Gerry


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Truly, I don't know what I could add to this thread that hasn't already been said, most articulately, and with passion (and compassion) for the human being we support through this fan site and so many others.

Still, it seems unwise to make any kind of judgment about Gerry from entertainment "news" and papparazzi sightings -- such sources are notoriously false and misleading for a purpose ($$).

Better to gain our understanding from listening to his words and observing his genuine actions in setting his life's directions .... getting control of his drinking and the self-destructive behavior that came as a result, stopping smoking, pursuing with vigor and imagination his film career (whether he chooses projects that WE'd like to see him in or not -- THAT'S HIS CALL, it's HIS career). To criticize Gerry about his swearing is just another way of imposing OUR standards or cultural biases on someone without having a basis to judge. :humph:

Unless and until Gerry acts toward ONE OF US in a disrespectful or otherwise objectionable manner, that we can report factually from personal observation, I think it hurts US more than it does Gerry for us to draw conclusions from unreliable "news" sources.


:gotgals: Yes. Yes I do.


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Awesome! I'm not sure I can add too much more, but you know me . . . I gotta have my say . . . and I hope I don't step on any toes either.

There are very few things that Gerry could do to make me turn my back on him. Honestly, the only real thing would be to pull a Mel Gibson, and he has way too many Jewish friends and associates to do that. LOL The only other thing would be for him to treat me or any other fan badly - I mean really badly - and I just don't ever see him doing that.

But what he does in his personal life . . . that's just none of my business as a fan. I fell in love with his heart, his humor, his talent and his intelligence. I have said for a year now that GERRY IS A GOOD MAN. I never say he's perfect . . . but just a good, decent man worthy of my love and attention.

Anyway, I am proud to be a Gerry fan with all his bumps and bruises and imperfections. It's what makes me love him so much. Who the hell wants someone "perfect"? Then they only have one way to go . . . down. The man I'm in love with is just a guy - a dufus at times in fact. And I love that about him so much.

So, I don't see anything so horrible with his "behavior".

So, I love Gerry pretty much unconditionally. I don't think he's the man whore that the tabloids have made him out to be. And if he is, I may not like it but I'm not going to stop loving him or supporting him for that!

If I've learned one thing throughout all my hurts and heartaches over the past 10 years it's that you can't love someone and expect them to be what you want them to be. True love is accepting that person based on who they are and who they aren't. There are no "perfect" men in the world - only perfect for me. That's not to say that people cannot better themselves or make positive changes, but dang - if you support and love someone do it with your whole heart.

I'm in this for the long-haul . . . no worries Gerry! Your Phoenixgirl will be around for a verra long time . . .

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If you want a PERFECT Gerry with no flaws, you'd have to buy the 12" plastic version who comes in a box wearing an Andre' Marek costume!! The 6'2" version is human, real and adorkable. Take him or leave him....may I take him, please?


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My feelings haven't changed. I'm still crazy about Gerry. I'm a die hard fan. I'm not going anywhere. I looked him up online, not the other way around. I'm glad the real Gerry shows up once in a while. He keeps it real. He isn't just one of his characters. I think it must be hard for Gerry to see fans come and go, as he has stated in the past he really does care what people think. I'm glad he hangs in there. It's that big heart of his I care about, that's not going to change.


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I'm not going anywhere...I'll always support Gerry. Alot of people place celebrities and sports figures on pedestals...not realizing that they too are just as human and imperfect as the the rest of the world.... :unsure:

Gerry has indirectly changed my views of life...He will always be someone I will support and admire...

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