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Gerard Butler GALS

300 Red Carpet Premiere

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Hi everybody,

I had such a wonderful evening meeting some of you GALS and Jewels and partying with Dayna (Dr. Em)!

It was so fun with 20 of us in a limo riding over to the Premiere! We checked in and walked on the Red Carpet and saw Zack Snyder being interviewed by the press. Some of the other ladies saw Ian Gruefold (sp?). Before the movie started I found out that I had 2 tickets to the After Party in my ticket envelope. I asked around but none of the other ladies had them. My hubby Mark suggested instead of him going, that I take Dayna. She has been so instrumental in helping me get in contact with Warner Brothers and I wanted to show my appreciation for everything she has done and how much GALS has been such a great sister site to GB Angels.

The movie was great and there were lots of cheers and clapping during the movie and end credits. We saw Gerry walk out into the lobby after the movie and many people went up to him to congratulate him and take pics with him and sign autographs. I hung back because I knew I would be seeing him later at the After Party. Mark had to go to the bathroom, so I was standing near the Men's bathroom and didn't realize I was right next to Rodrigo Santoro who was talking with another gentlemen. I waited and then he looked and smiled at me so I shook his hand and congratulated him on a job well done. He smiled and said "Oh thank you very much." He is so incredibly handsome!

Afterwards Dayna and I went to the After Party across the street at the Roosevelt Hotel. It was jammed packed and had two large rooms. We got our drinks and proceeded to mosy around looking for Gerry. Along the way we saw David Wenham who was engrossed in a conversation, so we didn't want to interrupt him. We found Gerry in a semi-private area. We waited just a few feet away for a few minutes. I was waiting for that opportune moment when we would make eye contact. We did a few times but someone would come up to him, so we waited until he was basically free.

Finally when he was available we said hi and he said hello. He started to say how if he starts signing autographs, he would be stuck there for a while. I explained we weren't there for an autograph, we just wanted to say hi and we introduced ourselves as his Site Admin. He said, "Oh the ones I talked to on the phone?" and we said yes. He said, "Oh well then it's nice to meet you!" He asked which sites we were on and we told him. He proceeded to tell us how he appreciates all we do and how he doesn't usually check the sites out because he would be on the computer all the time, but he loves all the sites and what we do. Dayna told him how we all rode over together in the limo and he said he liked hearing that instead of hearing about the bickering. We told him that our sites love each other and I told him how I like Susan's (Sporran) word "FANmily". He smiled and said oh yeah.

I then presented him with a CD our Angels recorded for him. I told him it was messages from some of his Angels, so instead of reading a bunch of letters, it was something he could listen to when he had time, like on an airplane. He said, "Oh that's great, thank you!"

I said with a smile, "Oh I just wanted to let you know that you stole my purse at the Craig Ferguson show." Gerry looked horrified and took a step back and exclaimed, "I STOLE YOUR PURSE?!". I told him it was my Pug Purse and he took it thinking it was a gift but I had wanted him to autograph it. He said with his hand over his heart (like I'd given him a heart attack), "Ohhhhhhh F*ck ... I thought you meant I really stole your purse" and smiled. His publicist standing next to him started to explain that it was handed to him and he didn't steal it. I had to reassure her that I was just kidding. Gerry said with a smile, "My dog is acting like a surrogate mother and got ontop of the dog (purse) and tore it to shreds." (I think he was kidding).

Anyhow, someone handed him a plate of food, so we said thank you and said our goodbyes. As we walked down the room we met Zack Snyder and I shook his hand and congratulated him and we told him how much we enjoyed his movie. He said, "Thank you so much!" "Oh this is my mom" as he introduced his mother to us. I said, "Hello Mrs. Snyder." I thought that was so sweet he brought his mom.

Dayna and I had a great time talking, laughing and watching Gerry in action all night long mingling with people. I am so very happy for him and felt very blessed that I could share this evening with him.

I had a great time with the ladies that went and I must say the food at the After Party was very good too!


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Yes, Linda, thank you for this great story! Thank you for fixing that "ticket" problem, too!! YOU are a class act and I'm proud that our two sites work so well together! All of God's blessings to ye!

Gspot here (Spotty Angel there! LOL)

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It has done my heart good to read of your account, Linda.

Thank you for sharing...first with your ticket for Dayna (thanks to your hubby too!) and secondly, for sharing your wonderful experience!



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Linda its great to hear that you and Dayna had some face time with Gerry and had a great time at the after party. The pug purse story was funny.



Hmm is it just me but Spotty and Angel seem like two words that don't look like they belong next to each other. hehe I wub you Spot.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story!! It sounds like you had a great night and Dayna too, and so good to hear you got to talk to him, great night, great movie and Gerry, he's just the best!!

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Hi Linda!! You are too sweet...like your name!! :rose: (Have you noticed that I always refer to you as SweetTart? Hope that's okay!!) :kisswink:

And Tartan Mark...what a guy!! How generous and thoughtful of him to let Dayna have his party ticket!! :woo:

What a night!! :Yee-Haw:

Love, Nancy

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Thank you Linda for sharing your experience, I loved reading it! Sounds like everyone had a good time & enjoyed each other's company, & a few nice words with Gerry!

Debrasue :thankyou:

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What a fantastic story. Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. I'm so happy for the two of you. I have to say that I'm glad you told him about all the guests from different sites riding together. From his response it seems like he has heard all that bull about untrue rivalries. I'm glad you could show him that just isn't true.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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