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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS) continued


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PILAR! *big squishy hug to you*

Well, I am home from church again with one of my headaches. :tantrum: That's two weeks in a row, I hate missing.

I saw the townhouse that Mel is moving into and it looks great! They even have an indoor and outdoor pool at the clubhouse! :pointy: *covet, covet*

Alice: best wishes for your dad. I'll be thinking of you and your family during this time. :comfort:

Dawn: great to see you!

I hope everyone had a good St. Paddy's Day. I even remembered to wear green!

Luv, Mousie

Edit: wow, I'm post 301!

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Well, we had a Spartan St. Paddy's Day here - at the IMAX with Gerry - and my hubby, and Cheri and her hubby and her sister, CaliKat, AttilaGirl, ClareFraser and JUDE. YUMMY on the big screen - and afterwards I got a 300 shirt at Hot Topic!!!! Wooohooo I'm excited. Then we went to Barnes and Noble where I bought 3 copies of EW, and one each of Script, Sci Fi, Rocket and Rolling Stone. So much Gerryliciousness!!!

Mel - great news about the house. I'm so happy for you (and your brother)!!

Kristi (ClareFraser) got a picture on her camera of all of us (sans the hubbies) standing in front of the cardboard "300" ad. Hopefully she'll post it soon.

Good Sunday everyone! Yes, as Susan stated, we had a great time together yesterday. I LOVE seeing Gerry-films with my sistahs!

I was hesitant to see the film at IMAX but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't bother me at all, like I expected. I recommend it to everyone to see at least once. However, I did leave with a killer headache from the sound system, but it was worth it.....to see Gerry on a (60 ft. ?) screen..... :cunning: whoaaaaa, too much for this 'ol girl.

After the picture taking in the lobby, (hurry Kristi and post 'em!!) Attila Girl/Nancy and I flew over to B & N and bought the last two soundtrack CD's. Unfortunately, we didn't have the same luck with the "Art From the Movie" book. I guess I'll get it from Amazon.com.

Before the film started (and Nancy was getting our popcorn) I had a conversation with a older couple....I can say that cuz I am tooooo...who were sitting next to me. Of course, I filled them in on everything Gerry regarding the film, etc. They asked me what films he had been in before this and of course I mentioned POTO!! The man actually asked me what part did Gerry play???? OMG!! :confused: I wanted to slap him! At the beginning of the film, the woman leaned over to me and asked me if THAT was Gerry....as I'm trying to roll my tongue back in my mouth....YES! it isssss!! :tasty:

Before we even set out for the day, Nancy and I stopped at Starbucks...forgetting I had my "Team Gerry" button on. The young girl at the counter asked me about it and she was soooo excited to hear that we were involved with his fan sites and that we had MET him in person before. I think every one of us could work on his PR team!! :pointy: Between all of his fan sites alone, we certainly are a force to be reckoned with!!

Alice I'm thinking of your Dad and hope everything goes well for him. I'm also thinking of your Mom and the rest of your family too at what must be a doubly difficult time for you all.

Have a good day everyone.

Till next time..... :wave:


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Hey Alice,

Just to let you know I'm keeping your Dad & you family in my thoughts as well!

It's hard for me to talk about these things--so I won't.....

Debrasue- :hugs:

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Dear Alice!! :wave: Thank you for posting the link to these NEW/old Sexy GERRY pix!! I gave most of them a FIVE!! :claphands: My fave is the one with the little black kitty!! I'd like to be the Kitty in the palm of his hand!! :cunning:

I never start at the Gallery, so most of the time I'm alerted to new pix thru the gals posts here on the SC!! I love you for it!! :kiss: (Besos!!) :kiss:

I had a GREAT time yesterday with the girls and hubbies seeing BIG GERRY :leochest: and 300 on IMAX!! :partytime: It was so great!! Much better than I had aniticipated, and not really 8 stories like I'd heard, thank goodness!! But it was great!! I noticed how much more vivid the picture was and how vibrant the colors were compared to my local theatre. I was hoping to go out and see it today, at my local, but I seem to have one day where I'm busy and out and about ALL day and then, the next day I cannot leave the house!! I'm still dealing with the on and off sore throat, but my voice is back...but I'm just so incredibly EXHAUSETED feeling ALL the time...even going out yesterday, I feel like I have rubber legs...no energy and so weak!! JUDE is 20 years older than me, and I was having to keep up with her on her Quest for Barnes & Noble!! I think she was running!! :rotflmao:

I had started my morning before JUDE picked me up with a visit to the drug store to pick up my PHOTOS/copies of my Gerry/Leno/300 week!! I was looking thru them while still at the photo counter and the boy was watching me...I couldn't resist, and I asked him if he'd seen 300...he had, and loved it and said he's been trying to take his GF to go see it at IMAX, but it's always sold out. He was so excited when he heard I was meeting up with my friends to see it. I came to the picture of ME WITH GERRY(!!) and I said..."This is HIM!!", and he said, "I just printed those this morning and I noticed"... :rotflmao: So I gushed, :igotgals: and told him about the Sneak Preview a month ago, the Leno show and the Graumann's Premiere...he was fascinated and said, "Wow, you've been having alot of fun!!" Oh yeah!! :pointy:

I also talked it up with the boy at B&N while he rang up my purchase of the 300 Soundtrack...it's not the double disc that some of you have mentioned...What's the special-ness of that one??? I can't recall... :confused: Should I return this one and wait for the double-disc??? HELP ME OUT GALS!!

ALSO: What is the best way to find, and buy The Art of 300 book, and the Miracle Match DVD?? Any recommendations???

Sorry I missed wishing you all a HAPPY SAINT PATTY'S day yesterday!! I was too worn-out to even log in to my email or GALS!!

Prayers to ALICE for your dad, BETTS, KAITE'S DAUGHTER, FRANNIE, CHA CHA, DRAC'S GIRL, MIDNITE DIVA, and always...ANNA :hearts:

Oh, one more thing...I have to say my fave Gerry line from 300 is "UNLESS I AM MISTAKEN, WE'RE IN FOR ONE HELL OF A NIGHT!!" :woo:

p.s. He did not say this to Queen Gorgo... :rotflmao: But he could have!! :kisswink:

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Good Evening my favorite GALS. Hope ya'll are well. It was another sunny 70's day here again. Sorry Zany and Bethy and all ya'll in the snow. I hope it ends soon for you. Alice, prayers are still with you for your Dad. Mel good news for you and your brother. Pilarrrrrr hey my friend, good to hear from you, I see you can get a t shirt at hot topic will give my daughter the money tomorrow and my granddaughter will get me one this weekend. Hurrah I can't wait. Love it. Cat, Mousie, susan, Elissa, Fran Star, good to see all of you today. I have not been sleeping well and again after finishing the Jury last night I started on POTO and I fall asleep really good watching the movie but as soon as I get up to shut it off and go back to bed I am wide awake!!! I am calling it Gerryitis :rotflmao: as long as he is in view I am ok then I can'at sleep for thinking about him. I guess that is all I can come up with sounds good to me. :bonk: Well, time for me to go to gaming and start playing. I feel "necked" when I dont' go gaming. thats a southern word like Birmingham is bumingham. oh well your lesson for today. And grits is Girls raised in the South. loveya';ll Betts have a great night.

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See...me making an effort here hee hee

Ok, quick thoughts

TW, awesome about the golf, I played the best round of my life two weeks ago, made me feel like NOT giving up lol I actually beat Sandy on three of the last nine holes (he's been golfing since he was six, and he's 46 haha)...

Mousie, great to see you too!!

Suz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...great talking to you!! why can't you live closer to Kentucky!!

Was gonna FINALLY go see 300 today, but my back has been in spasm...picture this...

A chestnut filly, a twelve by twelve stall with a five foot around hole in the middle, three feet deep, with the psychotic red headed filly walking "daintily" around the outside of the hole!! Fixing the hole killed my back...seriously considering killing the filly!!...Just kidding she's too talented.

LOL ttyl


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