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'300' Have You Seen It?

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Got inspired...wrote some thoughts down:

March 16, 2007

I just saw 300 for the second time tonight. Yes, I have spent over $70 in a week to see this movie. I spent opening weekend at the IMAX in Nashville, which was INCREDIBLE. Words cannot describe what it was like on IMAX.

I’m finally inspired (and have no distractions tonight) to write a review. Actually, two reviews, one for the thoughts and feelings the first time and then my thoughts and feelings on the second viewing.

I went to this movie to support our dearest actor Gerard Butler. Gosh saying his name gives me chills. It is THE movie to see on IMAX, let alone my first.

When the movie began, I was in awe of the cinematography and graphics. And then Gerry, as King Leonidas, came on screen. He commanded the screen, from his first words to his son to his last: “My queen, my wife, my love.”

I wanted to scream back “I love you too!” but then people would think I’m weird. You know…

Back on topic: The first time I saw the movie, on the great big IMAX screen (which I still am in awe of especially after seeing it on a regular screen tonight…so not the same) I sat with my mouth wide open, watching Gerry’s every move. Listening intently to every word, not to mention his incredible Scottish lilt he has, which is ADORABLE!

Gerry commanded the screen. He IS Leonidas, much like his line THIS IS SPARTA!

This second time was different. I noticed little things I didn’t notice before. But this time I paid more attention to the detail of the movie. Each shot is a piece of art. I really hope this movie gets some Oscar nods. Damn the Academy if they shun it in any category.

Gerry’s performances are amazing in each and every role he plays. I’ve just gotten to ‘know’ his career this past year by catching Phantom on satellite one night (I know, where in the heck have I been?) I’ve been wondering the same thing. LOL.

I fell in love with him then. (Of course not the love love…you know what I mean I hope.) I’ve since watched Attila, Dear Frankie (which I absolutely LOVED!!!), Beowulf and Grendel (helps I read the story back in high school), Timeline, Reign of Fire and One Last Kiss. I own Reign of Fire, Timeline and Phantom now.

But his performance in 300 was very different than those others listed above. In all his performances, he gives his all and gets very much into character, but as Leonidas, he led those men into a war without any regrets or fear. That is something to be admired very much.

He also showed passion and love for his queen, his fellow countrymen, and determined to save his city. That is a true leader. Someone who is selfless and willing to sacrifice everything, even his kingship for those things he loves so dear. Gerry showed that as Leonidas.

There’s just something about Gerry on-screen and off-screen that makes him so loveable. I haven’t been able to grasp what it is, but I think it’s because he appreciates his fans and adores them as much as we adore him.

We admire a unique man because of that. And I want him to know that I am dedicated to supporting his career no matter what because he appreciates my admiration.

There’s so much more to be said about this wonderful man, but I just don’t know what else there is to say.

I loved this movie and the cinematography and graphics. Kudos and Zack and the rest of the production crew for a great movie. It truly is a piece of art.

What a beautiful, heartfelt review of your experience. Thanks so much for sharing this. I also went to see it for the second time in New York City's best IMAX theater and was again transfixed. There are many details that I noticed that I consider were influences from other block buster films which I will write about later. This film was especially visually spectacular and will perhaps get a few Oscar nods.

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Well said, to both of you Gerry admirer and Ravenelvenlady! :claphands::claphands:

Gerry has that quality about him that I've been unable to fully put into words but I've certainly tried. He WAS Leonidas in this movie. He did a fabulous job. And I say this now after seeing it for the 4th time tonight.

The only other movie that I've seen this many times in the theater is, you guessed it, Phantom. And that I saw 6 times. I would have seen it more if I hadn't been so dim about Gerry and waited until Feb 2005.

I'm looking forward to seeing this at IMAX. I'm making plans for it right now for next weekend. :woo: :woo:

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Okay, I'm going to continue my review...

So! The morning they leave...I loved Leonides' reserved nature in inspecting his 300, the turns around and is cheeky with the council, "I'm just taking a walk...stretching my legs." It's a line from the graphic novel that I've always loved. He's essentially telling the council that he's defying the Ephors without actually saying so...because after all, it's not like they weren't going to figure it out, so Leonides takes the chance to stick it to 'em a little...

When speaking about Astinos to the captain, Leo says, "He's too young to have felt a woman's warmth." Am I the only one whose heart raced a bit and broke a bit of a sweat? *ahem* moving on...

The final dialogue between Leonides and Gorgo is verbatim from the graphic novel, even the narration of "Goodbye my love. He does not say it, there's no room for softness..." etc. And yet, hearing the dialogue and seeing it acted, as opposed to still drawn images and words on a page, is so powerful. The thing is, in reading the novel I thought, "Oh, come on, say it!" but then in seeing the film, he did not need to say it. Their words to each other are very formal, but the power behind them...the intonations and the way they looked at each other...so intimate and so powerful. I'm very pleased they added the necklace in the film, where again that simple action of Gorgo putting it around her husband's neck spoke volumes. No goodbye kiss or hug...just their whole past passing through their gaze.

Also, the way he looked at his son...the boy he'd been raising and teaching, the child he shares with his one love...again spoke volumes. Pages of script writing from that man's expressions alone! And Lena did an equally marvelous job in that.

Meeting the Arcadians (where I finally figured out was led by actor Andrew Pleavin, the same actor who played Orestes alongside Gerry's Attila) is one of my favorite moments in the film. The line, "You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did," just delights the heck outta me...that Leonides reserve, accompanied by a slight-smile and a bit of cheek... I love it!

Okay, signing off again on this for a bit...


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I've been giggling a bit over folks recognizing Andrew Pleavin. My wonderful cohort in Gerry fandom who took me to Phantom for the first time and kept me from having a complete meltdown in the theater told me he was in it before I saw it the first time. I'm not sure, though, that I would have been able to know exactly who he was the first time on my own. But I would have been IMDB-ing for sure when I got home.

I loved seeing the two of them together again. And Gerry is the king once more. :lol: I loved that line too, Mel, about bringing more soldiers. You betcha he did!

I've been watching the History Channel's "Last Stand of the 300". It's absolutely fabulous. For all those reviewers that have criticized the movie because of it's historical inaccuracies need to see that show. While I know there were things done strictly for the movie, for the most part, it is actually pretty darn close to the real story.

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*This is a thread to discuss the movie '300'. It will contain spoilers!*

Posted Image

Now, that the movie is finally out I'd like to hear what everyone think's about it.

Yes, Gerry is the ultimate King Leonidas!

But, how about the special effects, music and the emotions it gave you!

When Gerry said, "My Queen, my wife, my love", the tears were coming down my face.

Fellow GALS,

To me not only did Gerard portray King Leonidas to the "T" but Frank Miller should be applauded for his historical accuracy and Zach commended for sticking completely to the graphic novel!

I loved this film from the first frame to the last! Becozy has posted this already; however, here is the History Channel site for "The Last Stand of the 300." History Channel will replay this wonderful two hour special twice on March 30.


My reason for the mention is to show how historically accurate 300 was! The film was impressive. Some critics tore it to shreds but what can anyone expect from "wanna be's"? :D I feel Zach's recreation of the fights surpassed perfection. To me, it wasn't as gory as I've heard. With the freeze frames of these fights it took much of the gore out and left in the important parts.

I can write an essay about the greatness of this epic battle. The important thing to remember is that had the 300 Spartans not held Xerxes off in this pass for several days, the Persians might have made Greece another one of their states. Until "The Battle of Thermapylae" each Greek state was just that. Athens was Athenians. Spartans were Spartans and so on. After this, they became united as Greeks against the powerful Persian forces. They pushed the Persians out of a united country. They crushed the Persian Naval fleet! "The Battle of Thermapylae" planted the first seed of democracy ever in the world.

The love scene was tender, Gorgo rules as a female and her king died as "one of a kind!"

Cheers! Janet :lolita:

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I spent most of yesterday afternoon watching this movie twice with a my Gerryfan cohort. And yes, we paid twice! I was actually getting ready to leave and she said she was staying to watch it again. After .2 seconds of arm twisting, I stayed as well.

That makes 6 times for me. This movie continues to fascinate me and stay firmly planted in my head. Gerry is completely captivating as Leonidas. There he is, behind a mask again and yet his eyes tell so much. The emotions of this great warrior king play out across his face from the way he holds his mouth, to the way his eyes crinkle in certain moments. And then, when he's speaking to his men, the fire that seems to come from his very soul is shown through his eyes. Absolutely magnificent.

I continue to be astounded not only by the ballet-like battle scenes but by the quiet moments of the movie as well. When he is speaking in a whisper, you can hear a pin drop in the theater. Then when he comes roaring in with a battle cry-he takes your breath away.

This movie was perfectly cast. Vincent Regan is wonderful as his captain and his friend. You can feel the respect and admiration they have for each other as men and as fellow-soldiers. The pain he portrays when his son dies still breaks my heart. And don't get me started on Michael Fassbender. :heat: The scene where they are rebuilding the wall, just before he makes that leap, well - :thud:

Interesting note. We went to a 4 p.m. show and a 7 p.m. show. I'd say about 25 to 35 people in each showing. Not a full theater by any means but given the time of day, middle of the week, in a smallish community I thought that wasn't a bad showing. (They are still showing it on 3 screens in this particular theater) The audience, though, was at least half female and a much older audience than I saw the first week. This movie is doing what it's doing by word of mouth. The fantastic advertising ahead of time grabbed it's intended audience but now, it's from the folks that are watching it over and over again and bringing their friends. So, :goodjob2: and keep bringing your friends!

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My 300 review. My English is not perfect I’m French-speaking( be kind)

So I went to see 300 this morning. It’s just been release today, here in Belgium.

Well, I absolutely loved this movie. It took me some time to really get into it but after 20 min I wanted to fight with the Spartans.

First the visual effects, the colors are amazing. The fight choreographies are absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

Then, the story. To be honest there’s not much to say. It’s the story of men going to fight, you cannot expect too much. So if you look for a great, elaborated scenario, you’re in the wrong place. “No retreat, no surrender” really sum up the movie for me. What makes the story great is the intensity of it. I couldn’t help but feel for the Spartans even if they’re totally crazy (and I say that with huge respect :D )

I read some reviews on the internet and some people were angry b/c it wasn’t the “real” story, the Persians came across as too cruel, etc…but the movie didn’t had that intention. It’s more the tale of great warriors whether it’s been real or not. It’s fiction, it’s a movie and I had a great time watching it. If you look for real history go to the library.

Apart from the great fighting and all the intensity, I really loved the relation btw Leonidas and Gorgo, even if you don’t see much of it, you know their crazy in love. And you can see and feel their love even if it’s no romantic comedy. They also have deep respect for each other, see how Leonidas look for Gorgo approval before killing the messenger, really cute. I love that couple.

The bond b/t the 300 was great to see. I loved that idea of protecting each other and be ready to die for each other. A question: I don’t know if those men were more existed about dying for Sparta or just dying in battle.

Other point: Xerxes is a wuss (sorry). Notice how he starts to shake and look ready to break down when Leonidas defies him :funnyface:

Now, for the performances. Gerry first of course. I didn’t know about him until I saw him on Leno. I vaguely remember him from TR2 and I also remember hearing great reviews for Dear Frankie but that was it. Well for what it’s worth, I found him perfect. His performance was intense when needed to be. He was great for the “comic” moments. His performance was so great that I went to buy Dear Frankie dvd immediately after. I was afraid I got my hopes up after all the fansites I visited that worship him but he didn’t disappoint me. Gerry was so great that now I want a Spartan man. :inlove:

Lena was also amazing, flawless. Also like Michael Fassbender in the role of Stelios. All the cast was great actually, no one let the movie down.

If you like action, intensity the movie won’t let you down. If you want to see good actors it’s for you too. More than the action the movie moved me by the courage and the determination of the Spartans.

Sorry it’s a bit long (could have been longer :D ) but I really wanted to share that with you.


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:Welcome2: alinak

Your English is wonderful! And I couldn't agree with you more with your review of the movie. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much. Welcome to learning more about Gerard's career as you find your way around GALS. He continues to amaze me at the wide range of characters that he portrays. Dear Frankie is actually one of my favorite roles of his. It's amazing to me to look at the man who IS King Leonidas up on the screen and realize the same man can play the quiet, instrospecitve character like The Stranger.

My personal favorite has been his portrayal as Erik in The Phantom of the Opera. Gerry won't dissapoint you in that role. And if I remember correctly, the movie has French subtitles available so that might make it a bit easier as you listen to the movie.

Have fun here on GALS and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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Wow, alinak.... you discovered Gerry on his recent Leno appearance? That is awesome! I'm so glad you did not miss that! Thanks for sharing your experience.... I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on 300, and on Gerry in general!

Welcome to GALS my friend! You have entered a world of fun, friendship, hilarity, and unabashed Gerry love!


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alinak - WELCOME to GALS. You have no need to apologize for your English - it is better than many who speak the language as their only one!! Your review echoes much of my own feelings about the film - we loved the same aspects of it, and of course Gerry is the perfect choice for King Leonidas. By the way, isn't your country the home of Leonidas Chocolates? My husband gave me a beautiful tin of them for Valentine's Day this year.

As for the Gerry-worship, well, much of that here is tongue-in-cheek. We certainly DO love our Gerry, but we love him for being perfectly imperfect. He is a guy, not a God, but a darned sexy guy with a ton of talent and a huge heart. He is funny and goofy and with his Scottish accent he can just about say or do no wrong in our eyes. We love following his career and his interviews - he makes us laugh and he touches our hearts. Plus we have him to thank for the amazing friendships that have developed among many of us. Around here we call it FANmily - we are sort of like a big sisterhood brought together because we are fans of Gerry.

I hope you enjoy your ventures into his other movies. If you like the action hero adventure movies a wonderful contrast to "300" is Beowulf & Grendel. It had a very small cinema release but should be available on DVD. Unlike "300" which was filmed entirely against a blue screen, Beowulf & Grendel was filmed on location in Iceland during their harshest fall in a century. The locations are amazing, and Gerry's Beowulf is somewhat like his Leonidas except that Beowulf is a little more conflicted about his battles than Leonidas is. But Dear Frankie is my favorite Gerry movie, with little dialogue he proves how much he can act just with his eyes and facial expressions. I adore that movie.

You will find that most of us here found him in Phantom of the Opera and that part holds a most special place in our hearts. Some have followed his career since he appeared as Attila in the USA mini-series 6 years ago, or even as far back as his first film role in Mrs. Brown in 1997.

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I finally saw 300 over the weekend and I have to say it was so much better than I thought. I absolutely loved it, Gerry is phenominal in this movie (ofcourse right!!!) I can't wait to see it again. :pointy:

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I saw it the day it began where I live, it was awesome, though I could barely stand watching Gerry die again :(

My sister went with me and loved it as well, she was drooling over Gerry's thighs for some reason...

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I saw it the day it began where I live, it was awesome, though I could barely stand watching Gerry die again :(

My sister went with me and loved it as well, she was drooling over Gerry's thighs for some reason...

I wonder why? I didn't even notice them.


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One of my favorite scenes is not so much the love scene and its various positional activities (geez they must have had espresso's or something! Maybe Americano-STRONG), but the discussion that precedes it is lovely. AND Gerry's LEFT DIMPLE when he smiles-God I love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bonk:

I also LOVED seeing the captain's son and Stelios (god what another hunk o man meat-guys with long hair are the best) free-styling it across the battlefield. I don't get queasy easily, and the music was awesome, so I enjoyed that. I was also thrilled by the Captain's fighting- going crazier than a one-eyed loon after the son dies (but what a goofy, crazy, lame-o special effect was his decapitation! It created some giggles, including mine, in the audience-all 3 times I've seen it ).

The last scene, including Leo's "surrender" and Stelios' surprise, was thrilling. His death scene didn't move me too much until I saw it the 3rd time and then I got REALLY misty-eyed. It was truly painful to watch him die.

But he looked so GOOD doing the death thing. :heat: I just wanted to pull the icky nasty arrows out of him, kiss his boo-boo's and bear-hug him. And have him rinse his bloodymouth out with some nice cool water like at the dentist's before I kiss him, starting with the left corner of his mouth where the fold of his cheek meets it. My special dark fantasy place.

Finally, the credits and music are almost as good as the movie. I sit through them every time and have ordered the soundtrack.

I would give 300 a 3 out of 5-simply because I thought the dialogue could've been a little less cliche-BUT the mood of it, the music, the artistry and Gerry (successfully saying some of those silly lines)MADE that movie a success. There were really only a few boring short scenes (mainly Gorgo stuff before the awful Theron and his ravishings sequence). (Theron looks awfully appealing after she slaps him, though, but of course I have a sick mind).

The movie moved quickly and people were very engrossed. It was LOUD, which I enjoyed for this kind of film. I wish I could watch the fast action-slow mo sequence of Gerry doing his best gladiator moves over and over...one of my favorite parts. I'll wait for the DVD.

So, overall, I thought the movie was around %75-80 positive to %20-25 just dumbness. But will I buy it? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bonk:

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I saw this movie for the 2nd time and I have to say that it gets better. I got chills right before the 1st fighting scene because I knew what was coming. Gerry performance was amazing. I was blown away. I loved how the king showed his son how to fight and then after they were finished he kisses his son's head. Then at the end my eyes got teary just like the first time. It is so damn touching to the king's passion for his country and his people and his wife. I loved it!!!!! I am going to see this movie next week but at the Imax. I tried to see 300 at the Imax but it was sold out. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

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I would give 300 a 3 out of 5-simply because I thought the dialogue could've been a little less cliche-BUT the mood of it, the music, the artistry and Gerry (successfully saying some of those silly lines)MADE that movie a success. There were really only a few boring short scenes (mainly Gorgo stuff before the awful Theron and his ravishings sequence). (Theron looks awfully appealing after she slaps him, though, but of course I have a sick mind).

So, overall, I thought the movie was around %75-80 positive to %20-25 just dumbness. But will I buy it? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bonk:

I'm just really curious, but what lines did you think were silly or cliche? I've heard this before and I as I said I'm just curious.

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I finally went to see 300 today

Being the only one around me who showed any interest in it at all

i went alone :crybaby:

I really think i should go to the movies more often alone nobody was there to laugh at me when i came out in tears :tissues:

It was a totally amazing experience

Everything about it spoke to me at so many levels

The battle scenes were exceptional

The dialog witty and strong

The acting wonderful(of course)

I felt the strength of each character radiate off the screen

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I've managed to see it six or seven times. (Bad sign when I start to lose track of how many times I've actually been!) I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it holds up ever so nicely and in part it's the battle scenes. They strike me as the choreographed image of masculine beauty!!!! The movements--even as violent as they are--affect me like dance. I feel this way sometimes in very good kung fu movies, too. Movies like Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger (I know I garbled that).

The dialog is fantastic. It's supposed to be over the top. It's war and it's mythmaking. The narrator, storyteller's function is to give us key statements that are memorable and that somehow represent the gutsy, courageous nature of the fray. One of my favorites--and it has to do with Gerry's delivery--is when the Persian asks/tells them to put down their weapon's and Leonides whooshes his shield into place, along with everyone else, and says "Come and get them!" Well you can't get more cliché than that, but it was very effective for me.


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Do I like this movie? Would I recommend it? YES!!! YES!!!

The acting, cinematography, directing, music...superb.

I'm going Saturday to see it for the 6th time, but first time for IMAX.

One of the comments I've heard several times is that Gerry yells all his lines to his men and they're right beside him. Well, come on, he's talking to 300 soldiers. Would they all have heard him if he was speaking to them in a normal voice? I don't think so.

This movie is way over the top, and perfect as far as I'm concerned. This young 61 year old GAL finally has a movie to praise, and it is far better than any of the bubblegum drivel Hollywood has been giving us for years. (There have been only about 3 movies - non-Gerry movies - in the past 20 years that I could recommend as much as 300!!)

And hooray for the R rating.


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Hmmm i've been curious about the Imax showing too... i wonder if it's that much better viewing.

Yeah, and as for the "shouting"... YOU use your indoor voice in a crowd of 300 half nekkid guys pumped up and ready to slaughter... and sweating... all over the place.... and all muscly....


Oh yeah.... YOU use your indoor voice in a group of 300 peeps and see how many of them even know WTF you're talking about...

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What people consider the corny and cliche dialogue of this film, was largely taken EXACTLY from the written historical accounts of that event.

I took my mom to see 300, yesterday. My 4th time and her first. She loved it, and afterward, raved about Gerry's performance.

I was a bit embarrassed when we were purchasing our tickets, and my mom announced to the ticket girl that I had met Gerard Butler in person, and that he had hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. The poor girl didn't know what mom was talking about, so I just sort of chuckled and walked away, while my mom excitedly explained that Gerry is the leading actor in 300.

For a 12:00 noon showing, there were lots of peeps in the audience!


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I love the "cliched" dialogue and I love it more each time I see it because I get to giggle BEFORE the lines are delivered. It also bugs me how many people have commented on Gerry "yelling all his lines" because if you pay attention he ONLY yells in situations where it is approporiate to yell - THIS IS SPARTA! couldn't be spoken. He yells at the Ephors for not taking seriously that SPARTA WILL BURN TO THE GROUND - if they don't go to war, and he yells at his 300 men because of course 300 men won't hear him if he just talks at a voice level of normal dialogue. When he speaks to his son, to his Queen, to individual soldiers like Daxos, The Captain or Dilios, he speaks in a normal sometimes even quiet voice.

Personally I prefer the IMAX experience of seeing Gerry up there 60 feet tall, and the sound system in the IMAX is superior to most regular theaters too - it isn't louder, it is richer. I do recommend the IMAX version for anyone who can get to one.

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I adore the dialogue, and the movie! Tonight will be #8 for me, and I'm hoping for at least 10 shows! It's not just Gerry, either, but the whole movie. The visuals are stunning, the dialogue is funny, heartwrenching, empowering, chilling, and yes, sometimes a bit overblown, but always engrossing, the music is fantastic, and the eyecandy...HOLY FOOKIN' HELL!!!


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