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Fox News Discusses 300

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So Neil Cavuto is doing his Business Segment right now and he's interviewing the guy that made the movie "Hostel" and they were discussing 300!

I look up from the computer and sure enough there are scenes running from 300 and Neil is talking about how "the movie blew away the competition this weekend even though it was a bloody, gory, R-Rated film".

The dude (sorry didn't catch his name) from Hostel educates him about the 'blue screen' and how great it is that 300 did this and then plugged his movie "Hostel 2".


In the end, they decided that the money out-weighed some of the people speaking out about the violence and how that just gets more play for 300 too. And that the Fans will go to the movie if they are given what they want and not what Hollywood "thinks" they want. ;)

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