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Just read this. I think this man needs his questions answered, along with the authors of several 300 related articles who are scratching their heads and wondering how the hell 300 became such a hit.

I think we GALS should start an email writing campaign to educate these folks as to WHO we are, and HOW we are a factor in 300's box office success. I don't mean just GALS, but ALL Gerry's fansites.

Please read this article and if someone could slog through and find the proper place to email Mr Siegel, I'd gladly compose a nice letter, and hope that many of you would follow up with your own.


This is our chance to be counted, ladies... help me out here!



From: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?...3255&page=1

Joel Siegel's Weekend Wrap: 'The Morning After'

Hollywood's Weekend at the Movies -- Monday Whatever

March 12, 2007 — - When I interview actors or directors who have a movie out -- and that's most of the time because they don't talk to me otherwise -- one of the questions I ask is "What do you want people to take away with them when they see your film?"

I asked "300" director Zack Snyder. His answer: "I just want people to have fun at the movies."

Well, I did. I saw it on Imax -- highly recommended. It's not 3-D, but watching it on a 60-foot screen made me feel like a kid at the movies all over again. And, obviously, I wasn't the only one.

"300," adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novel, broke a box office record for the biggest March opening ever, the third-biggest R-rated opening ever (behind "Matrix 2" and "Passion of the Christ").

It carried the weekend box office to a March record, set an Imax opening-weekend record, and sold $70 million worth of tickets. Nothing Spartan about that.

Another record they've really got to love at Warner Bros.: "300" is one of the rare films that took in more money on its opening weekend than the movie cost to make.

I have a couple of questions: Are Miller's graphic novels that popular? Do that many people know his work?

Moviegoers can't know Snyder's work. This was his second feature; the remake of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" was his first. So where did all this word-of-mouth anticipation Hollywood calls "advance tracking" come from?

The totals were a surprise, but Hollywood knew it would be No. 1 because no other studio opened a major film against it.

It should do even better overseas. "Troy" and "Alexander" both did much better overseas than they did here.

"Wild Hogs" came in second, dropping only 35 percent. It could end up doing $150 million overall. "Ghost Rider" broke the $100 million mark.

Copyright © 2007 ABC News Internet Ventures

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And so far, Swan, at the three viewings I've been to there have hardly been ANY women. There is a market for this movie that doesn't even realize it's a market yet. :lol:

The women are who we need to educate!! Bring your girlfriends, ladies!!!

Swan? Were you reading over my shoulder in the Gutter? I'm shocked!! ( I just used the phrase "educate them" in there. :D

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Guest greyeyegoddess

I'm really standing behind the idea that it was the fans that caused this. Why? Because you didn't know what the story was about until you actually saw it. You wouldn't have known it was a beautiful story, that there was beautiful scenery, great music, outstanding affects without having seen the movie (or the movie clips-but even then you really didn't get the full effect-the complete emotional ride).

After the success of Sin City, yes, Frank Miller fans and fans of Sin City were also in line-or online at Fandango getting their tickets ahead of time, with the anticipation of another great movie. It was the fans of Frank, Gerry, David, Lena and others who bought tickets online, beforehand, and watched the movie numerous times, bringing friends and families along for the ride.

It's a composite of various types of fans-but in the end, it was the fans. It just goes to show how "out of it" Hollywood is. They had no idea what hit them.

The lion's roar was heard throughout Hollywood this weekend.

Now I just have to figure out what I need to write to that person. He doesn't quite get it if he has to ask how and why.



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