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Cam Vista Live Web Cam 300" London Preview

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Found a Web Cam of Leicester Square Cinema

Its not like the Berlin one was or the LA one either, but you can see the crowd gathering.

The Web Vista Cam Site says:

This London cinema streaming video camera is overlooking the famous Leicester Square in the heart of London. This streaming video camera has a number of preset views. The webcam views will change when there is a film premiere on at one of the Leicester Square cinemas. Allowing our visitors to celebrity watch and see the film stars arrive at their UK film premieres. Leicester Square is the centre of London's cinema land, where four of leading United kingdom cinemas are located at. UK film and Royal premieres are regularly hosted at one of the Leicester Suare's four cinemas. Our London streaming video webcam is located at the Leicsester Square School of English (www.lsse.ac.uk/) which is next door to the famous Odeon Leicester Square cinema. The Odeon Leicester Square cinema hosts the majority of UK film premieres from this leading UK cinema.

Leicester Square is a pedestrianised square in the West End of London. In the centre of the Square is a small park, where a statue of William Shakespeare surrounded by dolphins is located. The most recent statue to be located at the park in Leicester Square is of film star and director Charlie Chaplin. Similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Square is surrounded by floor mounted plaques with film stars names and cast handprints on display.

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Bump for those who want to watch.

The camera scans and jumps from area to area but you can tell the crowd is gathering.

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