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Gerard Butler GALS

3/15 - BBC Big Breakfast TODAY


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BBC Big Breakfast TODAY

March 15, 2007



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BBC News

Gerard Butler/300

We met Gerard Butler who stars in the Roman epic 300, released by Warner, it comes out on 22 March.

I will post the video link as soon as it becomes available.

"Bill and Sian were mightily impressed, weren't they?

Bill said 300 is better than Gladiator and afterwards, they were doing deep-voiced quotes and

"impressions" of GB's character. A really good promotion."

Thank you Cassie, IslaJane and Steph! :thankyou:

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Can't wait for the video!

And I completely agree, this movie is SO SO much better than Gladiator..but that's just my opinion. :)

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Thanks Zany for posting this. I belong to another board (for a different actor) and I logged on this morning to find that one of the lovely ladies informed us GBer's of his little visit this morning. I'm working on the screencap situation right now. There are screencaps available on our site, but I just need to get the necessary permission to post them on here.

Edit: One of my fellow members has a recording of it, but she needs help in uploading it. Does anyone know how to do this so that we can view it. Here is her message: Certainly I'll upload it if someone can help me do it. But even I know 271Mb is unworkable!


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"Roman epic" ! WTF? :tantrum:

Ohh....the person who said that ticked off a whole hell of a lot of Greeks, not just Gerry fans. HAHA, they're in trouble now!!


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He seemed so relaxed and happy to be home. After the past few days of outrageous interviews (fun, but definately some outrageous stuff) it's wonderful to see him a little more subdued. Looked beautiful too. Thanks so much for the treat

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