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Not Safe For Work


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Hey everyone....

So, work is the only place where I can really get online...I don't have (and can't really afford) the internet at home. I sometimes get online when I'm visiting my parents, but other than that, I'm sitting at a desk in an office full of people.

But I'm afraid to come here while I'm at work because of some of the pictures, because I'm not warned not to go there before a supervisor walks by and sees one of them.

So...could I make a suggestion that, if you're going to post a picture or whatnot that's not safe for work, that you label your post with NSFW, or something of that nature.....? :unsure:

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Thanks, guys! I don't wanna get kicked off the internet at work...or fired!! :blink:

Thanks again! You GALS rock.

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Abrock...your wish is my command. I have added a new forum for all piccies that are Not Suitable for Work.


Dr. Em

...and I'm gonna just trot right over there and take a peek:cunning:...

(One of the advantages of working from home and being one's own boss...heh...heh...heh...)

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  • 2 months later...

Ladies, that post from Dr. Em was dated 2005. I don't think it actually exists any longer. However, you will occasionally find posts that contain the warning NSFW. We also have the Over 18 forum (The Gutter)instead - most of which is NSFW. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you are over 18 and have met the requirements for the Over 18 forum, contact an Admin for the password.


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