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The erm...affection scene

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I totally agree, Swannie.

And, while it WAS a beautiful scene, it would have been wonderful to have seen more of Gerry (not just for the obvious reasons...though, that would be nice, too!), but, to see the emotion that we know he can convey. Leonidas KNEW he would not return...and I think to have seen that finality in his eyes would have been heartbreaking, and have given his character even more depth.

All I have to say is...PLEASE, for the love of all that is Gerry...Zack NEEDS to give us a director's cut for the DVD release!!!!!

I mean, after all...didn't this film, when it was first completed, have an NC-17 rating? There is some WAY hot goodness somewhere, and I think they need to share it with their ADORING publc :kisswink:


I agree completely with Marcie about the emotional significance of the scene, and for once I have to admit to being disappointed. I do think it was nicely done, beautiful, suggestive, erotic. But I missed the intensity of Gerry's expression. It focused so much on the woman's pleasure. I felt that the hype around it was misleading. The idea that it was a "battle" or "rough" was implied in references to the scene. I felt that to be the case only with the first two shots, the kiss and the next scene (I can't say more for fear of overstepping the PG-13 rule). After that, I kept wanting to see more of Gerry's face. There were two shots in which Gerry might not have even be there because the focus in solely on Lena. Here is a man--who's eyes are so expressive--making love to his wife for the last time, and we can't see his face! I do have to admit that the very last shot is absolutely gorgeous, the way his hand softly comes round her face--now that was poetry.

I hope we get a chance to see the stuff that was cut so that it could go from NC-17 to R! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/sty...cons/icon12.gif


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