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I´m 1 year older than GerryB, and I love it!

It´s kind of weird because when I was younger, a child even, I felt and thought that life was heavy, and I wouldn´t fit. I was a kind of an old soul, concerned on stuff that youngsters don´t normally wonder about. It wasn´t until my late twenties that I started enjoying everything the world has to bring, things started to make sense and I was "Karin" at last. Now at 42, I´m proud of what made me become who I am, from the inside to the outside. I do much more things today than I could possibly dream of when I was a teenager, and I hold it together: I´m tougher, richer, lighter, healthier, cooler and of course, happier. Oh, and I do look beautiful too as a consequence, always blooming . "Age" did me pretty good, and I wouln´t trade places with no one younger. I have friends at 32, at 35 (male and female) that are totally "done", unhappy, and awful looking! I get pretty shocked when I talk about it with them, or hear what they think or what kind of life they lead. Yet, I have a male friend of 47 that is younger in mind and looks than these others, who enjoys life and himself, as is interested in all sorts of things, as I am as well.

Lives are not perfect and we all have issues oltherwise we wouldn´t be human, but in the end, what leads is your way of thinking, you having a healthy SOUL, and willing to get better each day the most you manage to. I want to celebrate life always, and keep it within me... I guess this is the key, "the" answer!

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Well.. I'm only 19 and I have to say that I have NO PROBLEM whatsoever going out with a guy who is "twice my age". But of course, only if that guy is G. LOL :whome2:OH YEAH

Hey...You are luckier than meh..... :kisswink: I am believe me ONLY 13.And Gerry is 27-28 years OOOLDER than me..... But I agree with your post..... We love guys who is 2ce or (like me) more our age ONLY if they are CLONES OF GERRY!!!!!Xoxoxoxo...

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