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So, you've discovered Gerard Butler and a web search has brought you to GALS, or a friend or family member told you about the site. Now what?

Here are some helpful questions & answers, facts and lessons we've learned along the way.

Why do we call him Gerry and not Gerard?
Unless you can say Gerard the way his mum does (which sounds more like Jared to American ears) he would rather you call him Gerry, so we usually do. Try to refrain from calling him Gerald, though we too often see him listed that way erroneously!! Oh, and his middle name is James so you will sometimes see him referred to as GJB around here, for simplicity and brevity.

Does Gerry haveany Social Media Accounts?

Gerry did establish 'verified' accounts in 2013 on Facebook and Twitter:

twitter.png facebook.png

and in 2016 he added an Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/gerardbutler/

What the heck is Gerry Juice and what are its origins?
At the first Vegas fan convention in June 2006 Gerry was talking about what types of movies he would like to make, there was a shout out from the audience for him to do a romantic comedy. He made a comment about how his agents were trying to get the Hollywood honchos to see the "Gerry Juice" which meant the side of him that WE, his fans see - the sexy, sweet, funny, goofy side, not just the beefcake, action-hero type. Well of course, we have run with the whole idea of Gerry Juice ever since.

Why doesn't he drink - alcohol?
During his years of training to become a lawyer Gerry was so unhappy his drinking spiraled out of control. Shortly after being fired from his law firm and moving to London to pursue his dream of a career in acting he quit drinking and hasn't had one since. Of course he does have quite a fondness for Starbucks coffee, Coca Cola and bottled water.

Gerry is very close to his mom
Her name is Margaret and she lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his step-dad. Here is a picture of him with his Mum and step-dad at the PSILY premiere on 12/9/07. He says she is the most important person in his life.
clickable thumbnail

Where are stories by fans who have met Gerry?
If these stories are of interest to you here is a link to find them Personal Gerry Stories. Those that are older than 30 days old (which is probably most of them) aren't visible unless you go to the box at the bottom of the page and change the choice "from 30 days" to "show all".
Additional stories from those who met him in Vegas in 2006 can be found here.

Gerry's favorite scents?

In July 2014 Gerry was named Hugo Boss Parfums brand ambassador for its Boss Bottled fragrance. Previously his favorite scents were Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger and Burberry Brit. His grooming advice for the Boss Bottled launch is priceless, be sure to check it out:GerardButler's The Grooming Guide interview . We also know that he told Abrock "you smell great!" when he hugged her (like super glue) in Vegas, but to date she'll only say her scent was "Comet". I guess what it really was is a secret that may never be revealed!

So what's the deal about 3 a.m.? see the story here 3AM - the REAL story..

Why do GALS love yellow towels?
In the movie Shooters Gerry does an extended scene wearing nothing but a yellow towel, and said towel is rather revealing as to what lurks beneath it. Here is a screen capture from our gallery. That yellow towel! Gerry also made appearances in a white towel in The Bounty Hunter and a blue towel in Playing for Keeps.

What's with "fook"?
Gerry loves to throw the "f" bomb in speaking and since that word isn't allowed on the forums we've adapted to a somewhat Scottish pronunciation of it as fook or fooking.

OK, some of the abbreviations and terminology on the site confuses me - what are they?
Many are standard on internet boards everywhere like LOL (laugh out loud) or LMAO (laugh my arse off), JMO (just my opinion) JMHO (just my humble/honest opinion), BTW (by the way) , BRB (be right back). There are some specific Gerryisms like OMFG (oh my fooking Gerry) or OMFB (oh my fooking Butler) or, SMMoG is another (Sweet Margaret Mother of Gerard). SNOGS is Synergy Network of Gerry Supporters, a term some of us use to indicate we belong to more than one Gerry fansite rather than saying "I'm a GAL, Tart, Angel, Celtic Heart..." If others crop up and you don't know what they mean just ask, we are glad to explain. Here is an entire book of Gerryisms to help: GALS Book of Gerryisms

So who are the players? Some names you may see mentioned in posts :

Amy - his current assistant (as of: 2014). She's been with him several years and knocks it out the park. She goes above and beyond for Gerry AND his fans. We pray for her sanity and patience regularly. :p
Tonya - his former personal assistant and friend for over 10 years. She no longer works for him but they remain friends. She was a guest at the 2st Las Vegas Fan Convention in June 2006 and was instrumental in helping get Gerry to appear as well.
Alan - his long time manager, often seen in photos with Gerry at events. They are now business partners in the production company Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment (aka G-BASE).
Ariel Vroman -long time friend and director of Jewel of the Sahara - often seen in photos with him out and about.
Jereme - videographer on BOAW/Shattered who also videotaped fans at the 1st GB Convention in Las Vegas in 2006 on Gerry's behalf.

He loves his fans and all his fan sites.
He mentions us often in interviews and has taken many opportunities to try to meet and greet when possible. This is likely to become less frequent or likely in the future as his popularity rises and there are just too many of us for him to meet that way. He did phone interviews in February and December 2007 and again in March 2008 with the admins of several of his fansites. You can listen to the first here. (He says GALS is a great site!)

Does Gerry have any pets?
Yes - he has a little pug named Lolita he got in June 2006. He takes her everywhere he possibly can and says she has brought so much love into his life. A picture of Gerry walking Lolita finally was seen 3/21/08 and is available in our gallery, and others have been seen since then.here.

What is a snog?
Traditionally that is Scottish slang for a "proper kiss" - aka a French kiss. Gerry taught us the word during his appearance on Ellen's show in March 2005. Unfortunately that clip doesn't seem to be in our multimedia. According to our Irish GAL gerrynutsnap, a proper snog must last at least 2 minutes!

What is a Mop-Boy?
From its very start GALS has been about drooling over Gerry and the characters he has played. Well sometimes the drool can get pretty deep so our own Queen Bethy (Cleobethra) created the Mop-Boys to keep the place cleaned up (and they all report to her). Each of Gerry's characters is a Mop-Boy and many a tale has been woven about such things as taking a Roman bath with Mop-Boy Attila, or getting a massage from Mop-Boy Marek. I think most of the naughtiness occurs in the over-18 forums. Some GALS have a favorite Mop-boy or two and Bethy has made them a special second avatar to declare their devotion. It is all in fun.

What are GALS Trading Cards? Another creation of our Queen Bethy to give the GALS something special to identify themselves. Once a celebrity has been chosen for a member's Trading Card it can not be used for any other member's card. It can be an actress, actor, singer, cartoon character - any 'celeb' with whom you identify - and it's just for you. We even created a special avatar space just for displaying your card. Find out what celebs are already spoken for and how to request one of your very own here.

What about the jewelry he wears? Gerry has been known to wear a silver ring on his right ring finger. It was a gift from an ex-girlfriend who gave it to him after they had been dating only a couple of weeks and is inscribed "Dedicated to the one I love". This is the same girlfriend who was responsible for introducing him to Tonya (she talked about that in Las Vegas). He has worn the ring for years. He also wears an ever-increasing number of bracelets on his left wrist. Many of them he has bought for himself, but he has also received many bracelet gifts from fans. Our own Dr. Batista (Annette) made him a beautiful handcrafted silver bracelet which she gave to him in Las Vegas last year. He wears a silver pendant that he purchased at a jewelry store called Nagual in Venice Beach, CA. To see their designs visit their website here. Gerry wears much of his own jewelry in PS I Love You. In a recent interview he said he has decided to forego the jewelry for awhile.

What's a manbag? Gerry is very often seen carrying some sort of bag - like a man-purse - which we assume contains his cell phone, maybe a book he is reading, whatever he needs to take with him. During the filming of TUT he was often carrying a camoflage one. At the 2006 Vegas convention we gifted him with a black leather manbag filled with cards and letters from fans. He has been photographed at least once carrying that bag (probably without the cards and letters though!).[/color]

Warning: Be careful about Gerry stuff sold on eBAY.
People sell CD's with "thousands of pictures of Gerry" and you will find every one of them for free on this site and others. Be cautious about buying autographed pictures - most of them are obtained by professional "hounds" and Gerry does not like them. Others are just photocopies or outright forgeries. I'm sure many fans want Gerry's autograph but that isn't the way to get it.

Where can I write to Gerry?
The address for sending fan letters to Gerry is below. Be aware that he is very busy and gets hundred, if not thousands, of letters. They are read and answered by a service. You may receive a pre-autographed picture and/or form letter in response to any letter you send. Please do not be expecting a personal reply, or be disappointed not to get one. If Gerry took the time to answer each fan letter himself he would probably never have time to make another movie, and that is his passion and his destiny. He does appreciate our letters and our words of encouragement and support, but he just can't respond to each of us individually.

Fan Mail Address

Gerard Butler
The Spanky Taylor Company
916 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
(updated Oct. 15, 2019)

Here is a link to his filmography: 

Most of Gerry Movies have their own sub-forum on the site for more in-depth discussions and reviews. Details are in Categories on The GALS Site:

How do I get his other movies?

Be cautious when purchasing movies from sites other than those like Amazon or other legitimate retailers. Some of Gerry's films are not available widely and you will find bootleg copies, some are not compatible with American VCRs or DVD players. We cannot direct you to places to purchase his movies that aren't available through regular channels, so please don't ask us to. If you use the link from our Boutique to get to Amazon anything you purchase will help support and sustain this site..The GALS Boutique

Still want to know more? Here is a link to his biography.

A selection of Great videos are on our YouTube

If you have any other questions that aren't answered, or need directions to find out something about Gerry or the site feel free to add it to this thread and it will be updated regularly.

Here is some site-related information, not so much Gerry-specific.

Why does it say Archie's Ocean Girl under my name/avatar?
This is the way GALS ranks members based on number of posts made. If you have made under 25 posts you are Archie's Ocean Girl. Each rank is based on a Gerry character, except the final ranking of Gerry's 3AM GAL. Here are the rankings you will advance through as you make more posts. GALS Ranking

I see other references sometimes and don't know what they mean - like strawberries (or strawgerries), Candyland, The Island, GutterGALS, The Pub or The Gutter Hotel.
Most of the references come from the over-18 forums. In order to have access to over-18 forums you must be over 18, and either have been referred by a member we already know, or have posted at least 12 posts in non-gaming threads so we have a chance to get to know you. If you meet these criteria then PM your date of birth to a moderator or administrator and the Mod Squad will review your request. The over-18 forums is where the GutterGALS hang out. These are the GALS who want to push the envelope a little farther than the PG-13 limits of the open forums (but only to PG13++). There you will find fan fiction, several role playing forums like The Island or The Pub and some pretty bawdy naughty videos and jokes too. There are over-18 forums that are just for the GALS and there is also a unisex over-18 forum that is for the PALS as well.

What is the Mod Squad? This refers to the moderators and administrators of this website.

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Wow Susan you did a great job putting all of that together. I wish something like this had been posted when I became a fan 2 years ago. I remember everyone kept talking about a snog and I had no clue what that was. Thank you for your hard work.

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Thank you! Thank you! Susan! You did a fantastic job putting this together and allowing us a little more insight into the person behind the name. I've already made a list of DVDs to borrow and I'll definitely be reading more of the 'encounters of the heavenly kind aka Gerry'. :D

Thanks again for doing this!! :dance:

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Susan, this is fantastic for the new members! I was wondering... since the Vegas encounter stories are in a separate forum, perhaps it might be a neat idea to bring attention to those with a link to that forum, as well as the Personal Gerry Stories forum.

I am sure our new friends will appreciate your hard work in organizing all this info in one place!


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:wow2: Susan :goodjob2: I wish there had been a resource like this when I was first learning my way around Gerryland. :bow2:

I, too, had to learn these things little by little over several months after joining GALS. I'm not real good with a lot of info all at once -- call it Gerry Overload!!!!! :spontaneous:

Susan, thanks for this resource, not only for the new GALS, but all of us old older GALS!!!!

How about a mention of his favorite scents?


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  • 4 weeks later...

Susan, there are still a few symbols around people may ask about. Especially strawberries. Can you mention that is a PG13 response? Also, what designates one as a Gutter Gal? What's a Mop Boy? I know these were things that took me a while (and a friend who is a long time GAL) to understand.


Sue (Suzie)

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Although there was nothing new to me in this thread (I am a long time supporter) the work which has gone into putting all the information together for new members and discoverers of Gerard is amazing. Congratulations on a job well done, Susan.

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OMG, I'm so thrilled to have found you GALS. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I've finally found my own people--those who love this amazing guy as much as I do!! Susan, thanks for the great info for newbies like me. I've been a fan of GB since I first saw him in Dear Frankie several years ago. I think the older he gets, the better he gets, in every possible way. Can't wait to get to know the rest of you GALS better. Thank you!!!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thank you Susan for the movie reviews. I often wondered what the story lines were in Gerry's earlier movies and how much did he appear in them. I agree that "The Jury" is Gerry's greatest acting to date because he showed all sides of a recovering alcoholic. It must have been very hard for him to relive his own past while doing this role. He was just great in this series. I recommend everyone get this at Amazon.com. He will have you crying buckets.


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Susan thanks so much for all the info I learned a lot I thought I knew but didn't. thanks again it is great for you to have done this for us Betts :claphands::claphands:

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