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My 300 Review

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We sent two of our reporters out on a faux movie date to review the new movie 300. They are here to recommend what a good date movie is from a male and female perspective.

Matt: When I was first given this assignment I was pumped because it looked like the ultimate guy movie. However they told me that this was to see if it was a good date move, and I thought "no way". This is a great movie with everything us men appreciate: blood, flying limbs, decapitation, lots of cool weapons, hero's, and most important plenty of bare chested women. I thought this is great but no woman would like this till I looked over and saw my assignment partners face and she was just as in to this as I was. She even ate popcorn through a leg being hacked off. So guys here we go finally a "date movie" us men will love also.

Erica: 300 is a movie I was anticipating seeing for quit sometime. I counted down the days till it came out. I must admit that when time came to finally see it I was nervous that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. It not only lived up to my expectations it exceeded them. This movie has something for everyone: action, heroism, love, honor, and amazing acting. The star of the movie Gerard Butler does an amazing job as King Leonidas, from the moment he appears on screen he hold you with his eyes and with his great lines, sometimes humours and sometimes touching, till his last scene. I was completely blown away by his performance. I heard that us ladies should watch this only because there are 300 well built men in cod pieces ( And yes Matt I liked the cod pieces as well) but I say us ladies should go see this because it is an excellent movie with great acting and a wonderful story.

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:goodjob2: Erica and to Matt as well! :D

It really is a cool date movie and I'm glad that you mentioned that we women aren't just there to see the six packs, thighs of thunder and buns of steel. We like the acting and action just as well as the next guy. ;)

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WOO HOO! thanks Erica! Great job! I had to laugh at your 'dates' raction to your reaction. Isn't it funny that you reviewed the movie and he reviewed your reaction?!?!? I love it!

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Erica I have no idea why I went back to the SC to post about your review so I'll shorten it up here and say GREAT JOB!! Your fellow reviewer did a good job too! :claphands::claphands:

:claphands: Fran

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Fran, Kiya, and DawnS thank you so much. I was little nervous about posting it here, when its in the paper I don't know the reaction but here with all my friends it was a little scary. But you Gals are great thanks so much.

Dawn I didn't really notice but now that you point it out ya he was kinda reviewing me huh :rotflmao:

I will tell Matt that you all approved of his as well.

We will be doing other movies in this format as well, I hope it is entertaining enough, I had more fun doing it and sharing it then I thought.



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:yo: Erica!!! You dun good.......I knew you would!!!!!!

Debrasue :butterfly:

Aww thank you Debrasue

And thank you Mousie and discoveringme I am glad you liked and I do a review every week now and the more interesting one I will post.

Thanks again for all the warmth everyone has shown me.

Hugs Erica

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