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Gerard Butler GALS

A Gentleman amongst the Throng

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After hemming and hawing all morning I finally decided I could

go into the city after all to meet my Gerry girls in front of NBC

studios after all. I got out of the cab at 4 (they had been waiting since

about 7 am ) and they gave me a rock star greeting. People looked

around expecting to see someone famous. I blushed,

kisses and hugs all around.

You have heard what happened with the standby tickets, etc.

This is just my little happy happy joy joy minute (or 43 seconds):

As it turned out, after lots of confusion - with the black limo pulling up

and all hell breaking loose... Alan getting out of the car first,

I did get a chance to talk to Gerry outside his limo.

With the razzi crushing in on him...

I got pushed up against the car door with him on the other side.

My digital camera ran out of power at this exact moment- so I yelled

to Laura behind me- "give me your camera"- and got a decent shot for

her. And now it was deer in the headlights time.......

This is when Gerry looked me straight in the eyes- this is his most

disarming habit...and we talked as tho we were sitting in a cafe having

a latte. Real casual. How, I haven't a clue!

"Hi Gerry..." (not shouting)

"Hi how are you?" (Mr. Cool)

"Great. Are you going to DTK this year?" (Believe me I didn't know what to say)

"I don't know." (He is tan and his thick hair, its perfect shade)

"Well, I talked to Geoffrey yesterday.... "(he is still looking at me but signing autographs)

"You did?" (I detected an amused look)

"Yes." He smiles and looks back into my eyes. And they were very blue.

" .. I don't even know when it is..." (more autographs and pictures- crowd starting to get unruly)

" April 2nd! "

He smiles again amid shouts and shoves

and says " ok, then. "

And he is rushed off.

No I didn't tell him how I loved 300 (I should have), or anything else that you

actually have to have prescence of mind to do. (Like do you remember

me? As if!!!!) And then I realized I had my camera phone on me...

And if you didn't know me, you'd say ...bull, you're making this up. I didn't.

My other friends got their moment with him later after the show. They have

all posted already. But, I especially loved Rosa's because it was her first time.

We celebrated a little too much (my head!) at St Andrews afterwards

swapped stories, took more photos (yeah, now I had new batteries)

and I got to have another nice chat with Andrew too.

Loved every crazy moment. Thanks in general to all the girls- it was

so good to see everyone. Rosa, Steph, Marg, Stacy, Lisa, Sue, Judy,

Laura....thanks for sharing your photos with the dumb camera lady.

It was a joyful cluster of buddies and it was a nice feeling having the

commraderie amid all the craziness. Thanks ladies-

Love and blue unbuttoned shirts...........


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Donna......that's so wonderful!!!!!!!!! That he was so comfortable talking with you.......in the midst of all that commotion!!! Thank you for being a source of calm! Not to mention that you were all very respectful ambassadors for the rest of us who love & admire this amazing human being! Love Ya!

Debrasue :butterfly:

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Thank you Debrasue. It was a delight to see him so close again,

those sparking blue eyes and gentle demeanor. We all tried

to be ladies and just be able to say thank you in our own way...

to someone who has given us such a source of joy.


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