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Good Morning All...

I lurked a bit last night but was mostly helping my daughter with her student council speech. She has to give her speech today so as a Mom, I am a little nervous for her. She wrote a good speech, I just helped her tweak it so it sounded smoother. Even though most student council elections is a popularity contest, I think she has a good chance. So if you could, say a little prayer for her that she does well and wins the election! :thankyou:

A few of you might remember me telling you about a Scottish Bagpiper I met at school last year? My Bonnie Scotsman,as I called him, is tall, attractive with the most adorable Scottish accent and he is from GLASGOW!!! :heat: Anyway, my husband called me yesterday to get his number because a family was requesting a bagpiper for their service. I found his number and called him. OMG...I wanted to :swoon: when he answered the phone. He remembered me and was happy I recommended him. He is going to play for the family on Friday! I may have to stop by the service just to see and hear him. :cunning: One of these days I am going to hire him to play for us at one of our gatherings. You would all love him! :kiss:

Trixie...800 visits!!! :woo: That is awesome! Congrats! ;)

Miklyn...I hope you feel better soon. Knock on wood, no one is sick in my house...at least not today! :D

Kelly...good thoughts and prayers for Cheyenne tomorrow! :hug99:

Stacie...LOVE the picture of Gerry in a tux! :drool1: Notice the crooked tie! :p

Btw...For anyone who thought Gerry might have had any "work" done on his face...take a good look at that picture! Gerry is actually looking a bit tired and older! There is absolutely no evidence of plastic surgery, botox or anything else on that gorgeous face of his! :inlove:

Can you to believe Vegas is 1 month away? :wow2::vegasbaby:

Gotta run for now!

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I am so stoked for Vegas! Here's to everyone staying healthy and no sickies!!! That's always my biggest fear!

Pat - I'm hoping your daughter's speech goes well today! I know it's a popularity contest, but I'm sure she'll be fine. She sounds like an outgoing little chickie. Also, how cool that you were able to recommend the bagpiper! He probably appreciates that you remembered him and that you're giving him business. BTW - over 800 hits and counting! I'm so happy! I'm just wondering if Mr. Wisdom himself has checked it out. :D

Miklyn - You can actually see who the anonymous members are by signing in as admin. So, if you're ever curious, just sign in under that and you'll be able to see. There's a few members that like to sign in anonymously I've noticed.

Stacie - LOVING the tux. A man in a tux always makes me wild!

Anyways, I'm lurking for a bit then heading out. AJ is doing his Mother's Day sing at school today, so I'm going to go see that. Then, I'm heading up to Marcy's to hold down the fort while she takes care of some things. She has to go to court as a witness for some nasty teenager that gave her trouble last year. The prosecuting attorny wants to nail this guy and they need her there. Lynn thinks that Marcy was under the impression that I was going to stay until 6:00 tonight! Oh heck no! I have things I need to do at home, so I left her a message saying that I had to come back to work at the office today to get reports done by tomorrow. Not an entire lie, I did need to get the reports done, but I already did them this morning. I just want to be able to get some things done at home that I haven't had the time to do all week. Paul is taking the kids to the zoo today, so I'll have the house to myself for once.

I'm lurking for a little bit!

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Trixie did you enjoy having the house to yourself today?

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I talked to my Mom today and I am going to go out there Saturday afternoon to take her to dinner for Mother's day and she is going to try the dress on me and see if any changes need to be made. I am kind of excited and nervous to see it.

Triixe we may have to do a run by Discovery sometime....I have no idea what I am wearing for the cocktail night.

Doesn anyone else know what they are wearing?

I can't believe it is only a month away.

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Trixie...did you read the recent interview with Gerry? He talks about how American Airlines lost all their luggage!!! Opps!!! :embarassed:

CAFRI interview

Lost luggage......That is my worst nightmare when I travel.

It would be a shame though if Gerry had nothing to wear....... :cunning::cunning:

Pat Good luck vibes are going out to your daughter. I hope she gets the nominated.

I am excited for all of you who are going to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!!!!! You all have fun!!!!

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I can't keep my eyes open any longer. I think I am going to head to bed. It's probably the medicine I took.

I'll be on tomorrow. ya'll have a good night

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Morning Lasses...

Thank you for the well wishes for my daughter! According to her, her speech went well! Because she has been in plays and recitals, she is used to being in front of people, so she wasn't very nervous. We worked on her keeping her head up and looking at the audience when she spoke and she said her friends told her she was the only candidate to do that! She was alittle worried because she was the last candidate to speak for her position (treasurer) but I told her it was actually a good thing because the last person to speak is usually the first person the audience remembers! ;) Today is the nomination voting, so she should know by the end of the day if she is in the Primary. Primary voting is Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that she at least gets a nomination! :thankyou:

AARRGHHH!!! I won't get to see my Bonnie Scotsman play today. :( He is playing around the time I have to pick my kids up from school so I won't have enough time to get from one location to the other. :crybaby:

No one has mentioned seeing the new Spiderman? Have any of you seen it? We were too busy last weekend and this week but I am hoping to go see it on Mother's Day! Btw...What is everyone doing on Mother's Day? Unfortunately I have to go to my crazy SIL's again :scared: , but I am going to use the movie excuse to get out of there as early as I can! :escape:

Trixie...I remember those Mother's Day sings! They were so cute! :rose: Enjoy them while you can because they grow up fast and end up running for student council before you know it! :D

Kelly...I hope everything goes well for Cheyenne today! :lolita:

Tomorrow is the first meeting for the play my kids are going to be in over the summer! I will be happy to get back to working on a play. It may be alot of work but it is always fun! :throw:

I'll be lurking!

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Did anyone see MelanieG on Nancy Grace last night? It is so strange to see someone you know on tv talking about something you think happens to "other people", not to someone you know. It is going to be very rough for them this weekend with Mother's Day. I pray they find her soon. :comfort:

For those that may not have seen the website Melanie created, here is the link... Find Lisa Stebic

I am sure Melanie never thought she would have to use her wonderful video making talent to make a website/video like this.

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Paul and I saw her on Nancy Grace last night, too. I was thinking the same thing you were - how weird it is to see someone you know dealing with something that you think only happens to others. I don't know what to think about the whole situation, but I remain hopeful.

Pat - I'm glad your daughter's speech went well! It's good when they have no fear of speaking in front of people. I never used to be able to do that very well, but now I have no problem. I actually enjoy it.

I'm working all day today, so I'll be lurking!

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I am going to take a couple of posters to work and hang them on the bulletin board in the cart coral. I know it isn't much but I am somewhat disturbed by all of this.

I agree with PatK that it is a surreal thing to see someone that you know sitting on a television show talking about something that you think couldn't happen to someone you know.

I pray that she is found safe and sound. That she was just upset and went someplace where she does not have access to a tv or phone. :rose::rose::rose:

I am glad your daughter was successful with her speech today. I just know she will be nominated.

Well Cheyenne's surgery was a success. The vet had to send the mass away to be tested as it was not a fatty tumor. But he said it was not attached to anything so he is pretty positive that it was the only one. She is very wobbely and tired. Every time I get up she gets up and follows me, she looks so pitiful.

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Drama, drama drama at work today. I won't even go into but it was one of those days that I think only a nice set of abs, strong thighs and a cute buttt could take care of and maybe a big margarita.

Kelly - I'm glad everything went ok at the vet today.

Patkay - I'm glad her speech went good. I saw Melanie on the news the other night and thought it was strange to see someone I know on tv for something like this.

Trixie - How did the court case go today?

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Thanks everyone for the good vibes for my daughter but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be! She was not nominated. She lost out to the "popular" girl, which is typical of these kinds of elections. However, she was told she came in second, so that was nice to know. She is not upset, maybe alittle disappointed but she said she intends to run again next year! Good for her! Now she can concentrate on her recital and the play! ;)

Kelly...glad to hear everything went well with Cheyenne. I know you still have to wait for the results on the tissue, but it sounds like they got whatever it is early! Stay positive! :hug99:

Miklyn...working in an office is always filled with Drama! It wouldn't be "the office" if it wasn't! :D I agree strong thighs, a cute butt and a big...um, margarita is a great solution to a tough day at the office! :drink:

Well speaking of a tough day at the office, my hubby just came home from work! His is NOT a 9 to 5 job! :( So I better go talk to him for awhile!

I might be on later!

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PatKay-Darn about your daughter not getting nominated but sounds like she handled it well and that is great. Sounds like you have a daughter with a real head on her shoulders(WTG Mom! :D )

Kelly-Glad everything went smoothly for Cheyenne at the vet. And hope that the results come back okay as well. Plus, like Pat said, it sounds like they got it early so that is a definite plus and move in the right direction.

I wish I could go to Vegas but it is just not ment to be. No Vegas funds being the biggest problem. LOL You will all have to just tell me all about it and take lots and LOTS of pictures. Oh, and feel free to call me on my cellphone if Gerry does happen to attend. I could deal with just hearing him on the phone. hint, hint :funnyface:

Miklyn- Strong thighs, a nice butt & a big Margarita always seem to be a nice stress reliever. :greatking:

As for the situation with Lisa, I can't even begin to imagine what her family and friends are going through. I am truly at a loss for words and only hope that this turns out well. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

I'll be lurking for a little while. Have a good night if I don't speak with anyone tonight.

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PatK I am sorry that your daughter did not get the nomination. I am glad she took it so well. She is a trooper.

AWWWW.......strong thighs a nice butt, that you can squeeze :cunning: , and a good Amaretto Stone Sour (that's my drink)!!!

I think every job has it's own drama. But "the office" is the ultimate.

Stacie I wish I could go to "Fabulous Las Vegas" but it wasn't meant for me either. Again take lots and lots of pictures!!!!

Trix did you have to do jury duty or something???

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Hi Ladies

Miklyn and I went to see 300....again. It's a beautiful thing I tell ya!

Kelly - No, my boss from the salon had to go to court yesterday as a witness. This punk was causing trouble in her parking lot last summer and I guess he has a track record a mile long. So, the prosecuting attorny wanted her to come to court as a witness against this guy so they could nail him. I'm glad that Cheyenne's surgery went well, now the waiting game. I'm hoping everything comes back all clear.

Pat - What a bummer that your daughter didn't get nominated. But, kudos to her for taking it so well. Like Stacie said, well done raising such a mature girl.

ANyways, off to get ready for bed. I'm working at Marcy's again tomorrow, so I won't be on during the day.

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Good Morning Ladies....

I hope all who celebrated had a good Mother's Day! :rose: Mine was nice, even if I had to go to the crazy SIL house. :duck: Unfortunately my hopes to go see Spiderman yesterday did not happen because my husband got a call and had to go to work. Oh well, I had other things to do at home anyway.

Something very strange happened around my house this weekend. In about 24 hours we had one satelite box blow out, the kid's computer sound card crashed and 3 light bulbs blew out. Even the dog was acting weird. She was being very clingy. I think there was some kind of electronic surge that caused these things to blow and the dog was able to 'hear' it. I don't know what else to think? :confused:

This week is a VERY busy one for me. I have something going every day & evening starting today. Plus we are hoping to go to Michigan this weekend. And wouldn't you know it I am feeling like I am coming down with something. :sick: I started on the Zicam last night so if it is something, maybe it won't hit me too bad. :(

Gotta get going already. I will check in when I can.

Don't forget DWTS tonight! :dance2:

:read: Have a Happy Monday!

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Ladies I am so exicted.... :cheer::penguin: I am one of the top 5 videos being shown in Vegas. I can't believe it. I feel like I am going to burst.


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hey cheecky monkeys

I have been in a flurry of emotions the last couple of days. I hope everyone had a great mothers day. :inlove: I know I felt the love. I got a great present. A new purse. I love it.

Then I went to church with my friend, Bridget, who lost her mother last week. I was really sad but I was really happy I could be there for her. It was just the the two of us. It was a really nice sermon that the pastor gave. Just wonderful.

Now, I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. OMG!!! 30! I am goning to get a tattoo. I am a little nervous and excited. I dunno.

Miki and Trix and Pat and SIN and Kelly. Miss you guys.

Miki- what if your video wins in vegas and Gerry is there to give out prizes again and you get a hug from him. Oh good lord. :omg2:

I duuno what else. I might be lurking to chat.

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Terra! Glad to hear you had a good Mother's Day. I'm also glad that you were able to go to church with Bridget, I'm sure it meant a lot to her.

My Mother's Day was okay, same ol' same ol'. One day I would like to spend it in my jammies doing nothing, but since we always do what Paul's family wants to do, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Otherwise, not much to report from here. Can you believe Vegas is just a little over 3 weeks away?? OMG! It crept up so fast! Then HG the following week, then BOAW releasing in August! I'm going to be broke from all the movies coming out this year!

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I just got a domain name and I am trying to set up my front page at the moment. It seems strange to finally have a site.

Once I get the page up I will let everyone know. I am trying to figure out the email thing right now.

I'm lurking around

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