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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry's Midwest Classy Lasses #12

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Good evening ladies. Whew, the day just flew by and I got absolutely NOTHING done. Go figure...

Terra - Your friend will be in my thoughts. Why such things should befall good people I will never understand. Why can't the unsavory be affected as soon as they do bad deeds. We shall never know. I will keep my fingers crossed for your friend in hopes that her mom will pull through this.

Rissa - As stated on the prayers thread - you're in my thoughts. I am so sorry. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Trix - The site looks very good so far. I'm sure you're just biting at the bit to get it up and running. Don't forget to add a counter to see how many have visited the site. I wonder if you can get Tom to record a greeting for you? Oh, do try. He's just so cute I just want to eat him up.

Mik - Any luck w/the job search. Something different is out there. Unfortunately, this is a bad time to look for a job. College is about to let out and this is when a few companies do their layoffs to hire cheaper staff for the summer. I've been the victim of it once and it's not fun. They let me go to have two people do my job and now they continue to have a temp doing it because they can't find anyone who wants to do it or who can figure it out. Keep us posted.

Cassie...I may not know who your two hot Brits are but I am always interested in some good full frontal viewing! :cunning: Please post the names of the movies these two gents appear in so we can all enjoy the show!!! :p

Okay Gemmie and Pat you want to know whom I'm cheating on Gerry with eh? Well, one of them is Rupert Penry Jones of course.

Posted Image

I mentioned him on the thread in "Cheating on Gerry". I've watched just about everything I have w/him in it and have ordered 2 other dvd's that I'm waiting on. He gets shot in a scene from "Spooks" aka MI-5 & I've watche it too many times to count. He falls so cool I just hit the back button to watch it again. I love it. I'm so sick I tell ya.

Don't want to bore you with this, but if you want to see a quick clip of him speaking on a UK show go here:


Or go here to see a very quick scene where he's having a bit of the DeNiro Syndrome himself. I like to pretend it's me.

You do get a quick butt shot and if you watch a certain area (below the waist, but above the thighs) as he walks away there's a nice little outline. Yum... :cunning:

Now, my full frontal guy is JJ Feilds. He's adorable and I'm just completely swooning over him. I can't help it. He has one of the cutest smiles I've seen in a long time and it just sneaks up on you and before you know it you're a goner. He's not conventionally handsome, but he's got something and I'm digging him so much right now. If you want a full frontal I can pm you. Tell me what you think. :cunning:

Posted Image

And if you would like to see a very cute video of him as Henry Tinley in Jane Austen's "NorthAnger Abbey" you can go here. It's very cute and it's done to the song "I can't get enough of you baby" by Smash Mouth.


Anyhoo ladies, I must go make some tea and go to bed. I feel a sinus headache coming and I rather be lying down when it fully hits. Hopefully I will be sleeping when it does so.

Good night ladies!!!


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hey ladies-

first, thanks so much for all the warm wishes for my friend. I might get to see her this weekend and I will keep you informed.

Trixie- look at what you got going girl. How wonderful.

Ok ladies- I am watching Dirty Dancing right now. I can not believe the movie is 20 YEARS OLD. I was 10 when it came out. OMG! Anyway, I remember laying in the front yard with my friends listening to the sound track and waiting for my Johnny Castle to come along. I think I might have found him in gerry. Do you think Gerry dances a little dirty? Just some food for thought. Remember..."Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

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Cassie I am still looking but I am actually trying to work on an alternative that would make me my own boss (wouldn't that be nice) I am still doing my parties and I am working on making a couple of things and starting a website to show them. I am resolved to the fact if I don't get laid off I will work this job as long as I can while I try to increase my parties and get the website up and running. Hopefully by the end of the year I can just do my own thing and not have to worry any more.

I am sending in a check to surpise parties tomorrow so they will get my site up and running so I can get orders online also. I have put off doing the site but I have talked to to many reps that are saying they can't believe how much business they are getting from it.

When I get the other site up and running I will let everyone know so they can see it. I am also waiting to hear back from my sister about my little idea.

If I do get laid off I am honestly not as freaked out because with what I am getting paid I could get another temp job easily for the same amount of money so I will take whatever happens.

Terra how did your fund raiser go??

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hey Miki-

We had a lot of people come to the event. It was fun. I am not sure in terms of numbers. I think I will know more next week if we hit budget.

If you get a site up, I will send people to it. I wear the "stripper dust" all the time. I love it.

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I always want to lick my arm because it smells so good! LOL Hmmmm, maybe I could get Gerry to lick my arm....(and other spots) ;)

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Trix- :rotflmao: I can see you licking your own arm. Yes, Keith calls the gold dust "stripper dust". I think gerry would like it.

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I can see us now....we're in the crowd at a premiere......Gerry's getting his pics taken by the media.......he catches a whiff of something sweet in the air.......he sees us softly shimmering in the crowd......he follows his nose and his eyes to where the beauty is coming from.........finds us........looks at us.........sniffs us *a la Dracula*...................AND STARTS LICKING US UP AND DOWN!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!

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...and then Tom comes up to cause he gets a whif... :cunning:

as long as Gerry does not look like this ...:bleh2:...while he is doing it

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Please don't let that be the "O" face. LOL

I would use the chocolate pens to mark a trail for Gerry to follow. Plus who does not like licking chocolate

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after seeing that movie some many times this week I honestly can not stop thinking about those thighs and abs.

And the way he looks at her when he is sitting on the edge of the bed.....Please please please why can't I be in that place. That was just hawt

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You ladies have been busy in here. Had 4 pages to catch up on.

Terra, my thoughts are with your friend and her mom. I can't even imagine the hurt I would be dealing with if it were my mom.

Marissa, my thoughts are also with you and hope everything works out well.

Trixie, that Tom is definitely a cutie pie. Can't wait to see the website in all its glory!

Cassie, JJ does have a killer smile, doesn't he? Watched the videos of them both and ooh la la!!!

Miklyn, Terra & Trixie, I think I still smell a little smoke in here from last night. You ladies crack me up. You all definitely come up with some good "food for thought." :bow2:

Hi, PatKay & Gem! And hello to anyone I might have missed! :wave:

I'm off to get ready for work. Talk to you all later.


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