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Jamesie's '300' Review


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*Points to avatar* Meet Jamesie ...member of the awesome tribal pipe and drum band ALBANNACH out of Glasgow. I met Jamesie last summer when I discovered the band at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. I have been an avid fan ever since.

Albannach has a website (linked at the bottom of this post) with a message board. There, all of us "Misfits" (the term of endearment given to us by the band) meet up to chat about the band and be silly. One day I started a thread called "Who's going to see '300'?" as I knew that there were other GB fans at the site.

Below Jamesie's reply/review of the movie. It contains a little something I was NOT expecting. I think it's great (he always posts the best stuff....he's long-winded, and loves to tell stories...sound familiar???)


Finally took myself to watch this so called movie, dragged my brother along for the ride, dont hang much with him so it was cool to catch a flick.

A couple of years back i had the pleasure of sinking a few beers with The Butler lad in NYC, some trendie night club called the The Bed or something....not too shabby and the big fella was good craic, so i was kinda keen as too see how he faired in this his big shot at letting the world see what he can do.

When you first see all the spartans lined up as a guy you think......JEZ.....you would have no chance of pulling a bird if you went out on the town with this lot....handsome gods the lot of them!

So as a bloke your kinda pumped up now....wanting to be there , standing with the bears as we call them.....good start for me!

The fight scene's are not slow in comming..........PURE MAGIC...........a feast of blood, an orgy of violence.....all that slow motion stuff as some poor lad gets chibbed hollywood style....i was there with every thrust of the spear.....KILL THEM ALL BIG YIN!!!!

Totally loved all the freaks in the baddies side.....and the fact that that bloke was 9ft tall added to the magic.

For me it takes you there, the emotion grips you from start to finish....with some erotic scene's dropped in there to turn the heat up a notch.

Gerry hits the spot..........his Scottish growl is bang on for this movie....the way a leader of men should sound, he worked really hard to get into that shape...that says alot about his ability as an actor, pure dedication to the movie.

Left the cinema with my bro wanting to start a massacre in the city.......didnt come of my high for hours.....one hell of a movie!

I know for sure i will be back to see it again.


Albannach's website: ALBANNACH

Check them out...and if they ever come ANYWHERE near you...DO NOT MISS THEM! They are fantastic!!!

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Guest greyeyegoddess

That's a great review. I really liked the last line...

Left the cinema with my bro wanting to start a massacre in the city.......didnt come of my high for hours.....one hell of a movie!

Yeah, pretty high the first time I saw it...



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:claphands: I just bought this CD-it is way cooooool. I have been looking for music exactly like this-Dougie MacClean is good, but sometimes is a little too Muzak. Thanks for the tip, Luv!!!!!!! We will be in Edinburgh in August-does anyone have an idea of other groups like this I could purchase when I'm there? thanks
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Aww I'm glad you like them, MooMoo22! Off-hand I can't think of anyone that really compares to Albannach, they're pretty unique.

Listening to them is great...but I'm telling you...there is NOTHING like WATCHING them perform! A total adrenaline rush. These guys are amazing...the pure primal energy they exude...just unreal. At the Highland Games up at Grandfather, people will start filling up the grove where they are scheduled to perform an hour or more before they're on...and by the time they take the stage the entrie grove is crammed full...people as far as you can see.

There is a Celtic rock concert one of the nights, and some of those other bands were pretty awesome...I'll have to remember their names and post. But Albannach is always the most popular band by far.

Anyway, Jamesie was kind enough to allow me to re-post his review...I figured Gerry's fans would like it...especially since they hung out once awhile back. Pretty neat!

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