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Gerard Butler GALS

GB GALS Trivia Challenge

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Come and join

Gerard Butler GALS Trivia Challenge

Here's something fun and exciting for all you trivia buffs.
It's the GB GALS Trivia Challenge!

This is how it works...

You need to go to the site, and sign up. It's free.
Please use your GALS/PALS name when you sign up to make it easier to keep track of everyone.
If you're already a member with a different name, please pm it to me so I know who you are.

You can play once a day.
There are 10 questions and everyone is scored on the number of questions they get right and the amount of time to complete them.
These are general trivia questions, not Gerry trivia.
There will be a high scorer every day and a Monthly Champion.

The Monthly Champion will get an award graphic
It will be a small avatar (100x100px).
You can use it as your top avatar or second.
Every month a new tournament starts and everyone goes back to square one.

Have fun! :D


GB GALS Trivia Challenge-Regular Level

GB GALS Trivia Challenge-Expert Level

Info about new Trivia game. Post 2

A new update about the scoring.

Ties now go to player playing first.

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We thought we'd try something new this coming month. Starting on December 1, 2009, GALS will have a second trivia game available to play. We will still keep the same regular game going but those categories will be easy or intermediate only. Our second game will use the more difficult categories and levels. We'll call that our Expert game. We're hoping this will keep our resident brainiacs challenged and encourage others to play as well. Please keep in mind this is new to us and we may need to revise things just a bit as time goes on. Here's the way we'll handle it:

If you've won 3 times or more during the last six months in our regular game, we ask that you move on up to our "Expert" game. Anybody at all can play at the Expert level but if you've won 3 times within the last six months in our regular game, please move up to the Expert level. You don't have to stay at the Expert level permanently, just until you are eligible to play in the regular level again. If you aren't sure which game to play, please ask. Remember, you can only play one level or the other in any given month.

Here's the link to the new "Expert" game just as a preview for now: Expert Level Trivia I'm the Admin over there with my name being Jillybean. Here's a note to remember from FunTrivia:

Note: If you play in more than one private tournament, you must register in each separately, and you must log out of one game before logging into another. In other words, you will have to register with a slightly different name in the Expert game, but keep it close so we know who you are.

Our winners will each still receive a snazzy new avatar to display to show what smarties they are no matter what game they choose to play. We hope this continues to encourage lots of folks to play since this is a great way to have fun, keep the brain tuned up a bit and get a chance to drool over some Gerry pics. Again, I want to thank our incredible, wonderful and warm-hearted Zanyzombie for taking care of this game for the last few years. She's done an amazing job keeping this fun game going.

Hugs to all,


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