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Gerard Butler GALS

The man does use sun screen

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The woman in the picture is Yulia Mayarchuk, an "erotic" film star in Italy. She was featured in several pictures with Gerry in Ischia. She is the woman in the red dress when he is wearing the silver suit, she is also the woman in the hat who is sitting in a chair holding his hand in both of hers as he stands in front of her in the v-neck t-shirt.
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I would like to rub lotion on Gerry in this outfit. :mopboyjackie: "Just let me get ya here, honey? And maybe a little higher, here!" I would hope that if wet , that GLUE that held that towel on would disolve and the towel would fall off. "Oh, Gerry, we can't let you get sunburnt, so I'll just rub you down. Oh, the towel is alive!!!!" :mopboyerik: :drool1::thud:

BOM Hi up there Sporran Tart!

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heyy guys, im new here, ive been over at GB.net and other gerry sites for a while but i saw this one and figured i'd check it out. So yeah, im completely and uncontrollably obsessed with this man and have a bad case of GALS, but i have a question thats really been bugging me.. girl in these pics with him.. can anyone clear it up for me- dating/not dating- hoping their not- of course, but if someone could fill me in, im dyinggggggg

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