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How many times

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I just saw "300" for my 16th and final time at the theater--today is the last day. (I know

several of the employees have gotten a kick out of the little, round gray/white haired

granny coming to see this movie again and again.) LOL. I saw it at a midnight showing

on March 9th, and then 2 more times that day (Swannie and I were part of a group that

who gathered in Portland, Oregon for the occasion.)

A brand new theater complex opened here in Eugene on March 9th, so Gerry's movie was

celebrated with the "glory" it deserved. I actually saw the movie 10 times in 10 days--

taking various friends, relatives, etc. Did I mention that the theater gave out free popcorn

and drinks for the first week? Therefore, I took a cheese stick, and had lunch at the movie!

Anyway, it was awesome to see this film in nearly unused surroundings, and since it was

playing in three theater rooms, there were sometimes only a few attending at the early

weekday showings. In otherwords, it felt like a private showing--I loved that.

There will be a run at the $1.50 complex but it won't be the same. I suppose I will go if

asked, but really I am ready for the DVD when it comes out. Sure would have liked to

see it on the IMAX screen, but the nearest showing it was in Vancouver B.C. or in

centeral CA, and we needed to save our pennies for Vegas!!

Anyway, it was a "great ride" during the month of March, and a great way to celebrate my

one year anniversary of the day I met Gerry!!

Judy (Mommaduck)

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While we have lost it in the IMAX here we still have it in the regular theaters so I plan to see it again this weekend - which will make 15 times. I would already be AT 15 had I not been sick in bed that night in San Francisco when #99 and a bunch of others got to see it at WonderCon. I expect the number of theaters to drop substantially tomorrow with Spiderman being released. When I checked for this week there were still lots of theaters showing it and when I checked for Saturday it was only at one and it is sharing that screen with Kickin' It Old School. I can't figure out why other movies, that have grossed less and continue to gross less per screen, are still showing this weekend while "300" is going away. Pooooh on whoever makes those choices.
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7 times so far. 6 at a regular theater and 1 at IMAX.

It's still at the IMAX around here so I'm hoping to catch it at least once this weekend. Sadly, it's moved away from my theater that was only 10 minutes away but I can still catch it with about a 40 minute drive. It's definitely worth it.

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Only twice...once with my husband and I had to pick up my jaw when I saw Gerard playing King Leonidas standing there in the moonlight and the second time with my girlfriend Margaret and we were such high school girls, but we drooled throughout the whole movie...drool, drool, drool!

I can't wait till it comes out on DVD...Phantom is one of the movies (that or Lake House) I fall asleep too and I will just watch "300" till my eyeballs 'pop' out of my skull...I think I will have my own copy...like the Directors Cut or Special edition...

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I've seen it six times. The first time, after I'd wiped the drool from my face, I overheard an older couple discussing whether or not to let their son come and see it because of the female nudity. I looked at my friend and said "there were women in it"? I didn't see anyone but Gerry. Whew!

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I've now seen it 16 times, including seeing it in Las Vegas last weekend, and once in San Diego this week when I went there on business. I don't mind saying that I was a little teary at the end of the San Diego viewing, knowing that that was mostly like the last time I'll see 300 on the big screen.

300 was more than a movie for me in so many ways; it was a comprehensive experience. I followed this movie from the beginning; saw the sneak peak at WonderCon; was introduced to the graphic novel form (and LOVED the 300 graphic novel); met its extremely talented director, whose career I will be following; found another actor (points to siggy) whose career I also plan to follow; and witnessed with friends and fellow fans the crossing of a person whom I admire over the threshold from anonymity to recognition and power. I won't say "fame" yet because, Gerry's still under the public's radar a bit. But he has picked up recognition and power in the industry; I think the announcements the past couple of days are testament to that.

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