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Gerard Butler GALS

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pictures edited to links by Admin - photos larger than guidelines. Please use links or thumbnails...instructions for thumbnails can be found here: Making clickable thumbnails

Thank you so much for posting. I usually do not go to the ImBd board either. As always, he looks amazing! Who is the hottie in the second photo? Does anybody know? Wow, two hotties in one photo, in the same shop purchasing hats...too much excitement!!!


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I'd love to go hat shopping with him :lol:! I bet he's just goofy and hilarious trying all different ones. He looks cute there.

I don't know that I've actually seen him with any kind of hat on before... :confused:

But I like it :cunning: .

Hmm...one of these days I'm gonna have to go check into the gutter hotel....


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I don't usually like it when Gerry wears a hat...it hides his beautiful face but THIS hat fits him pairrrrfectly!! :ohbaby2: Thanx for sharing!
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I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd love to see Gerry in a cowboy hat and Levi's. That would be sexy.

I agree!!

Thanks for the piccies, i want to go shopping with him, too!

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Mystery solved LOL

I was rooting around on the net and came across this:300 Reasons..Celebrity Babylon


Monday, April 2, 2007


Reasons to shop at Ed Hardy!

Written By:Lita

Super hot celebrity shop stop, Ed Hardy, has hooked another pair of celeb fans! actors Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro (both from the recent box office hit '300'), stopped in to shop up a storm and Celebrity Babylon was there to catch the whole thing!

The pair came in separately, and got their respective fashion fixes over the weekend and after trying on nearly half the store, the duo left with multipile bags each! Looks like the Ed Hardy fever is spreading like wilfire!

If you want your own piece of iconic L.A. style, visit Ed Hardy Store.


The store looks really cool too...check out the website:Ed Hardy Store

Edited by Chelle
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