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Design Gerry's Perfect Wedding

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Since we have it from Gerry's mouth (oh, that mouth :kisswink: ) that he is still looking for the perfect woman, and does want a family of his own someday, I figured it was time to brainstorm the Perfect Wedding for The Perfect Man.

Think about weddings and consider the elements involved-the rings, candles, dresses, tuxes, readings, music, vows, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the cake, the catering, the photographs, the flowers, the setting, the building, the wedding coordinator, the guest book attendants, the flower girl and ring boy, the reception line, the gifts, the decorations, the reception, the band, the songs, the father-daughter dance, etc. etc etc.

Now consider the wedding as a theme event based on items, events, characters, music, costumes, from Gerry's movies and tv roles.

Also, the bride MUST remain a mystery, because no one including Gerry knows who it will be yet. Just figure she's beautiful, brainy, funny and fertile.

I'll start.

I think that the reception should take place in Xerxes tent, but it is empty of hootchy prostitutes and weird creatures with amputations, and especially the weird creatures Ephialtes and Xerxes, who have left for a vacation in the Florida Keys.

The tent is dark and cool and there are plenty of richly decorated tables (large bowls of fresh fruit from How to Be a Rockstar) and lush dark carpet; the room is completely lit by Phantom's candles. Johnnie Dunn's punch is bright "300" red, but is cherry-flavored and 100% alcohol free.

For the under-12 crowd, these guests can meet out in back of the tent where they meet the kindly Abe Ephor (he's ugly, too, but he's a nice Grandpa Ephor). He will pass out free marshmellows for roasting over the Hibachi grill with hot coals, borrowed from Oracle Girl (with all the drugs removed).

Oracle Girl is mostly naked, and therefore cannot attend the ceremony or the reception. :lolita:

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Oh well, the words "Gerry" and "wedding" may not go together after all. It might be too depressing of a topic. :lolita:

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