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Good Luck Tonya!

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Dear Tonya ~

I just heard the news about you stepping down as Gerry’s personal assistant and I wanted to tell you how much you will be missed. You are an incredible woman and I’m sure your talents will be utilized elsewhere and be as appreciated as they have been to us.

Please know you are always welcome at GALS as we will consider you an honorary GAL always. We invite you to join our wild and crazy GALS in live chat any time as well!

Good luck in all your new endeavors and congratulations to your beau for getting to spend more time with you! :;):


Dr. Em

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What, what? What's this?? Sadness of the world! :tissues:

You WILL be missed, girl. You've been so great to us fans and we love you for it! Best of luck to you!


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Guest Beanie

You will definitely be missed by all. But here's to your future! Hope it is bright and happy... and full of love with your boyfriend. Drop by and say hi sometime if you ever have the chance!


Beanie :rose:

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You have been awesome and will be sorely missed. I so very much appreciate all you have done for Mr. Butler and for us by keeping us posted and in touch with The Boss.

I hope you come by soon and stay connected. I am so happy for you and understand your decision to devote more time to your personal relationship. It is an extraordinary person that is able to prioritize appropriately. You only pass this way once, take your time. My Hat is off to you and I wish you and your beau all the best.

:throw: Have a Wonderful Adventure!!! :hearts::hearts::hearts:


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Tonya -

Best of luck with moving on, honey!

Just wanted to let you know that we highly appreciated what you've done for Gerry. You have also sacrificed your personal time not only for him, but for us, keeping us up to date, chatting, and just being fabulous. I am sure that G will miss you so much, but I know things will all work out, kudos on spending more time with your man!

Just so you know, as Dr. Em said, we consider you an honorary GALS girl, an honorary Tart, whether or not you work for Gerry. We'll always love to talk with you in chat or post (and hell, you're invited to Vegas if you'd like to show up, we'll promise not to ask TOO many questions and let you relax).

So just to sum up, I love the Irish Blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rain fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you

in the palm of His hand.

Thanks for everything!

Sincerely yours,


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Dearest Tonya!

I just posted in the GB.Net forum but I thought I should post here too:

It's very sad that you're leaving, no one can ever take your place since you were not only Gerry's assistant, you were also his friend. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy your new job and that you'll stick around at the forums, we still want to see more of yah :pointy: .

Take Care and All the best for you, if you get the chance tell Gerry that I wish him good luck too with his new movies. :rose:

Cheers Priscilla

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Good luck with your life and hope that you will be happy. We will miss you but you are welcome here!!! Thanks for everything.



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I just wanted to say that I hope that you find happiness where ever you go!

You have held a position that is most coveted by us GALS and TARTS, and we have always appreciated all that you did for Gerry and for us fans! You have always made time to answer our endless questions and keep us in the loop!

Much love to you and yours!


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you willl be seriously missed YOU ROCKED THE WORLD AND SHOOK IT DOWN. You are awesome, Keep your eyes on your dreams and let your heart do the talking, let your spirit run free, and always let the sun guide you and your happyness and sadness, let the world lead and guide you, live life and life was supposed to be lived, dream big and never let go, peace, love and laughter are the three main ingrediants to a long awesomeness life, rock on girlfriend and keep up what you do cuz your KOOL!! WITH A K NOT A C!!

Love lots and big hugs and snogs of luck,


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Hey Tonya! If you're reading this post, then please know that you're in our hearts and thoughts. We really appreciate all that you accomplished -- with aplomb! -- for Gerry and for us tarty ladies, and I hope that our paths cross at some point in the future. You seem like an incredible person who will be sorely missed. Be at peace and may God/dess bless you abundantly!

Much love,


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you willl be seriously missed YOU ROCKED THE WORLD AND SHOOK IT DOWN.

This is the first time I've read this particular post, :lol: I love the description, Libbey! Indeed she did... :hearts:

Hope you're doin' well, Tonya. :yourock:

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