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Gerard Butler GALS

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TO: Tonya, Gerry or whomever may know an answer to this question!!

Do you all know if Gerry has ever visited the State of Texas?? That would include, Austin, Dallas, Houston or anywhere in our fine state!!

Thank you

Kristine Lesher

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Here y'all go!


Mod edit: Sorry but the pic was a bit large for our guidelines so I turned it into a link.

Here's a link to our photoguidelines: Posted Image

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Cowboy take me away!!!!!! I just melted!!!!! :tasty: :pant: I can definately see him dresed up as a cowboy. What about him in some tight jeans , buttom shirt and a cowboy hat???? I need some cold water!!!!!

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Oh my gosh Kittypro, that's awesome and hilarious at the same time!

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Sorry about that! I got too hasty in my excitement. I'll be a good girl in the future. I promise!

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