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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry at MTV Movie Awards!!!!

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Well first off Gerry, hun...CONGRATS!!!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this man....he totally deserves it! I was a bit dissappointed Gerry did not win for Best Performance, but like everything else Gerry held himself with grace and dignity & was ever supportive of Johnny Depp. Gerry is a class act all the way.

At any rate, He won for "Best Fight"...and I must say kickin someones arse and gettin an award for it on Live TV aint a bad way to go lol. so Geebsy Congrats again!!

and also thank you so very much for posting pics already...prompt service Im telling ya yall impress me more and more each day! Verrra Yummy indeed!




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Congratulations to Gerry on his award!!!!!! He looked fabulous, as always!! He's been working out!! Look at his suit jacket. His arms are huge!! I can't get over how big he looked and so rested and gorgeous!!! I hated that fat guy!! What's with that. Gerry is the only one he went after. Gerry didn't talk that long. The rest of the show sucked, big time. Very gross!!! Not Entertaining at all!!! Gerry looked so much better than everyone else. He was the only one with style!! Stay that way Gerry!! Don't become Hollywood and dress like them. I have to run my dvd again and see this gorgeous creature again!! Oh yes, Gerry has class. Did you see how he smiled when Johnny Depp got what should have been Gerry's award? Wish kids would stay off their cell phones. I know they are the ones who took Gerry's award away. Oh well, I'll have class too. I'm happy for Gerry. I feel bad for Zack though.

Terrible thought..... I have to go through this again for the Spike awards. Oh dear!!!!


Okay...um, what are and when are the Spike awards??? :confused: Is Gerry nominated for that too? Where and when do I get to vote and this time I'm not taking my finger off the button!!!

:kisswink: Fran

The spike TV guys' choice awards are on June 13, I believe. I voted a month or so ago, but just went back, and I think the polls have closed (but don't take my word on that).

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I just checked SpikeTV.com and found the page that showed "Biggest arse Kicker" Leonidas vs. Jack Bauer. The VOTE button is gone. All there is left is a prev.page or next page button. So the voting is over.


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:omg2: :thudstars:

Thank you Stef for these pics! :thankyou:

I just got home (been at my daughter's recital and dinner) so I have not seen the awards. Gerry looks absolutely GORGEOUS in these pics!!! :pant::heat::thud: And I see he won for best fight! :claphands:

I Tivo'ed the show so I will have to watch it tomorrow!

Thanks again!

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Guest greyeyegoddess

I'm very happy for Gerry!!! YAY!

I'm definitely not a huge Johnny fan...I guess I have to admit since I haven't even seen the second Pirates. I think that if Pirates hadn't been released yet, 300 would have won more.

Oh well, Gerry won the Taurus award, and MTV award, and if the Spike guys want him to appear on the show, he'll probably win the Spike one.



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Oh morning from sunny England......the morning after the night before aye GALS....are you all Kn@@@...tired and emotionally Gerry spent....?

Thanks Stef...you're ACE especially as we probably won't see this for ages in the UK and they will almost certainly take most of Gerry out...Gerry who in the Uk I'm afraid...anyway...

CONGRATS GB on getting the MTV award for dancing around a green screen studio warehouse and kicking seven colours of @@@@ out of a bunch of stunt men who think your the bee's knees...and getting paid for it....AWESOME...

Shame you couldn't get the big one but that will come and 300 didn't really cross to a lot of voters like POTC did it as it was an adult movie...my son so wanted to see it but he couldn't so he's waiting for mom to buy the DVD that level of vote would have got GB the award I think.

As for the talking we just wanted Gerry to talk and talk and talk and get the fat guy to kick all the others off....and that lady Eva really made a meal of Gerry didn't she?...tee hee.....like if any of us were in the same situation we wouldn't.....would we? :tasty: :tasty: :tasty:



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I have it on my dvr to watch later. But, I have looked at ALL the pics and he's looking so damn HOT! OMFG!!!! The man can do no wrong. And will someone tell Eva to give him some space. DANG! Leave him alone for cripes sake. She's like hanging on him like an accessory to the outfit. Scoot. I'm sure he's a wanted man now. He's so beautiful. ~SWOON~



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Pirates has a HUGE fanbase.


So it was "few against many" huh? lol I did think 300 had a chance with so many people voting multiple times. Too bad we couldn't see the percentages; I bet it was close.

but that fat man did not go after anyone else!!!!

I think that was scripted. lol

I guess I have to admit since I haven't even seen the second Pirates.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. Johnny Depp was all I found enjoyable about the second Pirates.

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