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2007 Cony Stories!

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To all the GALS that made Vegas possible - THANK YOU!!!!! The cony was such a success and the room looked absolutely amazing Saturday night! My hubby and I had such a fantastic time! It was his first gathering/convention, so he was a little apprehensive. But, in the end he had a blast meeting everyone and seeing what his little wifey Trix is SOOO into!

I felt bad because I had to leave early Saturday night because I was sick, so I didn't get to give hugs and say goodbye to everyone I met (and didn't get to meet).

Personally, I am so sad that the weekend is already over. I had such a good time putting faces to names, but I didn't get a chance to meet everyone that I wanted to.

Dr. Em - You were absolutely delightful to talk to!! And I hope Paul didn't scare you when he decided to get down and funky with you on the dance floor! LOL I had told him long ago that you were a dancer and I think he took it as an opportunity! He's very much a ladies man and quite the charmer - but, a very big sweetheart. We both enjoyed getting to talk to you at the after party.

Dr. Battista - WHat can I say? I loved getting to know you at the after party! I loved your stories and hearing about your growing up. I can't count the times you made me laugh!! Looking forward to the next time we get to chat!

Wendy - You are an absolute DOLL!!!! I had so much fun talking to you! Thanks for thinking of us when you invited us out Saturday night. I'm just bummed I didn't get to go. Do you end up going out anyway??

Binkie - You sweet, sweet girl!! You were a joy to talk to! Keep up with the dancing, too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Dawn - You are awesome! I'm so glad I got to meet you! Hopefully you'll be able to join us sometime for one of our Chicago events. You were working it during the talent showcase, too! Did your hair make it back okay? LOL

Stagewomanjen - Ok, personally, I think you did a way better job than Emmy with your rendition of "Think of Me"! And you were much more entertaining!

BellaWolfe - I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you. I wanted to tell you that you looked absolutely phenominal Saturday night. Not many can pull off Gorgo's white dress, but you did it beautifully!

Alice - I'm glad we got to go for our LONG walk down the hallway and chat about hula! You did such a beautiful job!

Kittypro - So cool to finally meet Mr. Kittypro! I hope you all had a great time and he enjoyed chatting with all the GALS! He was really nice to talk to!

Katie - You are a sweetie - your songs were pairfect and so enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for allowing us to perform!

Vanessa - It was great to finally meet you in person! You are such a lovely lady and am looking forward to your trip up here with Kitty!

Thanks to all of you for your compliments on Paul and my dance. We were VERY nervous and didn't do as well as we wished, but it was great being able to perform for you.

Also, as Paul and I were trotting back to the room when I felt sick, a very nice, pretty lady with short black hair complimented us and said I was like Cyd Charisse. You took my breath away and made my night by saying that! She's my idol! I just wish I knew who you were - step forward please!! I know a few people stopped us along the way and I feel bad for being short and not chatting longer, but ol' Trix here was not feeling very good. I felt green! So, I do apologize for that!

I know I'm forgetting people that I met (I'll add in more as I remember)! It was great getting to meet everyone and until next time!!!

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I had a great time. Would like to thank all the ladies who worked

so hard to make it happen.

The decorations were awesome and so was the talent show. Holly

you made my weekend. LOL BTW did anybody make a recording

of that? I want it.

A shout out to some great gals:








the sisters from California ( I can never remember your names)


just to name a few, (the names I can remember, ha)

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I can't wait to hear everyone's stories from this weekend.

I would also like to send out a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone that put this together. It was an amazing weekend that I will never forget. The gift bags were great. We couldn't wait to get up to the room and see what was inside. The room was breathtaking Saturday night and I had so much fun seeing everyone's dresses.

I know I will forget someone and I am sorry. I meet so many lovely ladies this weekend. I was so nervous about wearing my dress Saturday night and to all the ladies that complimented me I say Thank you and I am going to tell my Mom what everyone said. She worked so hard to make it and it took so many fittings.

Dr. Em - It was so great to finally get to meet you. I wish we could have talked more. You looked amazing out on that dance floor.

Stef - I loved finally getting to meet you after pm'ing so much. I have to say your photos don't do you justice. You have such an amazing smile and made me just want to smile.

Susan - Thank you for letting me use the video clips and it was so great to meet you. I wish we could have talked more.

Dawn - It was great to get to talk with you at the after party. You are so cute and funny. You looked great Saturday night.

Vanessa - I am so happy to hear you will be joining us in November. It will give us a chance to chat more.

Kitty - As always I just love seeing you and getting to talk with you. I am so glad I finally got to meet Mr. Kittypro. Did he have a good time this weekend? I can't wait to see you again in November.

Binkie - Ijust have to say I love your personality. You just light up a room. I am so glad I got to meet you this weekend and hope to see you again. As Trixie said Keep up with the dancing. She has gotten me into different types and I just love it.

Katie - I don't know who made me tear up more Friday night you or Binkie with your songs. You did an amazing job and you touched me Friday night with "Anyway". It is the support from all these lovely ladies that helps us get through the hard times. I can't wait to see you again.

As I said I kn ow I forgot someone but know that I remember everything from this weekend. I may have come to find out about Gerry but it is all of you that keep me here.

See ya'll next year

Love and Hugs


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OMG How could I forget about Holly?? You were HYSTERICAL!!!! And right on the money that's for sure!! You and RedRose made me laugh sooo hard!!!

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Last year while I was in Vegas, I had to force myself not to worry over my son, who was very ill during Vegas '06. This year, Nathan attended Vegas himself; healthy, happy and having a great time.

Thanks to all you GALS who welcomed him with open arms. The trip was good for him in more ways than one, and I am so grateful for this community. Your love and support have meant the world to me.

For myself, although I had a wonderful time, I did not see near enough of the other GALS, and really missed the chance for bonding. But the parties and other activities were a blast, and as always, Dayna and her fabulous team put the whole memorable experience together with class and loads of fun.

Nathan and Di:

Posted Image


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Guest greyeyegoddess


I'm still exhausted from the 9 hour drive. I slept way too long today, but I even managed to go to work for an hour to see what was left on my desk.

DELIA-thanks for being such a sweet person and for driving and for talking and putting up with my singing in the car on the way home and putting up with my parents. No more parents on Gerry fan conventions. Nuh-uh! Funny, they still want to go back next year, but they want to drive their own car next time. Road trip again!

PHANPHORLIFE-thanks for asking me to be your roomie again! Mental note-no church at 9 am next time...LOL!

BARBARA-thank you for taking my place at the last minute and rooming with my roommate.

BEA-for taking care of Delia and hanging out with us! I hope you had a great time with your King Leonidas on the last night :rotflmao:

DAYNA-Woman! You need another vacation after this! The fans are raving at how wonderful you were and your posse was that put this together. I am honored to work with you. You are a bright example of a Gerry fan and your own legacy will shine for a long time! HUGS!

DR. BATISTA-thank you for entertaining us and taking those beautiful pictures. I will get a better camera for next year, I promise! You captured a picture of my dance so beautifully...and I HATE taking pictures.

JILL, JENNI, PERRIN, JENN, ZANY, MEL, STEF, HOLLY, SUSAN, LIBBY, BETHY, KATIE, (I hope I didn't forget any other mods or admins)-it was a wonderful experience to meet those I haven't met and meet up with my buddies from online. I'm very fortunate to work with such awesome women!

PAM, NANCY, ALMADENANNIE, miss you gals already!

There were so many fans that I finally got to meet, it was one of the reasons that I had such a huge smile on my face when I performed. I always have a hard time keeping a smile on my face whenever I perform. You fans made it so much easier on me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

All the performers were fantastic! I cried, laughed, danced, sang and just had the time of my life. Thanks to all and hope to see more of you fans NEXT YEAR!

Already missing all of you!



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Wow!!!! I can't believe it has come and gone, but the memories will last a lifetime!!! It was so amazing getting to meet so many of you and I look forward to meeting more that I missed next year.

Thurs night, I have to thank Cassie, Texas Gramma, and Lady Elissa.I had a wonderful time at dinner wth all of you. And Cassie, I still have NO VOICE!!!!!!!!!! from screaming at the Chippies!!!!(maybe some other factors).

I would like to thank Songbird(Katie)for doing everything she could to calm my nerves about performing Friday night and to everyone who came up to me and told me that I made them laugh......you'll never know how much that meant to me.To all of the other performers......you were all wonderful.I am very proud to be included in the same group as you all.

greyeyedgoddess(Alice)Thank you for helping me with my letter and giftbag problem...I really appreciate it.You are such a sweetheart.


Wendy...thanks for all you did on Sat night....I never imagined myself there in a million years.It was an experience I will never forget and would never have had the chance for of not for you.. I really enjoyed it...had fun at the pool too!!!

stagewomanjen....I enjoyed being around you...you are beautiful and very talented.....

to all of the Mods....thank you for the incredible job you did planning this weekend . Everything was beautiful and so well organized.Can't wait to see what you come up with for next year.

Dayna....I was so honored to meet you and get to spend time with you...you are an incredible woman and in turn you make people around you feel so special.You made me feel very special and loved......like I matter.Thank you for asking me to be a part of Sat night.I can't explain how much that means to me.

It was so hard to say goodbye on Sun, but I know I will see you again.You are an angel!!!!

Pam.....what can I say....I have found a dear friend in you and I thank God for giving me this weekend with you.I will never be able to explain what this time with you has meant to me.You truely touched my heart!!!Good luck with everything you touch.I wish you all the best my friend....P.s. the cd was AWESOME!!!!!!!

last, but definately not least....Fergie......what can I say.You ending up as my roommate, was a gift from God.I will never be able to express how this weekend has touched my life.I have found a friend for life in

you. It all happened for a reason.God put us together for a reason.Thank you. You will never know what you gave to me......I love you my dear friend.

This weekend was so amazing in so many ways!!!!Thank you to everyone that made it so special.

and Thanks to Gerry.......because of you this wonderful place and all of these wonderful people are a part of my life.....a part I cherish with all my heart.



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I had such a wonderful time in Vegas! I finally got to meet some of the ladies I have chatted with on here and I have to say, everyone was so wonderful!

Pat - Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you, Rose, Dina and Jackie. I appreciate you GALS so much and Pat, your company at the airports and on the flights just made the whole trip easier on my nerves. I hope we can get together for lunch or coffee sometime during one of our trips up there, it's too cool that we live so close to one another!

Pam- It was SUCH a treat to get to finally meet you and talk with you. You are such a sweet, sweet lady and I hope that your bronchitis is getting better and you finally got some rest Sunday morning. Thanks again for the massage Friday at the party, my headache actually stayed at bay for most of the rest of the weekend thanks to your magical touch!!

Abrock - it was neat to finally get to meet you after all our 'co-writing' on Ethan and Charlotte. I had hoped to try to get together as many of us that wrote on there as we could for a picture together, but it never happened - too much going on, and I couldn't put names to faces well enough to remember who was involved in it. Oh well, maybe next year!

Bethy - it was great to meet you!! You are such a beautiful soul and your spirit just lights up the room when you enter it!!

Bonnie Anne - it was lovely to be able to meet you and Mr. Swannie and Nathan. I have to say, Nathan looked to be on cloud 9 and it just touched my heart to see him so happy and healthy after all he has been through. He is such a talented and special person, I know you are so proud of him!

Dayna - Thank you so much for all of your persistance and determination at the hotel, if it weren't for you, we may have been having the convention in the middle of the casino!! You did a fanstastic job with organizing and managing, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for next year.

To all the mods and admins - I appreciate your hard work and amazing attention to detail which made the convention a success.

Ashley - Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about writing and thanks for your encouragement. I cannot wait to delve into your book!!

There were so many others that I got to meet in passing, I can't possibly list you all and so for fear of forgetting someone I will just say, thank you for your wonderful compliments on my dress, my mother is an amazing seamstress and she was so proud to hear that the dress was such a success (THANKS,MOM).

I have some pictures, which I am resizing and uploading to my photobucket account. Are we supposed to submit them to someone for posting, or are we all just posting separate threads?

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Just a quick note to thank all who played a role in organizing the convention and seeing that it moved along so nicely. I know there must have been a whirlwind from 4:00 until 8:00 on Saturday. The decorations were beautiful.

For those who helped me off the floor when I busted my arse Saturday night, no damage done. My right fingers are a little stiff, but most of the swelling has gone down.

Thanks to all for a good time! I'm already looking forward to next year!


~Gerry makes me smile~

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Thank you Admins and Mods, for a well organized, beautiful, constantly entertaining, occasionally naughty, totally fun weekend! We know some of you had stress and there had to have been lots of blood, sweat and tears, but the result was brilliant!

Elissa and Bill (Good Sport), thank you for letting the third wheel tag along. I love you guys!

Dee, a better roommate there isn't! Love you bunches!

Nancy, your pictures don't do you justice! You are as sweet as you are lovely.

Mel, you are a sweetheart and so talented - Do NOT make this GAL angry. She has moves that will hurt you!

Bonnie Ann, it was a joy to hear your aria and Nathan's glorious music in person. Such beauty! :bow:

Katie and Di, you had me in tears with your passionate performances. Katie, let me know when you cut that CD! :tissues:

Holly and Amy, you both had me on the floor with laughter! I guess I am a GAL!! :rotflmao:

Binkie, you little minx, you rock! Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas soon!

Libby, thank you for the kuel tee shirt, I love it!!

Trixie and Paul, thank you for reminding me I am half Latin - WooHoo!

Cassie, you are a hot hoot! What fun with the Chippies! I really enjoyed dinner with you, Amy and Elissa on Thursday. I especially loved hearing your stories of being struck mute when meeting Gerry! :rotflmao: Thank you for the Gerry Juice - what every GAL needs!

Susan and Zany, what a joy to spend time with you. You are both very special ladies! Susan, thank you again for being able to handle the POTO mess with so much grace! :rose:

Bethy, you were the life of the party! The slide show was totally droolworthy! I wish you could put it on a CD for us - I'd never get another lick of housework done, ever! I tried to get that banana split for you, but you were never still long enough! :confused:

Bella, I hope Gerry USA had as much fun as the other Mandolls did - except for poor wounded Gerry~Marek! *Sniff*

Ashley, Jeni, Leslie and Jodi Thank you for autographing your books for me. I shall treasure them. You are an awesome group of ladies, and your talent just staggers me!

Izzy, Judy, BeeJay, Carol K, Jill, AimeeMarie, Jen, Alice, Val, it was wonderful to meet you and put names to faces. What a sweet bunch of women!

The Texas GALS! Yee Haw!! It was great to see some of you again! See you in Dallas for Butterfly!

For the winners of the Charity Auction and the raffles, :claphands:

Thank you to GALS: for being a group of special people who support a wonderful man and his charities, who enjoy life and who have formed a fanmily like no other!

Lastly, a special Thank You to Gerry Butler for your talent, your charm, your humor, your beauty and for being the glue that binds us GALS together! :hearts: You light up our lives.

Everlasting Hugs,


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How could I forget FootballPrincess? Granted, I didn't get to talk to you much, but you seemed like such a cool and fun lady!! Paul just mentioned you this morning while we were looking through the gallery pics and said he really liked you. We think you're awesome!

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Wow what an amazing four days!

Dawn, Kristine, Marissa, Sheri, Amy, and Poppy~ My Pub compadre's!! Chippies was a blast -including the Limo ride there! Dinner at the Tilted Kilt was fun, thanks for my scarlet "P" KB! I think I did it justice. . .I know the picture by the escalator has never had so much attention! :cunning:Poppy the bracelet is beautiful, I haven't taken it off! Thank you!!

Bethy~ OMGerry! Where to start?? Thanks for the bruises at Chippies! I'll be your trampoline any day! :lol: Glad I got to almost make you piss your pants! (What a claim to fame eh?) Had a great time dancing with you, Isabeau, Aimee, and Misty!

FootballPrincess~ Thank you for all the compliments! OMGerry you are a beautiful person and I loved meeting you! Your awesome girl!

Zany~ It was sooo good to meet you tall lady!! Us amazonian women need to stick together!

Isabeau~ Thanks for the awesome job with the scrapbooking table! What an outstanding idea!! You are such a beautiful person, I hope we meet up again!

Libby, Binkie, MommaDuck, Lady Elissa and all the wonderful GALS I met in the hospitality suite~ You are all so wonderful!! OMGerry I could have stayed there all day talking about GerryUSA!! Thank you all for your love and support of GerryUSA, and all the wonderful compliments!

TexasGramma~ It was so wonderful to finally meet you! Thanks for letting Merik & GerryUSA hang with your boys, it made their Vegas trip memorable!!

The Cali Gals: Susan, Cheri, Sherryl, Jenn, Kristi, & Tamara~ (Hope I didn't leave anyone out!) After seeing you all with GerryUSA it was awesome to finally meet! Cheri, thank you so much for the praises for GerryUSA's scrapbook -it renews my faith in the project! Tamara, we didn't get the chance to talk, but I saw you! Susan, thank you for letting me be part of the auction scrapbook -what an amazing idea! Thank you for all you did to make the Con perfect!

Cassie~ Thank you for the Gerry Juice! More importantly for the friendship! You are an amazing woman, oh and I AM the future Mrs. Gerard Butler! :rotflmao:

Ashley, Jennifer, Jodi, and Leslie~ Thank you for your talent and sharing your Con time to sign for all the GALS! GerryUSA appreciates your posing with him!! Jodi, thanks for taking in a stray GAL for breakfast!! That goes to CybrSal & Debbie as well! I appreciate the friendship!

To all the GALS that recognized me including Moonie, StacyA, Binkie and all the other beautiful GALS I met~ Thank you for your kind words, your time, and your friendship while I was in Vegas! I had as much fun there as I do on GALS in the Gaming section! Without all the GALS, there would be no GB.Net or Celtic Hearts, or Angels & GALS! I loved meeting everyone, and to those I didn't get to meet -I'll catch you in one of the threads I'm sure! PM me anytime!!

Dayna & Jennifer~ Thank you both for making certain that AimeeMarie and I were taken care of when we arrived! I'd also like to thank you and all the MODS/ADMINS for an amazing four days! You all looked absolutely beautiful for all the hustle & bustle you had to endure! It didn't go un-noticed!

Misty, Bambi, and Aimee~ There couldn't have been any better roomies at the Con! Thanks for all the fun and laughter, and getting up early for me on Friday! Thanks for the shopping, the pool, and putting up with all the GerryUSA photo stops including Elvis & Zoltar!! I love you both, your my betches! Bambi, thanks for putting up with the three younger ladies and letting us be so crazy!

I'm certain I'm leaving so much out!

Thanks to all the performers! Misty, Di, Dawn, Katie, Swannie, Nathan, Paul & Trixie, StagewomanJen, Amy, Holly, Kristine, Mel, Ina, GreyeyedGoddess, Spot, and anyone I forgot! I was blown away by the show! Take an extra bow as it was awesome!

GerryUSA would like to thank all the GALS that posed with him at the 300 Ball, he thought everyone looked Phantastic! He wishes he could have met everyone! He still has open slots in his tour, so if your interested he says you can PM me to set it up! He especially thanks Aimee & Isabeau for taking him to FAO Schwartz, and Misty for being his date at the 300 Ball!

A special thank you to Mr. Butler for bringing these amazing women into my life at a time when I really needed the love, loyalty, and friendship of some really great and supportive girlfriends!

Thanks for the memories!



edited to say:

Special thanks to Emma, the sweet little toddler that made GerryUSA and I smile in FAO Schwartz, and to Elvis for posing with GerryUSA on the strip -we know how busy he can be! :lol:

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A big thank you to Dr. Em and everyone who worked so hard to make Vegas possible. I had the time of my life! I also want to thank everyone for making my husband, Bill, feel welcome. He had a great time too, even though he was harassed by some drunks on the elevator who didn't appreciate his fashion sense on Saturday night. Guess they never saw a guy in a toga before! :rotflmao:

Thanks to Ashley, Jenni, Leslie, Jodi for the book-signings and many hours of great reading and re-reading to come!

Shout outs to Katie, Valerie, Poppy, Zany, Jill, Bethy, Jenn, Holly, Susan, Nancy, Cassie, Bella, Amy, Mel, Swannie, Bill (Mr. Swan), Nathan, Di, Stacy, Mommaduck, Kristine, Perrin, Alice, it was great meeting you all face to face at last!

To my fellow Texas Gals that I first met in Austin last fall, Dee, Libby, Kittypro, Vanessa, Binkie, Suzie, you all rock! Binkie, bring on the Dallas get together in August. Just tell me when and where and I'm there!

Trixie, I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you and Paul and tell you how much I enjoyed your dance!

Just one question? How many days to Vegas GB convention 2008? :D

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Elissa - I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you either. I did see you though when you got up to get your prize (if my mind serves me correctly!)!

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I made it home, and made it through my first day back at work. ACK!!!! :bonk:

Man, I had a FANTASTIC time in Vegas! I'm ready to sign up again for next year already!

I had SUCH a great time seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. I know I'll forget someone, so I apologize in advance.

Mel Abrock! I am SO HAPPY we got to spend some time together looking at the Vegas software. It was fun playing and having someone to talk video talk with. Most people I mention the word 'render' to think Im talking about pork fat! :confused::rotflmao:

Nade! Glad I got to meet you and talk vidder talk with you, too. Nice to know someone else is making the Adobe/Vegas transition and having as much trouble as I am. You're a sweetie, and I hope to yap more with you in the future.

Vanessa and Linda! My travel buddies! As always, I had a blast with the two of you. From Jimmy Buffett's to the Phantom show at the Venetian, to losing our shirts (DON'T GET EXCITED - A FIGURE OF SPEECH ONLY) in the casino, it was nonstop fun. Watch out Vegas when the Houston GALS hit town! Even Larry had a great time. I'm afraid to ask HIM how much he lost on that damn video Blackjack!

My GMCL Sisters! Trixie, Miklyn, Ina, Paulette, PatKay, Marie, and Jodi! You GALS are always a BLAST. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to meet Paul, too. Small world it is! I had fun talking to him about Mount Prospect, even thoigh I haven't lived there since I was a kid in the 60's. I can't WAIT to see all of you again in November for Medieval Times and POTO. Vanessa and I WILL be there.

My fellow Texas sisters! Libby, Binkie, Elissa, Diana, and Sue (who am I forgetting??) Great to see all of you. Can't wait to have another Texas get together SOON!

Jill - Glad you found a spot at our table on Friday night. It was so nice to meet you.

Kathy (beggs909) - You are a doll! I always love when I get to see you. You looked SO GREAT the night of the gala. I don't think I told you so then. I hope your husband made it in on Monday. Sorry we didn't get to meet him!

Dr. Em, Bethy, Bellawolfe, Swannie, Stef with an F, zany, and so many others - it was fabulous to finally meet you and I look forward to next year.

Susan Sporran - You ROCK! After all the cr*p that happened with the POTO ticket mixup, you get an A+++++++++++ for rearranging everything. We were a tad late for the gala on Saturday, but the experience we had was an Unparalleled Delight! I swear to God, I thought that chandelier was going to fall on top of our heads! We had great seats, needless to say, and the backstage tour was phenomenal. We got to meet Christine and the Phantom, still in full makeup, as they had a second performance to do. We got to meet Phantom is his totally awesome unmasked, deformed glory! Too bad we were not allowed photographs, but it was an experience I'll NEVER forget. A bit weird seeing that deformed face sporting a big smile, though. Totally AWESOME evening!

It was such a THRILL for me to have my video shown on Friday night. Thanks everyone for your wonderful, warm reception. I didn't win, but to have the honor of being in the top five is fabulous, and I am SO PROUD to have made it that far. Thanks again to ALL!

A HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who worked so hard on this wonderful, fantastically fun event! I will SO be there next year!

And one more thing (sorry. I KNOW this is long) - I am thankful to be here and ALIVE to have been able to go the the Vegas event this year. One year ago at this time, I was so ill, that they didn't expect me to survive. With the love and support of all my Gerry friends, whether I had met you or not, I managed to pull through and make a full recovery. I couldn't have done it without you. That is the TOTALLY HONEST TRUTH! I love you all! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the strength and will to live. (OK. I need the box of Kleenex now)

:tens: A Perfect Score for Vegas 2007!!

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Hey I think we should share that vid with everyone :D

These accounts are so fun to read, keep posting them pleeeaseee! It gives everyone who wasn't there a little glimpse into the fun Vegas weekend.



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I just want to that Perrin for her help in getting me into the convention. I had lost my badge and was looking everywhere for it, but couldn't find it.

It was great meeting Sue and her daughter there, as well as Cassie and Swannie. There was also the nice lady that my husband and I met getting off of the elevator who MC'd the first nights event, her song was wonderful, as was all of the nights talent.

I would have liked to have met more, perhaps next time. There were some other nice ladies at my table as well, sorry that I don't know your names.

I had a great time and can't believe it's over, but I do look forward to becoming more of a gutter gal and dropping some pounds for next years con.



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One more amusing story about the POTO show we went to. When we went backstage after the show and came up to Christine's dressing room, the manager giving us the tour knocked on her door. He cracked the door open and peeked in, and said, "What are you doing?" We heard a woman's voice jokingly answer back, "I'm eating! When the :fook: else do you THINK I'm going to eat?" The manager told her we were there to meet her, and when she came out, she was SO embarrassed! Needless to say, we were totally unaffected by her slip of the tongue, and we all just laughed! She was totally delightful, warm and receptive to us, despite being mortified! It was just hilarious to hear the F-bomb coming from sweet little Christine's mouth!

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Kitty - I'll pass you one of my Kleenex because you just made me tear up. I was thinking the same thing when we were chatting at our tables - I was thankful that you were alive, well, and able to be there with us! I love you woman! On a lighter note....that is hilarious about what happened backstage at POTO!! I know you wouldn't flinch at the F-bomb being dropped! ;)

Alice - If you have that vid, I'd love to see it! If you have a way to post it, by all means go for it! LOL Paul will probably think "How much did I drink???" This is the same guy who was shaking like a leaf to perform on Friday, but come Saturday he had no problem busting it out with a crowd and video camera on him!

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kittypro - that Christine story is priceless!! Also, I went back to the Venetian yesterday to shop at the Phantom Boutique (had no time on Thursday) and the lady working there told us that Tony has only once allowed someone to take his picture while he is in makeup (well, except for those in the program book). There was a young man he was mentoring who wants to be a performer and when the young man left to go away to study Tony allowed himself to be photographed with him, while still in makeup. So it would have been REALLY unusual had you been able to take his picture in makeup. I am still sorry for those who did not get to see Phantom in Las Vegas because of the schedule change but grateful that it was a memorably good experience for those who did.

I wish I had had more time to mingle and meet all those who were at the convention. I met quite a few thanks to the Phantom re-organization and others while selling raffle tickets. If I bit anyone's head off or seemed to rush out of an attempt you make to talk to me I humbly apologize. Most of the time I was operating on little sleep and less to eat and a hungry Susan gets verrra cranky. So please know that I am really sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings or snapped at something you asked or said. Next year I need to give myself an extra day at the beginning of Vegas, to get things more organized and ready so when we open up on Friday I'm all ready to set things up and get the raffle and auction rolling.

Trixie - it was so funny yesterday Nancy and I were commenting on your beautiful red dress on Saturday night and that it was reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit. I said "doesn't someone have Jessica Rabbit as her trading card? Is it Trixie?" So when I got home and saw a post of yours with your trading card I had to laugh. You out-shone Jessica in your gorgeous gown.

Thank you for the amazing generosity to all who attended, GALS and non-GALS alike, for making it a rousing success in so many ways. I hope to see even more of you in Vegas in 2008, and that I'll have a chance to meet more of you along the way.



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LOL, you're so sweet Susan! Thank you! I just wish I had the boobs to fill it out like she does! I've had that dress for years and the reason I bought it was because it was so Jessica-like!

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PHANPHORLIFE-thanks for asking me to be your roomie again! Mental note-no church at 9 am next time...LOL!

BARBARA-thank you for taking my place at the last minute and rooming with my roommate.

BEA-for taking care of Delia and hanging out with us! I hope you had a great time with your King Leonidas on the last night :rotflmao:

Alice: Thank you and phanphorlife for stepping in and helping ME out of a spot. I was beginning to feel a bit of panic (could you tell?) Alison was great company and we had fun watching 300 with Bea. I felt so bad for Alison having to get up so early for the airport shuttle on Monday a.m. I got home and back to reality when I saw all the papers, mail, bills that were piled up on my desk by my computer. I'm still trying to work my way through all of it.

I had a great time in Vegas meeting some new people (Nade, Dr. Batista, mommaduck, Texas Gramma, Bea, Delia, Judy L, Sara, Mary, the California girls and some GALS that I didn't even get names from). What a fun time at POTO and the backstage tour and the GALS activites which were all first class. I was so stoked to get the Beowulf & Grendel signed poster. I can hardly wait to get it framed and hung. Oh boy, I am so tired right now and will have to close this out . . . take care and see you in the posts and hopefully next year in Vegas!


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Hi there BeeJay!! I see you are up way too late like me. :lol: After Vegas I'm now in the habit of staying up too late. It was so nice to meet you finally, but I know we never had time to really visit. But since you are about 12 miles from me, and Susan, hopefully we three will get that lunch date together soon. Glad you enjoyed the convention so much and got to see POTO too!!

Nancy, (Lake Forest)

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Oh BeeJay, no problem! Even if I had to stay, I'm sure Alison wouldn't have minded. That's what GALS is all about. Taking care of each other!



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