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Gerard Butler GALS

'Love Letters from the Lair'

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From Swansong's previous Lair posts:

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Monsieur, Mademoiselle and Madame....

On behalf of the Lord of the Lair,

I bid You WELCOME... to "Love Letters From The Lair"

Where "The Music of the Night" never ends....

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(Thanks to Fran for this rendering)

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The Royal Kilt Of Death!

Ode to HRH;

The Lord of the Lair

By Debrasue, Maiden of the Mirrors

You know that the

Ladies of the Lair

Adore You...

It is not in our Hearts

To Abhor You..,

And the Truth be known...

We love the beautiful Face we've been shown...

But we're holding our Breath...

because we're apt to be blown

Away by what lies 'neath the

Royal Kilt of Death!

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(Thanks to Phantomina for these Manips)

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Dear Phantom friends, phans and Gerry lovers. What began as a simple post expressing my love for the Phantom of the Opera as portrayed by Gerry, has transitioned into something unexpected. With so many of us still loving this film after over two years, the thread became a candlelit refuge of hopes, dreams, thoughts, art and poetry...an expression of our appreciation for

Gerry, for ALW's film, and each other.

There have been many threads posted about Phantom, but in the busyness and excitement of our wonderful GALS board, these topics often get lost in the shuffle and drop off everyone's radar. So now we have one central thread, where ALL things Phantom can be shared and expressed among us.... a place where we can relive those special moments, when the Phantom first held out his hand and whispered..."follow me...."

For those of you who are new to this thread, you are also invited to read:

Love Letters from the Lair Part #1

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Love Letters from the Lair Part #6

Love Letters from the Lair Part #7

Love Letters from the Lair Part #8

By Debrasue:

Dungeons and Dragons!

Ha! Let them beware...

Dungeons of Black despair...

The Prisons of our Minds...

If you Dare...

Come down to the Lair...

Leave all thoughts of the world you knew behind...

Angels of Music, Angels in Hell...

Opera Ghosts and Phantoms dwell.

The Ladies and Mistresses, Keepers and Guardians of the Master's Secret Fire...

Pursued relentlessly by the Twin Dragons of Passion...'True Love' and 'Lustful Desire'

In this fantasy your roles are quite clear...

for the Phantom's Music and the Angel's voice are all that you hear.

The Ladies of the Lair

Our Kilted Master takes care...

And in return...

We shelter and love the child in Erik in whose heart Beauty does burn.

Role playing fun?

With our beloved Phantom?

Yes!....just a fantasy deem...

No more...No less...

But here I digress...

'Is all that we seem, or dream...

A dream within a dream?'... I guess!

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This was Swansong's original post from thread #1:

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Our friend and GAL Debrasue, inspired this topic with her beautiful signature, and I posted this in another thread. But I thought I would post it in a new topic, so that more of you could share.

Do you remember when he first carried you away? How did Gerry's Phantom make you feel? How did you respond?

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I remember the first time he carried me away. I remember feeling like I had fallen into a dream. I remember feeling the goose bumps rise up on my flesh. I remember the way my chest tightened and my palms sweat. I remember his face first in the mirror; far away and indistinct. I remember his gloved hand as Christine stepped through the mirror's shimmering magical membrane, birthing her into his world. Where she saw what HE wanted her to see, and felt what he made her feel. And then I remember when the camera captures his face and form for the first time.... that face, those eyes, that brow. I remember sitting forward in my chair and clutching my knees. I remember that it was hard to breathe, and that as he led her through the corridor... I wanted to go too. I wanted to be with him, to hear his music, to be touched and loved by him.

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Posted Image

Posted Image

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I remember watching him tremble when his gloved hand touched her body. I remember the longing, the pain, the mad desire that drove him. I remember his quivering lips, the hope in his eyes.... hope that she would love him. Hope that someone would finally love him. And I remember the gentleness in his voice and expression when he lay her in the bed. How his hand stroked her cheek; the leather glove barely tracing her face... as he looked upon his love, the one he had been dreaming of and yearning for. He might have had her then , he might have used his power over her to take her... but he did not. He walked away, closing her inside the black lace curtain.... and retreated to his music.

Posted Image

I remember the ecstasy on his face when she approached him at the organ, first, caressing his cheek, but then, ripping the mask away to expose his deepest pain. One moment, ecstasy, and the next betrayal.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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I Remember the rooftop scene in the snow, when Christine and Raoul pledged their love, while the Phantom looked on from behind the statue... listening to their secrets, watching them kiss like lovers. He stood so silently, a cloaked dark form lurking against the white snow, and you could feel his pain and cold heartbreak, crackling like ice. He watched her...his Christine, in the arms of another man... and I remember how his voice echoed her name after Raoul's. So soft and pleading.... an angel falling to hell.

Christine dropped the red rose... his rose, a symbol of his heart. How easily she discarded it.


I remember the final kiss, as Raoul and Christine left the roof, elated in their confessed love. Emerging from the shadows, the Phantom stooped to the ground and lifted the rose to his face, the petals brushing his cheeks. I remember his eyes cresting with tears, and his nose weeping with the deepest anguish of unrequited love. At first, he held the rose close, as if to cherish it, as if part of her lingered in it's scent... but then his face became a canvas of turmoil. His rejection...his devastation that she did not love him. His wounded heart, his features a portrait of pain. His lips quivered, his eyes narrowed and then, madness rose to the surface with shallow panting breaths....

He crushes the rose between his gloved fingers.... rose petals, like drops of blood falling to the snow. His eyes grow darker as he surrenders to anger, hatred, violence. Like a great black raven, he ascends Apollo's Lyre to call down his curse. The voice, once gentle and pleading.... now a weapon. The black cloak-wings flapping in the wind and swirling snow.

"I gave you my music...made your song take wing..."

I remember the Ball.... the Phantom...a vision of red as he stomps down the staircase. The Phantom... menacing, fully in control , a god of his world. He descends the steps like Satan himself.... an amused smirk on his face, the darkness of his eyes threatening and mesmerizing all at the same time. The dancers gasp and stare, a trail of blood-red velvet follows in his path. I remember staring at the screen...shocked by his power and sensuality.... that mask suggesting a skull, dangerous and alluring.


He makes his way down the staircase, haughty and sarcastic.... a composer, king, royalty from the underworld.

Until he sees her.

Then he is undone.... power is sucked out of him with one look in her eyes.

She is drawn to him as if under a spell.

I was under his spell too. Oh how I wanted her to see it, to understand how much he loved her. To let him love her.

His eyes pleading, his lips quivering with desperate need.... "Return to me... her teacher.... her teacher..."

"No One Would Listen" playing in the background.... my heart was breaking with hope!

They are so close... the only two people in the room, but then he spies the ring, and the enchantment is broken as her chains are broken.

"Your chains are still mine, you belong to me!"

I remember white grinding teeth, a flash of red and smoke, and then the mirrors.... the past.... going back in time. Haunting music swirling like a carousel. The gypsy carnival. Poor Phantom... poor lost little boy. Filthy, half starved, kept in a cage like an animal. The seeds of hatred and violence are seen in the eye-holes of his cruel burlap mask.

How could people do that to a child? Where were his family...his father, his mother?

"A mask....my first....unfeeling scrap of clothing."

"Hide your face so the world will never find you."

Fleeing for his life.... and then the Opera House.

Refuge..... music.

Time passes.....


She finds refuge there too. A lost little girl whose heart has been broken by the death of her beloved father.

The angel of music sings to her each night. A connection is formed. The invisible angel watches over her.... and grows to love her.

Impossible love.... but he hopes from the shadows. I already knew the end... but I could not help it, I hoped too, and hung on every word, every sublime heartbreaking and soul slamming moment.

When did he know he loved her as a man loves a woman? When did an angel's watch-care turn to a grown man's passion? When did he reach the point of no return?

He would have her or die.

"Seal my fate tonight..."

I remember Don Juan....

I felt the power of his performance in that scene, viscerally. A man utterly consumed by his passion. Like the flames of fire licking all around the stage, he consumed me... he MADE me feel it. It was Music of the Night with the lacy veil torn away. His feelings were raw....his intentions clear. No disguise, no hiding... he wanted her, and I WANTED him.


Every Night in the Phantom's Opera

by Debrasue


Music in the Night...


Caves and tunnels, misty moats...


Trap doors and candlelight

Angels in mirrors, men in boats...


And Crystal Chandeliers


Crashing down around your ears!


So let the audience in...

Let his Opera begin!!!

I remember feeling stunned that an actor and a movie could make me feel those things.... could draw out of me, my secret feminine self.

I remember Don Juan.... his sexual need and unveiled aggression. Stalking, hungering, lust ... melted away into heartbreaking tenderness when he dared to sing, "Anywhere you go, let me go too...."

Years and years of loneliness, isolation and rejection.... exploding in growling anger, his hatred cast down on the innocent in flame and shattered glass.

His desperation.... his blame of the whole world as he steals her away. To force her to love him, to make her understand.

"Christine.... why? Why?"

Then I remember the kiss.... his first and only kiss. That kiss cost him everything, because it made him realize the true nature of love. That kiss bruised and battered him worse than any weapon could have. Christine's kiss destroyed him, but then... it gave him the power to let go.

I cried when she kissed him, when his face was shiny and wet with tears, saliva trailing from his mouth, his eyes filled with regret..... he knew it was over.

And then I remember the little boy singing to the monkey music box, the lift of his brow... his trembling mouth... his mask torn away and soul stripped bare. The Phantom, lost, bleeding and broken.



"Masquerade.... paper faces on parade...."


And then the smashing of mirrors....


One final look back..... and he is gone, his music gone, his love.... gone.


"It's over now.....the music of the night!"

I remember leaving the theater, groping through a thick fog of his feelings.... and mine. There was pain, there was sadness... but there was also an awakening. I resolved that night, not to let my own dreams and passions die. I lay in bed, as the music floated through my mind, images from the film, as clear as if I were still seated in the theater before the screen.

For months afterward, and even now.... Gerry's Phantom carries me away.

I remember, and I will never forget.

Gerry made him live in my soul.

Please share your own feelings and memories. Share your favorite Phantom graphics (keeping the image guidelines in mind) Share your favorite Phantom related songs and poetry.... or just speak from your heart.


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Introducing A Beautiful Tribute Video, by Lairotica.... For All Phantom Lovers, and the Ladies of the Lair.

I Would Like To Introduce The LairGALS:

Some of us have chosen a special name and icon to symbolize
What our Phantom love means to us, and how we would serve
The Lord of the Lair, if given the opportunity.
We know that Erik is a fictional character, but through Gerry's portrayal,
We are living out our dreams and fantasies

Swansong GAL: 'Lady of the Lair, Guardian of the Master's Dreams':

It is my duty and my pleasure to embrace Erik; the Lord of our Lair, in my Swan feathers each night as he sleeps...
To guard and protect him from the nightmarish hell of his lonely childhood... the pain of his memories...
And the heartache of his isolation.
I surround him with radiant songs of heaven... and dreams of wholeness and beauty.

Posted Image

Debrasue GAL:'Maiden of the Mirrors,
Wondering Angel of the Lair'

I wonder...
Do Angels of Music
See the Beauty that We see..
When they gaze upon
Their own reflection?
I wonder...

Posted Image

Erica GAL: 'Lairotica'

The Lord of the Lairs' joys of the flesh. I run to him whenever he beckons.
I am lost in his trance and a slave to his will, I have a gentle hand and a loving gaze.

Posted Image

discoveringme GAL: Jillian, 'Mistress of the Night'

Posted Image

Madamina GAL: 'Phantomina of The Lair,
Guardian of The Phantom's Eyes'
and Keeper of the Sacred Brown Leather Don Juan Triumphant Opera Score Folio of Death

Posted Image

Lady Elissa GAL: Lady Elissa, 'Nightingale of the Lair'

The Nightingale of the Lair adds her harmonies to the Music of the Night
as she serves the Lord of the Lair in his domain.
She brings her spirit of caring and healing to his dark world.

Posted Image

chachababy GAL: Lord of the Lair's, "Mistress of his Roses'

Zeus chose us a King of the Flowers in his mirth...
He would call the Rose, and would royally crown it;
for the Rose, ho, the Rose! is the grace of the earth...

Posted Image

Raina Snow GAL: Lady Amethyst, 'Mistress of the Crystal Cave'

Posted Image

Dawn GAL: Mistress of the Lair, 'Voice of the Morning Light'

Posted Image

Leslie D GAL: Temptress Jordanna of the Lair,
'Teller of Tales, and the Master's Muse'

Posted Image

Ladyfran GAL: Ladyfran of the Lair, "Mistress of the Master's Cherished Violin'

"Beautiful notes float from it's strings,
Caressing like the touch of a lovers hair
Sensual music, an angels touch
Leading the way is the Lord of the Lair....

Posted Image

Poppy GAL: 'Merciful Angel of the Lair'

The Merciful Angel blesses The Lair, with patient watch-care,
Never again will she allow harm to come to The Master, for whom,
Her pure soul bleeds.

Posted Image

Texas gramma GAL: Lady Suzanna, 'Guardian of the Golden Corridor to the Lair'
I guard the privacy of The Master and alert him to intruders.
I maintain the candlelight that illuminates the dark path for the Lord of the Lair."

Posted Image

mommaduck GAL: Judith of the Lair, 'Keeper of the Innocents,
and Guardian of the RoyalPug'

Denied a normal childhood, our Erik always yearned for pet, like any other boy.
While other lads happily roamed the countryside with their faithful dog,
Poor Erik was confined to a gypsy's cage, treated more abominably than any animal.
Keeper of the Innocents, I Judith, care not only for Erik's menagerie of gentle creatures,
But I also administer the healing balm of tenderness and acceptance to his soul.

Posted Image

Ennaedwyn GAL: Ennaedwyn of the Lair, 'Fairy Queen of Life, and the Creative Spirit'

Posted Image

MidnightDiva GAL: Lady Scarlett, 'Guardian of Erik's Heart, and Keeper of the Precious Rose'

Posted Image

Emily GAL: Emily, Innocent Angel of the Lair, and 'The Phantom's Blossoming Rose'

Innocent Angel
by Emily

My soul took flight
For a man dressed in red and black stood on the side of me.
He looked at me as I laid in a swan shaped bed.
His eyes looking at me with a look of innocence.
I looked up at him in silence.
His eyes looked full of desire.
His eyes are what I admire.
His mask was so white.
So radiant and full of light.
He called me a name,"Innocent Angel"
The name was gentle.
The name was what awoke me from my slumber.
But before I could answer,the candles began to flicker.
I could no longer see the Phantom.
But I knew the rose in my heart began to blossom

Posted Image

Aya: Maiden of Creativity-
Guardian and Keeper of all the master's fine art masterpieces,
And his artistic apprentice

Posted Image

Phanphorlife GAL: "Lady Lucia, Guardian of the Evening Light,
And Protector of Erik's Wishing Star"


RoseGirl GAL: Le Petite Rose, "Erik's Prima Ballernia, and Dancer of Dreams"


I would like to invite ANYONE who is interested in having their own special Lair name, to let me know.... if you are not sure what you want your name to be.... Myself or the other Lair GALS can suggest something for you. Once you have chosen your name, I would be happy to find the perfect icon for you.

Welcome to all Lair lurkers, Lair sisters, Phantom lovers and GAL Phriends!



We have many talented ladies lurking in the lair, and I would like to introduce you to some of their Phantom inspired creations:


Chanson de L'ange Music Video

Chanson de L'ange is a Phantom music video;
With an aria composed and performed by Swansong, orchestrations by Nathan Allen Pinard,
And the haunting video edited and created By Kelli323

This drawing was sent to me, courtesy of our GAL Betts, for whom it was created.
Thank you, Betts, for sharing this Phantom treasure:



The Lair, a Poem by
by Larotica

His pain was heavy and his heart ached for love,
But no one wanted to be near him, no one wanted to touch,
One day a small group of women came upon this man,
And their hearts ached to comfort him and show him a gentle hand,
Each one had a special purpose, Each one had a special love,
And the master was grateful for all the warmth he was now in possession of,
The numbers grew a little everyday, and like a sisterhood they bonded together to stay,
The Master loved each one and knew that they would be his forever,
Never again would he spend a dark night alone,
Never again would he feel the cold,
For once his lair was dark and damp....
But now the light from each heart of his saviors, shines brighter than a lamp.

Petals In The Snow,
A Poem by Swansong:

Hiding in the shadows, where can the dreamer go?
Love is dying slowly, like petals in the snow

The darkness of the mirror, the candles burning down
The memory of her angel face, a faded wedding gown

A man or a dark phantom, a devil dared to sing
A lonely little boy, with an angel's broken wing

This world was never meant for you
A heart that should have been free
A soul that could have soared so high
Lost in what can never be

The years go by in silence, her voice a distant song
Her music shining in the light, where phantoms don't belong

No one to share your passion, no kiss to light the fire
No soft caress, of flesh, to press desire

A man without a woman, a soul with out a mate
Passion poured into emptiness, can slowly turn to hate

This world was never meant for you
A heart that should have been free
A soul that could have soared so high
Lost in what can never be

If only she had saved you, If only love was blind
If only you reached higher, and left the past behind

But you could never see, the beauty that you are
No mask could take away your pain, or hide the deepest scar

Remember that she loved you, love's precious mingled tears
Let the memory comfort you, and fill the lonely years

All your dreams behind you

A life you'll never know

Love is dying slowly....

Like petals in the snow.


Presenting a wee bit of Phookin' Phunny Phantom Phun Phrom our own Phantomina!
(Click image twice to read)


Recently, the LairGALS put together a "love letter" to Gerry from all of us.
This letter will be given to him as part of a fund raising event for the GB Fan Convention, June 9-10 in Las Vegas
Graphic design by madamina.

The Envelope: (click image to enlarge)


The Letter:(click image to enlarge)


Please Enjoy the following "Phantomish" music videos, inspired by the Lord of our Lair, and created by our own LairGALS

By ladyfran:

By Erica:

Swannie Edited by Swansong
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:bow: You're very welcome, LairGals!

I just wrote Swannie that I must make myself more familiar with the Lair. It looks so inviting! I can faintly hear Erik singing, "grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender. Turn your face away from the garish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light, and listen to the Music of the Night!"

Will I be able to resist his beckoning call? I doubt it. :kisswink: See you all again soon!



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Wow!! Another page added to the lair... Funny thing I haven't been to the very first page in a while so I just enjoyed watching a couple of the vids and reading all the great poems! I have to remember to go back there now and then. Debrasue...never saw that group picture you posted from POTO! I just love the big beautiful smile on Gerrys face! Anyway, just wanted to say I know too what you mean about the London bomb finds! Not to add to it but I saw this afternoon about a couple of explosions in Scotland!! OMG this is not good! I do hope and pray all of our sisters across the Ocean stay safe and sound and yes of course Gerry and his family too! When will this madness stop??? :tantrum: On a lighter note....I just want to say that not all marriages are doomed and that there are lots out there in this big bad world that actually do last. Let's face it....I'm on my 43rd year! And my hubby is not the least bit jealous of my lust um love for Gerry! I think he thinks this is just something for me to do to keep be busy!! :rotflmao::rotflmao: Little does he know........... :cunning: Okay...I'm KIDDING!

Ladyfran of the Lair 'Mistress of the Masters Cherished Violin'

Posted Image

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Some lovely manips by our dear Dyanicess:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I agree Frannie.... not all marriages are doomed to failure, but I think with the roles of men and women having changed so much over the years, it is more difficult nowadays for a couple to sustain that magical mixture of love, friendship and commitment, a loving relationship requires.

So to all you single GALS.... don't give up hope. Happily ever after is out there, but once you find it, remember that happily ever after does not mean he won't turn into a frog on occasion, or that YOU won't turn into a wicked witch!


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Okay...this is spooky but I posted this before and it just disappeared!! I just wanted to let my lair sisters know that I'm hanging out in the lair waiting for my Lord of The Lair and he is LATE!!! Has anyone seen him by chance? :cunning: I usually don't like to be kept waiting but I'll make waiting for him an exception!! :kisswink: ....I know I know....I gotta get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!! But why :confused:

Ladyfran of the Lair 'Mistress of the Masters Cherished Violin'

Posted Image

please don't forget to click!

Posted Image

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NOOOOO!!!! Sorry! Had it up to my arse with the frogs!!!! Actually kissed tooo many and wasted tooo much time waiting to see ...man or frog....ewww....all frogs so far....Ribbit!!!! Not my Language of Love.....Nope!!! Like I said...God's gonna have to just flat out drop him out of heaven & land him on my face....before he even gets my attention...(I'm doing an incredible job sticking to my guns this time...very proud of myself!) Besides...this is The Lair....Not a bloody pond!!! Frogs are not allowed....I will exterminate them if they won't leave peacefully....Nor witches....had enough of them also! Troublemakers & dabblers in things that aren't any of their affair... only good thoughts & love here....no other ulterior motives needed...I would really love to see a Handsome Phantom ....so off to the gallery I go...might find something unusual and.....

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Lands on your face? LANDS ON YOUR FACE< Debrasue?????? OMFB..... *chants to self... this is NOT the gutter, this is NOT the gutter!*

:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao::funnyface: :funnyface: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:


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There was a time...along time ago...when I was 'happily' married...everyone called us Barbie & Ken (he looked like a blonde Tom Selleck ...but he's still a putz)....didn't think we had any problems any different than anyone else..and together for almost 20 years....and guess what ...he changes his mind...out of the blue (to me anyway...he actually planned alot in secret) he decides his 'HS Sweetheart' was really the one he was supposed to marry...WHAT??? Yeah...that's what I said too...silly me...if your not looking for it...your not gonna see it when it comes up and whacks ya up the side of the head...and spins ya for a loop....boy was I surprised...but I got over it...but I'll tell you what...never in a million years thought it would've happened to me...no one else expected it either...no one could believe it...th.sometimes you just never know how it will turn out ...there is no formula...but now I do know anything can happen....and I'm a better person because of it...so....no more frogs or other creatures for me....if he doesn't have in his heart to be a man and a genuinely nice human being...I don't need him.....Gerry's Phantom will do just fine! Photo bucket is taking excruciatingly long time.....but that's just my spin on things as they relate to ME! No one should ever use my life as an example for anything...mostly cause my life is still a work in progress....LOL!! and that's the way I like it.....

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Debrasue, My dad did the same thing to my mom, shortly after Nathan was born. He informed her that he was in love with someone else (who he'd been having an affair with for quite a while, and my mom had NO clue) His GF was MY AGE at the time (23).... and he was in his 60's!

What a MESS that was!

Im sorry your hubs did that to you..... putz doesn't seem a mean enough word.


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Actually Swann...he doesn't even deserve the term 'putz'..but it's the stoopidest one I could come up with....btw...my last 'fiance' was always in the 'gutter'..he had to make a 'gutter' remark every other word I said....It got old after awhile....please!!! God!...if a guy wants to be funny...he's gotta come up with some new material once in a while!!! LOL!

Now this is what I would rather dwell on....wonderful scenery...

Posted Image

Edited by Debrasue
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Hey Frannie!!! I love that picture you posted...clever girl!!!!

All the manips are beautiful....very, very creative....

That last picture has the most beautiful shots of some of the costumes....Maria did an excellent job with set designs, too...I love all of it...even G's stance....so confident & my favorite word...audacious!

Red Death knows how to deal with frogs... & toads...& rats....

Posted Image

Edited by Debrasue
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Hey Sarah! I was thinking about that earlier this week..Swanns the one who types them up....and she usually has some pretty cool graphics for icons too....I just love mine.....

Edited by Debrasue
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Night time sharpens...
Posted Image
hightens each sensation...
Posted Image
Darkness stirs...
Posted Image
And wakes imagination....
Posted Image
Silently the senses...
Abandon their defenses....

Edited by Debrasue
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Hey Swannie...Id really love to have my own sorta name for the Lair, but I havent a clue what it would be. If anyone has any suggestions, id love to hear them.



AngelofMusic GAL: Sarah, The Master's 'Moon Maiden of Hope and Healing'

My music calms his fears, the stroke of my fingers on the harp of his heart, heals his scars;

The ones you see, and those which are invisible

Posted Image

Edited by Swansong
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Hello to my Sisters of the Lair. I have been out tonight. I have really missed hanging in the Lair. But some really good things have been happening personally lately. I hope to make more time for the Lair.

Sarah I am glad to see you here again and glad you are getting your own Lair Name.

Well talk to everyone tomorrow.


The Master's Joy of the Flesh

Posted Image

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