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Gerard Butler GALS

The heart of a stranger.


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Chapter 1: The beginning.

In the year of the great Scorpion or as a human would say in the year 1415 there was a young girl who was considered by her village to be nonexistent. All the people of her land were jealous of her because she was more beautiful then anyone in the village. It was because of this her fellow villagers began to believe that she was involved in witchcraft in order to obtain her beauty. So everywhere she went the people would tease her...torture her...did whatever they wanted with her.

Everyday she would come home crying. She had no one to turn to. Her family was killed by those who did not like the young girl. The people called her Aranil. No one knows what it meant but that is what she was called. It was hard for her to go anywhere because of her mistreatment. She could not even go to the market without being seen and tormented. She had wished she could go away somewhere far. Anywhere would be best for her.

One night the town did the most unspeakable thing. All the villagers came up to her house with torches and weapons screaming as Aranil was in her house crying her eyes out. They were screaming to her "Come out witch! We know you're there!" They started to throw the torches at Aranil's house causing Aranil to run out of the home. The villagers just stood there and laughed and yelled as she ran into the distance.

When she got to a point to where she could not be seen anymore Aranil said to herself "Thank the gods I am not there anymore." Nearby was a stream and she saw a beautiful white clydesdale horse. She approached the horse with caution. The beautiful horse looked up at Aranil not doing anything but standing there. Aranil gently touched the horse with her hand as it still did nothing. All of a sudden she could hear from behind her a deep scottish type accented voice "Oye! Thats mine!"

End of Chapter 1

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