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Gerard Butler GALS

Sharing a meal with Gerry at his apartment

Celtiberic Queen

First choose the meal...  

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  1. 1. Which meal would you prefer to share with Gerry?

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner

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Lets say that you finally have a chance to date Gerry, and you're going to prepare the best meal ever in a "conquer the man by the stomach" attitude. The scenario takes place at his redecorated New York apartment and he, mesmerized by your beauty and personality, asked you to join him.

You have to answer as well, what the menu you'd be, and share one recipe of the menu.

So.. you have Gerry's full attention for one hour and a half... what will you do?

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My menu would be:

Canapé salad
Main course:
Chicken brás

Accompanied with Rosé Wine.

The brigadeiros dessert is made like this:
*Numbers of people: 2
*Time Prep: 55 min

**60 G chocolate powder
**1 can of condensed milk
**2 Soup spoons of milk
**30 G butter
**granulated chocolate

1. In a basin, mix the milk with the chocolate and condensed milk .
2. Add butter and and cook in light fire and stir as much as you can, always moving until the preparation is separated from the bottom of the basin.
3. When preparation has cooled put them in a oiled plate and start making little balls, adding as well the granulated chocolate in the surfice of the little balls.
4. Serve cold.
This is a Brazilian recipe that I adore.

Oh... and Peggy Lee's album in the background :pointy:
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Dinner, in the late summer when everything can be picked fresh from the garden. Gerry would help pick vegetables.

Served late in the evening on the back patio, with the wisteria blooming on the pergola, and a soft breeze as the sun sets.

This is a family favorite.


Roasted Corn on the Cob basted in garlic butter

Grilled Summer Squash

Black-eyed Peas

Sliced Tomatoes & Basil

Sliced Melon

Homemade Potato Rolls

After the sun sets..

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Potato Rolls.....from Aunt Theresa

1 pkg. yeast

2/3 C sugar

1 1/2 tsp. salt

2/3 C. vegetable oil

2 eggs

1 C. mashed potatoes

7 to 7 1/2 C. all purpose flour

Dissolve 1 package yeast in 1 1/2 cups of warm water (follow pkg instructions). Add sugar, salt, oil, eggs, potatoes and flour. Mix, cover and refrigerate, until dough is no longer sticky. Shape into balls. Let rise and bake at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, or until golden brown. (Rolls will keep for a while in the refrigerator so you can bake when needed.)

This meal is great with grilled steak, chicken, fish or just burgers.



In fantasy land...he'll stay for breakfast.

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Kristine, - that was both mouthwatering and gorgeous poetry... Awww...

And I'd like to know what happened BEFORE that breakfast.... *Fluffs wings*

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Id rather have the dinner and im not so cranky like I am in the morning. Plus I have all my energy by that time :cunning: And Gerard would have to be the cook in a scottish kilt :cunning:

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:funnyabove: :funnyabove: So true so true!! It would definitely be breakfast for me.... Right after we wake up and "say goodmorning" :cunning: we'll dine on Light and fluffy Belgium waffles with fresh strawberrys and musn't forget the freshly whipped "cream" Dang it's hard keeping this out of the gutter* nice crispy bacon and freshly "squeezed" orange juice or Gerry juice which ever comes first....AWWWWWWWWW I give up....I'm going to the gutter!!!

:kisswink: Fran

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Why waste time getting sweaty cooking in the kitchen when there are better places to get sweaty? :cunning:

I would order pizza and then immediately jump him. Then after we had the pizza I would jump him again for dessert! :spontaneous:

If he stayed over for breakfast I would make him a protein shake for energy! And then guess what I would do next!!

Hahaha! Ok, if I really had to cook I would make something simple but good so I know he will like it. For dinner it would be chicken and roast potatoes with a green side salad. For dessert, brownies or apple pie with ice cream.

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i chose dinner..... and it would be all finger food so we can feed each other....lick fingers... you know the drill...... but my fav...grilled shrimp with lemon, garlic, and cilantro.....

nectarines..cut.. and juicy ones....so it drips and i can lick i t off his chin..... oh jeez off to the corner for a bit...allright im back............ grilled asparagus spears.... dripping in butter sauce..... then strawberries dipped in chocolate for desert..

breakfast....well.. thats a given, but he makes breakfast and serves me in bed..... i think he should have to cook in his kilt too.... that or naked with an apron on..... :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

hows that for mind in the gutter????

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Well if you mention Gerry and cooking...it would have to be gutter material lol. :cunning:

:angel2: I didn't thought my poll was a gutter material! :mopboyerik:

Just wanted to see what you would cook for Gerry :bump2:

:lol: CQ

Not everything has to be about the gutter.... :lalala:

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Gee....I voted for dinner but then I got to thinking..if he was there for breakfast...it meant he spent the night!!! I want to chang my vote NOW. :tasty:

Yeah, but if you have him for dinner, then he can sort of stay all night. You know...stay up all night "talking" then you can cook him breakfast. My mind is in the gutter, too. :behave:
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I voted for breakfast because that would mean we would have the whole night together to greet the new day in with some food. And plus, if I ate dinner with him I would be too full to even move or talk. I get into this veg state after eating a meal. :confused:


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Hmm...should have started from the older topics while browsing this section...I already mentioned part of this in the 'Average Gerry' poll, but here's more detail...

First of all, my imagination goes wild sometimes. Especially right before I fall asleep, I can really 'write' a mental scenario and focus on the details...a lot of times I can return to previous 'stories' and add onto them, but here's what I basically came up with in regards to this topic. Sorry if it get's a little off-topic, but I feel like I should include everything or it might not make sense...anywho...

In some versions, I'm in the audience for Regis and Kelly(so it takes place in NYC), and they bring out a version of the 'Wacky Wire'(YT search for 'Funny Gerry/Gerard Butler part 2 for reference...the part I'm talking about is in the same clip with the 'donut story'). After Gerry attempts it, he spontaneously/half-jokingly announces that anyone who can beat the game wins a day with him. And because I'm dreaming and not actually standing within inches of him while making such an attempt, I win.

So we leave the studio(mind you that in this scenario, paparazzi/pesky autograph hounds do not exist) and walk back to his apt, casually doing grocery shopping along the way.

Once inside, we go to the kitchen and prepare the following:

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Ramen Noodles

2 packages Chicken Ramen noodles(I normally do 1 package, but since this is for 2...yeah...)

fresh broccoli

already cooked chicken

cheese soup


Chop broccoli and chicken, add to 2 cups water. Once it's at a boil, add the noodles, reduce heat and cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat, add seasoning. Mix well, drain all liquid. Add cheese soup and butter so that the soup acts as a sauce, just to keep the noodles from drying out. Mix well and enjoy.

We bring our plates over to the couch and watch one of his movies....in some versions it's LAC, in others it's POTO...either way, about 2/3 through the movie, poor Gerry is so worn out that he falls asleep. I'm so into the movie that I don't notice this until the credits begin to roll. I find a blanket and cover him, then proceed to getting a batch of cupcakes into the oven. While they bake, I start in on the dishes. I'm halfway through when Gerry wakes up, sees what I'm doing, and comes over to help. He is then completely surprised by the cupcakes, which we eat for dessert as soon as they're frosted.

Yes, there's more, but I won't share it, mainly because it differs so much.

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