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Robert Burns and Bairns, Two Worthy Causes, One Worthy Group

Today at 01:09

Robert Burns and Bairns

Two Worthy Causes

One Worthy Group

With less than four weeks to go things are really hotting up for the dedicated group of International Burnsians organizing the Burns Benefit Concert at The Oran Mor Venue in Glasgow. At the end of the night on July 28th co-beneficiaries, The Yorkhill Children's Foundation and the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum will each receive a share of all raffle and ticket sales which are £12 each.

Performers at the benefit, all for no personal fee, include the official "Robert Burns" of Homecoming 2009, Impersonator Chris Tait, musician Mike Ogletree from Simple Minds, west coast wonder-band The Skunnered whose "Good Morning Glasgow Town" has had over 200,000 web-hits, Glasgow's very own Eilidh Grant, spinto tenor Gari Glaysher and composers/musicians Kevin Walsh and Paul Stirling Taylor. Compere Keith James King.

"We are so excited to be able to raise funds for such worthy causes in the name of Robert Burns." said Rosemarie Rounce-Rigou, one of the organizers. "With such a talented cast of world-class performers we expect a high turn-out and healthy cheques for Yorkhill Children's Hospital and The Burns Birthplace Museum."

Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, whose aims are to provide the ‘extra’ services and pieces of equipment that make a child's stay in hospital that little bit easier, has grown steadily since its inception in 2001, raising £319,000 that year to £2.5 million in 2008-2009. "Donations such as this one are the vital contributions that help us to continue and develop our work," said a Yorkhill spokesperson. "anything that improves the care given to sick children is an investment in all our futures."

The National Trust for Scotland has taken the lead in creating the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum with a target to complete the project in 2010. "Burns is central to Scotland's life and culture and is widely regarded as a Scottish icon." said a spokesperson for the National Trust. "We are creating a new world class Robert Burns Birthplace Museum but we still have 3.8 million to raise to meet our target of 21m. This donation will contribute to the preservation of Robert Burns legacy for future generations to come and brings us closer to realising the project on time."

So, not only an evening of world-class entertainment but also an investment in the future health of our children and the continued legacy of our national poet. The concert at Oran Mor on July 28th is an opportunity to contribute to two worthy causes, that would doubtless meet with Burns's approval.

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Information On Some Of Our Burns Benefit Concert Performers

Here is a little bit about some of the wonderful performers for our

Burns Benefit Concert. All artists are Honorary Members of RT Burns

and are generously appearing for free. All monies raised go to

the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and Yorkhill Sick Childrens Hospital.

This will be a unique and wonderful concert and we are RT Burns are proud we could do something for this special 250th Anniversary year, to remember for years to come.

The Skunnered:

The Skunnered are in their fourth year of performing original and traditional songs around the West of Scotland. Their song "Dig" was released on East Renfrewshire's Identity album, and their music played on Celtic Music Radio, Pulse FM, Two Lochs Radio, etc. "Good Morning Glasgow Town" has had over 200,000 Internet hits and is proving very popular both at gigs and with exiles!

Mike Ogletree:

Reviving Burns Ina Reggae StyleShare

It has been 27 years since he penned and performed the drum score for their breakthrough album New Gold Dream, and 25 since the halcyon days of the Perth Pop Anthem - Feels Like Heaven, but on July 28th Simple Minds and Fiction Factory drummer Mike Ogletree will step out from his drum kit to the front-of-stage, at the Oran Mor in Glasgow to be precise, where he will play guitar and sing the words and songs of Robert Burns, acoustic/reggae style.

"I've always been a singer song-writer," says Mike, "at age 13 I had a guitar and a drum kit but my hero was Jimi Hendrix. It's very hard to form a band when all your friends want to be guitar gods, so, out of necessity, and having what was described as "natural rhythm", I easily, if reluctantly, embraced drums as my 2nd, soon to be 1st, instrument."

Famous for his tenure with Simple Minds in '82 and Fiction Factory in '83/84 Mike went on to spend 9 years as a session musician in Italy before going to Los Angeles in 1993 to become a sound engineer. Then, in 2006 he moved to New York where he has combined all his talents to arrange perform and produce an inventive CD of Robert Burns music done funky reggae style entitled "The Kilmarnock Edition". http://cdbaby.com/cd/rbmo

"I grew up singing Burns at school and discovering places around my home town of Kilmarnock where he visited friends, or went for a drink, even the site of the print shop where his first edition was printed. So, it was a natural choice to revisit his life and work as a source of inspiration when starting my CD."

Not only did Mike revisit the Bard's works he also went on to fuse the Scottish folk rhythms and melodies of tunes like A Man's A Man and Scots Wha Hae with afro-reggae rhythms and instruments, as well as composing original music for and performing poems like Man Was Made To Mourn and To A Mouse.

"The romantic/spiritual musings, the pragmatic wisdom, the rebellious humanitarian outrage and the subtle beauty and eloquence of Burns works have all earned him a place with the great literary and philosophical giants of history," says Mike. "Yet, his songs are sing-able to a child, plus people of all ages enjoy singing along with him him, which is where I am going and what I am doing with my acoustic/reggae versions of his classics; simple and sing-able."

Mike's mission is to bring the music and immortal message of Robert Burns into the homes and hearts of whoever is within earshot of his playing. A unique blend of Robet Burns songs and words with acoustic/reggae/folk music, sung as they were originally written, you can see and hear Mike perform them live and unplugged at the Burns Benefit concert on the 28th of July at the Oran Mor in Glasgow. http://www.oran-mor.co.uk/show_whatson.php?id=545

Gari Glaysher:

Gari has just sung his first major concert at the indigO2 at the O2 arena and his first recital at St Paul’s Cathedral. The DVD of the O2 concert is set for release later this year. Gari was on ITV’s “This Morning” singing “Somewhere” from West Side Story earlier this year. Also he has just been in the studio to record his debut album “Serenata” which will be released on the 26th June. He has just returned from two sell out concerts in Florence and is singing at Groombridge Place and Hever Castle in June and July.

Keith James King

Our compere for the evening, Keith James King is a successful character actor and was for many years a stand up comedian playing the club and cabaret circuits up and down the country.

He recently appeared in productions of 'The Bouncers' and 'Feelgood' receiving great reviews.

Chris Tait:

Christopher Tait is Scotland's leading Robert Burns Impersonator and the offical Rabbie of Homecoming 2009. His unique renditions have been applauded throughout the world from Singapore and Moscow to New York and Dundee.

Paul Stirling Taylor:

Paul Stirling Taylor is more akin to being behind the scenes these last few years. Many of you here will have already heard his music, even though you may not know it. TV sets around the world regularly play his music, and a generation ago he swapped his 60000-strong live crowd performances for a career in film and television. But tonight he has come back out into the limelight to share with us a sample from his private collection of compositions which have never been performed in public before. ...

Eilidh Grant

Born in 1982 to North-East and West of Scotland parents. Eilidh’s family has for generations been musically active and she has inherited her parents and grandparents love of music. She started singing from an early age and it was at school that she began to perform on stage and in competitions. Her dad took Eilidh and her brothers to many performance events, particularly folk festivals and with her family’s north-east roots and passion for traditional music it was not long before Eilidh fell in love with traditional Scottish songs. Along-side singing, Eilidh has also appeared and acted in many musicals and stage shows.

When she was 17 Eilidh started to develop her own style and in the summer of 2003 Eilidh joined Angus Lyon, Ruaridh Campbell and Stevie Lawrence. However, Eilidh’s current line up of flute, guitar and cello along with some stunning harmonies has been met with great enthusiasm.

Eilidh loves to sing Scottish traditional songs - and is especially fond of those of Robert Burns, but her feel for and interpretation of lyrics shows when she switches to a more contemporary style.

At the beginning of 2004 Eilidh won a Danny Kyle Award at the Celtic Connections festival in Scotland and since then has had the honour of performing at many different festivals and clubs across the UK and Ireland.

Link to Eilidh Grant's website


Please join us at The Venue, Oran Mor Glasgow on the 28th July and spread the word to as many friends as possible.

Burns Benefit Concert



Thank you


Lady A

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Òran Mór, meaning the 'great melody of life' or 'big song'

Our RT Burns Group honour this special 250th Burns Anniversary year with a wonderful and unique international concert at The Venue Oran Mor, Glasgow on the 28th July. Our Honorary Members are kindly performing for free and all monies raised through ticket and raffle sales go to

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and

Yorkhill Sick Childrens Hospital, Glasgow.

Peformers include:

Chris Tait

Kevin Walsh

The Skunnered

Paul Stirling Taylor

Gari Glaysher

Eilidh Grant

Mike Ogletree

Compere Keith James King

Guest appearance by Bill Little of Scot Films UK


Tickets are £12 and can be bought on the link below or on the door on the night:


Please join us in making this a memorable event to be proud of and to remember in years to come.

Thank you.

Rose and Alexandria

***** We have a special Facebook Group just for this event:


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Hi everyone,

Here is a few of our Raffle/Auction Prizes So Far and thank you to Alex, Teresa, Beverly and Rose for obtaining or giving these:

2 x Robert Burns £2 coins issued by The Royal Mint for 2009 Celebrations

1 Signed CD 'Push To Perfection' by Spotty Dogg, including the song

'The Bard' a tribute to Robert Burns.

A Canada Gift Pack, with many Canadian Items ( t-shirts etc) donated from some of my co-workers

A signed DVD of The Stone of Destiny from Andrew Boswell - Mob Films

A signed pic of chef Gordon Ramsey

A signed copy of Wrath of Gods - donated by Jon

A signed pic of Yvette from the hit show - Most Haunted

A set of felt puppets and felt wall hanging made by the women in my Kathmandu project - Ghar sita Mutu (www.gharsitsmutu.org)

A Mithertongue 250th anniversary limited edition china Burns Mug for our list.

A signed Gerard Kenny CD . He is an american songwriter/singer who is quite well known and it has a burns reference to the message which is nice. Its called 'Play me some porter please'

A signed Picture of Scotland's most famous medium David Wells.

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President Of The Robert Burns World Federation To Attend Our Burns Concert

Hi everyone,

Fantastic news for recognition of our group, Mike Ogletree posted this to us today, well done Mike. This is just the guest we needed. We just hope we can raise enough money now from sales of tickets and raffles to make us proud.

Dear all,

I received an RSVP today from William Dawson, the President of the Robert Burns World Federation that he will attend the concert.

Here is his reply:

Thank you for the invitation to this concert, I will be delighted to attend, and wish you well in this fund raising venture.

Will you require me to do anything as president of The Robert Burns World Federation.


Bill Dawson

I wrote back thanking him and suggesting that, if OK with the National Trust For Scotland, he might accept the checque on behalf of the Burns Birthplace Museum.

Love Rose and Alexandria

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Well our Burns Benefit Concert was a HUGE SUCCESS

Lovely to meet ROSE and her family and all our special honorary members in Glasgow and some of our supportive friends from the group. Thank you everyone.

Just wanted to say we will soon have our blogs up on our Burns Benefit Concert, what a special night it was i must say, thanks to our

wonderful honorary member performances and behind the scenes helpers who all rallied together, just lovely to see and what our group is all about.

The final total raised should be around £1400.

Some photos are up on the rt photo section for you to see.

Here are a couple of videos up from the artists, The Skunnered and Paul Stirling Taylor, lots more to follow.


The Skunnered


Please checkout this lovely video by our wonderful Burns Benefit Concert Performer Eilidh Grant.

and visit her website on the link below.


A little of the end of the finale line up at Burns Benefit Concert, thanks Lynda.

THank you all


Lady A

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Here is some more info on our amazing Burns Benefit and as well Rose and I had the great pleasure to meet Andrew Boswell from Mob Films while we were in London:

The Burns Benefit Concert in Glasgow July 28, 2009 was a huge success and we had a full house and many are asking us when we will be doing our next benefit event as many want to sign up for it again and hope we make this a yearly event. Here is a few links to look at for some of the performances:

Some videos are coming in from our artists of parts of their wonderful

performances at Oran Mor, we know you will enjoy them as much as

we did, just fantastic all round.

Paul Stirling Taylor

The Skunnered


More of the wonderful performance by Paul Stirling Taylor with Danoosha:

Gari Glaysher and Keith King with their fun version of Funiculli Funiculla from Burns Benefit Concert.

Updated version of 'Nostalgia' with Jose Maria Porto Fayos


End of finale line up:

As you now well know Rosemarie and I love to connect like minded people and to promote projects for others and we have put up some info about Stone Of Destiny on our RT Burns Group at Facebook:

Hi RT Clan,

Have any of you seen the wonderful film 'The Stone of Destiny' by The Mob Film Co?

The Mob Film Co are behind the film 'Burns' which we are supporting here and hoping will be made soon, starring Gerard Butler.



Ian Hamilton a lawyer and the protagonist, is very angry at what he sees as the political and economic subjugation of Scotland by England, and sad that Scots are somewhat ashamed to be Scottish (symbolised by the description of Scotland as "North Britain" in much material of the time) so he decides to perform a symbolic act to put heart into the marginalised Scottish nationalist movement. He creates a daring scheme with a friend to liberate the Stone of Scone (a.k.a. the Stone of Scone) back from Westminister Abbey in London, where it had resided for centuries following English military victories over the Scots in the Middle Ages. They both research the Abbey and create their scheme, but once his friend realized that Ian was actually serious about liberating the stone, he backed out. So Ian decided he would liberate the stone by himself, but before he left, he went to see the head of the university (a prominent campaigner for Scottish Nationalism, played by Robert Carlyle) to ask for funds for basic necessities. He provided, and later, at a party, referred Ian to Kay Matheson, a girl with strong Nationalist ideas, would help him retrieve the stone. After a variety of rather comic mischances, the group retrieve the stone from Westminster Abbey and return it to Scotland. After repairing damage, they return it to the authorities (having achieved their political aims) and are arrested and charged, but not prosecuted, on charges relating to the case. The final narration on screen points out that though the Stone is now in Scotland, it is only 'on loan' and will return to Westminster for the next Coronation of a British monarch. [D-Man2010]

You can also find out more about the film on IMDB



Lady A

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