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I Finally Saw OMK!!!! (thank you Aimee!)


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First off, I'm glad you got to see this movie Swannie. You seem to see it pretty much as I did. I have rewatched it quite a few times, and I like it more each time.

I totally agree that the marriage between Sam and Charlotte had some SERIOUS problems. Yes Sam was touching and attentive to Charlotte, but to me it seemed like he was the only one giving. And Charlotte bi*ching about only opening the resturant for Sam made me think 'get off the cross, somebody else needs the wood!' Then the hair, opera, all that crap she should have been doing all along was too little too late IMO. AND DON'T GET ME STARTED on the "I want a baby" thing!!!! So I don't have any sympathy for her at all. Lets not forget, she told him it was alright to go and be with Sarah. As least he asked, a lot of people wouldn't have.

Sarah I didn't like at first either. Just storming back into Sam's life after 7 (?) years. We don't know exactly what she was thinking about him when she was in the states, and impending death will make you really re-evaluate what you want. Sam and Sarah's separation, to me, was a case of Sam being scared (kinda like Sarah's Da) to leave the comfort of home, to go so far away, into the unknown. As the film progressed I began to see and admire what Sarah was trying to do. I think that IF Sam had not done these things with her, she would have done them anyway. I would like to hope that if I ever found myself in a situation like Sarah, that I could look at it with humor and humanity like she did.

Now for Sam...this poor man, who obviously still loves Sarah, and loves Charlotte, is stuck in the middle of a no win situation. If he says no to Sarah, then that issue will never be resolved, if he says no to Charlotte, then he will break the heart of the woman he loves now (which he does anyway). I don't think Sam ever got over Sarah. She left, and he had no choice (in his mind) but to move on. So...along comes Charlotte, who is everything Sarah is not. <Anybody else notice this? The two women are polar opposites.> Then when he is faced with his past and the love of his life, it's no wonder he goes to help her make what time is left the best he can.

Mel~ I can't wait for you to get your notes out. I am really interested in your take on this.

Thanks Swannie for bringing this up!

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