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Thanks to my Pub Sisters...


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My telephone call with the publisher happens tomorrow.

I want you all to know that this never would have even been in the realm of possibility for me without the pub and the wonderful women who have become my friends. We fight just like any close family does, but when it gets down to the wire, each and every one of you has supported, encouraged, critiqued, offered suggestions...

Every comment, every pm, every email, every phone call - you have all helped shape my writing and self-confidence in my abilities. For that, Thank You doesn't seem to be enough.

You're all getting the first dedication in my book (if it happens!). The following thanks may be a bit long but they are heartfelt. Please take the time to read them all - they mean the world to me!

For all my pub sisters:

BellaBean, without you - NONE of this would be happening. Who knew? Your idea (which Lord knows how I ended up getting partial credit for even though I've denied, denied, denied...) has allowed me to grow as a writer and as a person. I am forever in your debt.

Isabeau, you haven't written alot and you know how I feel about that. But without YOUR friendship most of all, I never would have found GALS. YOU are AWESOME!

Misty, my sister from another mother! I love you! Your posts are always my favorite reads... Now, STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!

Pilar, we feel things so deeply, don't we? Your soul and mine - destined to be friends, I think.

KB, you have a gift for the written word, my friend. The light you have in person always shines through in your writing. Don't let ANYONE EVER take that from you!

Bethy, my dirty dirty girl. When I think I can't get any lower in the muck, your twisted mind pulls me down just a bit more. I love you for it! Your constant strive to give give and give amazes me and touches me. Your siggies, your graphics, your posts - they all inspire me.

Dawn, the sweetness with which you write pulls at my heartstrings. I just can't get enough.

Poppy, you write so well but not enough, woman! Keep writing!!!!

Mrs. Trebek (Hobbes), your ability to make me spit pop, water, whatever it is I'm drinking, knows no bounds. I think I've ruined more keyboards since having known you. The hotness you write - to be honest, just cannot compare to anyone else.

Mistress o' The Poles (Maris), even though you don't write anymore, I still think of you whenever any song plays, any where. I always think, What Would Marissa Do? :rotflmao: And the answer to that is, MAKE IT DIRTY!

Amy, I think you and I are on the same page. Though we may separate from our characters, our loyalty is deep. We just can't seem to leave those men alone, now can we?

Landa, your comments are what fuel my drama. If I haven't made you want to kick someone's arse, I haven't done my job!

Beachie, your knowledge of the supernatural intrigues me and your stories pull me in. I know one day I'm gonna see your work published somewhere for sure!

Janie, my love. You took Jude on and have made him more sexy, more dangerous, more fookable than I ever could. I love where you have taken him and can't wait to see what's around the next corner.

You girls kick much arse! You never fail to make me laugh, make me cuss, run after you to kick your rears when you aggravate me with your new storylines. I owe every bit of this last year and my growing confidence to you all.

To those on other forums who are no longer writing in the pub but still see fit to keep in touch with me and help me out and keep my creative juices flowing:

Kissy, Marcie - You girls. What can I say. I love you both and am amazed every day at the depth of your writing!

Kissy, your style has opened my eyes to a whole new world. You helped me to be unafraid to write the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. I cannot thank you enough for pushing me further.

Marcie - you constantly make me cry! In a good way, love, in a good way! You'll probably be published before me!

All of the above named woman - I am truly grateful to call you my friends!!!!!

:kiss: and :hugs: forever!


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Dear Aimee,

I hope all goes well with the publisher and you accomplish your dream of being an author....you so deserve it!

You amaze me with each and every one of your posts in the Pub. You have made me laugh...made me cry....made me want to wring your neck...lol But, what I love most is the comrardary that we all feel when we write. I may not write often...but I am an avid reader. I look forward to see what each day brings to the Pub.

What I find truly amazing is the wonderful friendships we have all made...in a little over one year....I have learned more about my Pub sisters than I have about people I have worked with for years. We also have a comfort zone with each other....a truly special gift!

So, Aims....I'm sending positive energy....saying prayers to the big man.....crossing my fingers and toes and eyes....lol....and I am hoping that all your DREAMS will come TRUE!

Love and Hugs, Linda

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I'm not in the Pub but I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! You go for it!! You gave me my very first sig here, because you thought my posts were too barren without one, and generously let me use one of yours, I will never forget that. I hope all your dreams come true, remember nothing was ever accomplished that didn't first start as a dream.


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Aimee, you know that I feel like I've found a soulmate when we met, and I've had more fun than I've had in years! Our friendship is very precious to me, and you have helped me in more ways than I can count. Blessings to you, and I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you!


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Sweetie, I hope all your dreams come true...you deserve it!!!!You will always have have my support...you are truely a special person and I feel lucky to call you friend....always remember...

I got your back girl!!!!

You go girl!!!!

Posted Image



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Aimee, I am just now seeing this....it is above the Panty line.

I know your dream didn't come true THIS time. But never give up! Keep learning your craft and keep trying!



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I'm so glad KB say this and posted cuz I missed it too!!!! Aimee what a heart. That really touched me. I'm all verklempt.

I concur with what K said, keep perservering (no not perversing, well maybe :kisswink: ) if you truly believe and don't give up then it will happen


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Gosh what a fook of a friend I am! Last on the list!! :bonk: (To respond that is!!)

You know I believe in you, so what more can I say?

(I could feed your ego of course!!) :lol:

Even though this didn't really pan into what you were hoping for, it will one day soon! Keep the faith! I have that on my cell phone as a reminder to myself!

Call me and I'll pass on some really great wisdom -and only because I love you so much! I can't post it here as I am a writer too!! hehehe Trade secrets that I learned in a writing class I took!



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Where the hell have I been?!

Aims, you know we'll always be pulling for you!

Just keep plugging away.. (I said..)

Even though it might be hard.. (I said..)

But we'll be here to support you in bad times and

when the good things arrive.. (Yep.. I said it)


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Well, the publisher thing didn't turn out like I hoped, but your friendships gave me the confidence to even put myself out there. So thank you for that, everyone! I love you all and I'm sure this will not be my last foray into attempting to get published.

:hugs: and :kiss: for all your support and kind words!

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OMG, Aims! :tissues:

You know how much I love you, woman! Definitely sisters at heart!!! We'll fight, we'll cry, we'll tell each other how it is, and no matter what we'll still be chosen family!!

:inlove: :hug99:

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Oh, Aims...now you've gone and made me cry.

I was so very disappointed to hear that it didn't work out for you...this time. But, in my heart, I know now that it is only a matter of time. The sky is the limit if you only believe, and with your talent and the love of all of these wonderful girls...myself included, supporting you and rooting for you, there is NOTHING you cannot accomplish.

And, as far as me getting published before you...we'll just have to do it together, yeah? Let the powers that be try to tell TWO whores 'no'. There's not a one of them out there that's got the stones to do that!!!

I love you, babe...and in the immortal words of Dory..."Just keep swimmin'". (Can you tell I have kids? LOL)


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Aims, I totally missed this post, mea culpa!!!

Sorry the publishing thing didn't work out this time, but as someone who loves to read everything that you write, I know that it'll happen for you. You give your female characters such a scintillating mix of brains, sensuality, strength and weakness (you can't convince me that FFF's Lila ain't a real person, babe!) that you get your reader hooked on your stuff from go.

I am very proud to call you both a mate and a comrade behind the particular eight ball that is writing fiction for fun (and hopefully, someday...for profit! :kisswink: ).

Love you, tootsie pop!

kissy :kisswink:

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