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Gerard Butler GALS

In Memoriam - Dee*s 2nd Childhood (Doreen "Dee" Eastwood)

Dr. Em

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Pat & Vanessa ~

Thank you so much for representing GALS at the memorial service, you cannot know what it means to me for you two to have been there. It sounds like Dee had a lovely service and that she was very much loved by all who knew her.

Mel ~

Your tribute is so touching and beautiful.


Dr. Em

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I agree about having our own angel and I have to tell you one of the things that made me smile is the thought that up in heaven with those beautiful new wings our sweet Dee can now keep an eye on our favorite "obsession". When none of the rest of us know what he's doing, how he is doing, or where he is going, Dee will know. And maybe in those moments when he is feeling low, her angel wings will gently brush against his face, and suddenly he will feel as though someone has just whispered in his ear "you are loved and you are worthy - oh, and you're pretty hot too". That will be our Dee and she'll be speaking for all of the FANmily.

*enters thread hesitantly* Seems like I've been AWOL this past week..not intentionally..just soo many threads, and so little time. I'm not sure how I missed this one, however, and I feel like I've let someone down (myself, maybe?) by not posting here sooner to express my condolences. With that said, just let me add that, although I did not know Dee well, I certainly knew of her, and remember many of her posts during the time she was a member here. I had a chance to chat a little with her in Las Vegas, and was shocked to read of her passing...she was so young! I think Gerry would be truly touched to know how HE had touched her life and how great a part he played in her being able to enjoy the second childhood she had been experiencing.

I loved your thoughts, Susan..I'm still trying to swallow the lump in my throat from those words and Mel's video, and all the other eloquent thoughts shared here, plus, it was comforting to know that Pat and Vanessa were able to represent GALS at her service. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family as they adjust to her loss...


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I just heard about Dee's passing and I'm at a loss for words. Although I never met Dee, it saddens me deeply to learn of her passing. My sincere condolences and prayers go out to Dee's family and friends.

I know she'll still be keeping an eye on us all. :hearts:

~ Donna Lee

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Sharing lovely email from Dee's cousin:

Hello Libby, I've just been reading again all the wonderful thing Dee's friends wrote about her on the GALS site. I wish you would tell them how much I appreciate each of them for their thoughtfulness and friendship to Dee. Thanks to the ladies who attended the service on behalf of all of you. I miss her and still stop to call her each evening. Thank you so much for the beautiful floral rememberances. They were just beautiful and I am still enjoying the green plants here in my office. Thank you so very much, all of you.

Risa Smith

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