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Gerard Butler GALS

New!! Gerry in Sydney!


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It has been too long since we saw a new pic of Gerry here. But it was worth the wait. He looks relaxed, rested and oh so yummy!! I was beginning to think our Australian Gals weren't keeping their eyes out for our man.

Thank you Swannie for the picture!!

Kathy :claphands:

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My hubby is cool too :D . I think he would take the picture if it was I (Dream!!!) :kiss2: . Gerry was in Brazil when 300 was released but very far from where i live.

BTW I liked being Archie's Ocean gal. I don't know Yasha. Is he from The cherry orchard? But I think I have to stay alert till I can be some Phanton gal .

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Oh my. :tissues:

:funnyabove: Just exactly what I was thinking/feeling, Aussie...those two little words speak volumes when we're lookin' at Gerry, don't they? I sometimes think this man must be a magician, or an alien from another planet with hidden powers or something like that...can't understand why in the world else he'd have this kind of effect on so many of us at the same time...I honestly can't think of anyone else in the public eye that has the power to hypnotize the feminine masses with a single glance, the way he seems to do! The man is absolutely mesmerizing... :heat:

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