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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)


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Elissa!! I'm SO glad you're doing better! I'm sorry you're still out a lawyer, though. *grumble*

Okay, so I'm gonna answer this thread's theme before it closes up!

I certainly remember the first time... like so many of us here, it began with Phantom. December 27th, 2004... I was at work in the morning when Mousie called me and asked if I wanted to go see a movie that afternoon with her and our younger sister Christina, more specifically to see Phantom. It was still Christmas break, so I had the afternoon off. At first, I thought I would turn her down, wanting to relax at home that afternoon. But I felt a bit of a push to go, so I agreed. Mousie had seen it already, but neither Christina or I had.

Christina and I both worked on campus, and she worked on the other side of campus without a car, so I drove over and picked her up before we met up with Mousie. But before we did, we said hello to our mom, who also works on campus, and chatted a bit with her student employees. We told them what we were going to see, and one of the students said, "Pay attention to the Phantom...he's a fantastic actor."

So I did...

And was she ever right!!

Someone had mentioned also that Raoul was particularly handsome. When he came on the screen, I thought, "Oh...well, he's okay..." (I do happen to think that Patrick Wilson is a good-looking guy, but that Raoul hair didn't do anything for him!) After the film was over, I remember thinking, "Um...I actually prefer the Phantom's looks..."


First Look....

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