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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS) continued


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I believe so much that **We are all Connected** and I have seen the miraculous evidence of what we can all do when we pull together. Tonight I am praying for safety and immediate Divine Intervention regarding the wildfires which are wreaking havoc on so many here in So. Cal.

I ask for Grace and Mercy for all who are afraid as they wait on the winds to do their worst... I ask for Protection and for Courage for our ***Bravest***~ each and every one who stand against these fires and shield us from danger.

I believe in the Power of our collective prayers and good thoughts....Please join with me in praying for the miracles needed to stop these fires, even in the midst of the winds.... (Susan, honey, I am thinking of you and David, xoxoxoxxox)


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I can't find the dream thread. Help!!! I've looked everywhere and I'm sure it's right in front of my face. Anyway, by the time I find it I will have forgotten, not that they were good anyway, but kinda funny.

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Good morning my friends....I have class today so this is just a speedy reply.

Debbie, :goodjob2:

Cheri, I echo your prayer for the safety of all those in Southern Callifornia....stay safe my friend!

Can't help you there Jo.....sorry.



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Swannie, I beg your humble forgiveness that I overlooked your birthday..that's one thing I need to get much better at, keeping track of b.days...may I offer you my very sincere, although belated wishes that your special day was very enjoyable?

Also, since I rarely watch the news, I wasn't aware until just yesterday of the havoc those S. California fires are causing...I also say a prayer for any of you who live in those areas and may be feeling threatened..


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Greetings my sweeties...Just wanted to post this here, in case our Swannie stops by....

Happppy Birthday Swannie!!!

My precious Swannie...you are soooo beautiful, inside and out....

and I am so grateful for *you*

It was amazingly wonderful to finally meet you in Vegas, after writing back and forth for such a long time...Thank you for the worlds most ginormously awesome hug!!! You are one of the most wonderful gifts to my life and my heart and just think, it all started with Gerry....

I wish you ***all good things***, on your special day and always...Happily ever afters and dreams come true...Thank you so much for all of the love and joy you faithfully bring to us all every day of the year ....may these gifts of compassion and beauty which you share return to you always, ten thousand fold!!


I love you!


I have been overwhelmed by the sweet birthday wishes from so many lovely Gerry fans. Thank you so much for thinking about me.

I am very concerned about these CA fires. With so many of our own GALS and friends living in the vicinity, I join you all in praying for divine intervention.

It is so disheartening to me, that these fires were deliberately started. I wonder what could possibly motivate someone to create such evil, and in my view, it is evil.

As long as I live I will never understand why people deliberately set out to hurt others. I have hurt others in my life, unintentionally through my actions, I mean we are all guilty of selfish acts from time to time. But to make a choice to hurt someone, I don't understand.

Our remodeling projects are coming along. The carpet and flooring will be installed on thursday, and then we have a week of installing the new bathroom fixtures, and getting the house back in order. It's pretty chaotic right now, and I'll be glad when things get back to normal.

For my birthday, hubby and I bought beautiful new bedding; including a new comforter, sheets, pillows, and all the goodies to go with it. I'm so excited, because we've had the same stuff for so long, and I've changed our entire color scheme. Our new color scheme is taupe, silver-blue, and sage green. Very relaxing and peaceful. Our bedroom is in the basement, and it tends to be gloomy down there, so we will also be installing track lighting at some point.

I did have a nice birthday. Di has been staying with us, and we all went out for Thai food! She's such a sweetheart, and even gave me a b-day present!

Well today is just a gorgeous October day! Not a cloud in the blue sky, and the orange, red, and gold trees take your breath away!

Take care everyone,


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Hello ladies how are we doing? I am so glad I dont have to take care of a baby anymore. Right now Im just planning on making the baby book. I adored having her but she cried way to much on Sunday morning in the crack of dawn.

Anyways if you have not checked yet the thread yet about the contest please do so if you would like to see the Gman walk down a red carpet for PSILY. I know I would.. :D


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Just so you all know, I realize we are overdue for a new floor and as soon as I can get to it I will. In the meantime I will leave this floor open. It should be sometime tonight that I am able to get the new floor open.
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