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Gerard Butler GALS

2008 Convention Yearbook


Please only vote if you are planning on attending the convention in 2008.  

59 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like the person to write a little something about themselves?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Whatever, I'm just going for the gambling.
  2. 2. If yes, would you like it to be:

    • A little statement and Q & A
    • Just Q & A
    • Happy with either!
  3. 3. What would you like to know about each other for the Q & A?

    • How did you discover Gerry?
    • Marital Status and/or other personal information.
    • What are you looking forward most during the convention?
    • All of the above.
    • None of the above.
    • Choice not listed. Will post my question choice to thread.

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I PM'd my answers. Feel free to let me know if I screwed it up, or need more


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Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to post a list of who I have so far so you know that I have received your pm's or emails with your information.





















knight phantom



I have pm'd you if I need a photo.

I do have a couple of favors to ask - when answering the questions please try to keep them brief. I have a limited amount of space if I am leaving a spot for you to be able to sign contact information, if you choose to do so at the convention.

Also I need a photo that can go on your yearbook page. It needs to be a photo of you so that we know who we are looking for.

Again I can crop and make it fit, I just need the photo.

Thank you


As I get more emails and Pm's I will update this list.

Edited by Miklyn
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:grrr: Miklyn are you telling us that only 23 people have sent in their info to you?

:read:, GALS, what is your problem? We have this wonderful attempt by Miklyn to make a yearbook for the 2008 convention, yet only 23 people want to be recognised in it? Come on folks, hop to it, send the requested picture and personal data to Miklyn so that she can have all of the attendees featured for us to remember through the years. The time to act is now. Please don't wait until it is too late to allow time for her to include you in this commemorative book.

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:wave: Hi Miklyn I just wanted to say a huge :thankyou::bow2: for what you are doing and encourage those who are going to the CON to get their info to you. This can not be a last minute thing, Ladies! :2cents: Please send your info ASAP so Miklyn knows what she has to work with! See you ALL in Vegas! :vegasbaby: :wave:
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Hi Miklyn,

I pm'ed you my photo and info last week....did you get them? Deetz also asked me to pm you with her info and photo as well....hopefully you got that too.

Hugs, Linda

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I started a new thread, but will post this Urgent Plea for Help here, too. If you have just sent your info to Miklyn, she didn't get it. If you have yet to send it, hold up until we see if we get a new contact info.

The Plea:

Unfortunately, I have heard from Miklyn that her computer has kicked the bucket, and that she is financially unable to get a new one or have the old one patched up. So, regretablly, she will not be able to complete the yearbooks for the convention.

If there is a graphics-talented volunteer who would take up this task, please let us know immediately.

Miklyn does have most to the bios and pictures that have been submitted on a disc, which she will be happy to mail to you. Some of the bios need follow-up work (ie. missing photos, editing, etc.) However, only a few have responded with any info at all, so, in addition, you would need to hound those who are registered to get it to you.

The task would involve finishing compiling the info, making a page for each attendee (with their photos, personal data, and a space for autographs or notes at the bottom), including a commemorative page for Dee Eastwood, and binding the pages into a book (plastic spiral-type), and duplicating it for the goody bags to be given to the convention attendees.

Most of the expense will be yours, but GALS will help to the tune of $2.00 per book.

This was to have been a wonderful gift, and I, for one am very disappointed that we may not get these books. So this is an urgent plea for a very special person to step up and volunteer for the job.

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