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Gerard Butler GALS

Happy Birthday Gerry, 2007

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Happy Birthday Gerry!

I hope this year is filled with even a fraction of the happiness and joy that you've managed to bring all your fans. Your spirit, energy, work ethic, and drive motivate us every day, and I hope that reflects back to you!

Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are, keep doing what you do!


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Happy Birthday Gerry!

May you have a wonderful 38th birthday. I hope this coming year will be as successful for you as this previous one has been. Have fun, have laughs, and have cake!



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Posted Image :dance: Happy Birthday big guy and hope you have many many more! Celebrate me home...That is my song for you because we all know that is where your heart is...**May**
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Dearest Gerry....Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope you are somewhere laughing yourself silly with people you love on your special day. :D Wishing you the many ways in which you can stay *Connected* to all that makes your heart *sing*~~~ On your birthday, and every day. xoxoxox

C is for Connections...may you find your way to every soul who connects with yours, who uplifts and encourages you along the Path of Life and who brings to *you* all of the *Joy* which you give so freely to all you encounter... may all that crazy beautiful *Good Stuff* you give to the world be returned to you ten-thousand-fold!

O is for Open...may you continue to keep your *Open Heart*...Open to the journey and all it can teach you...Open to continuing to embrace Fearlessness and Passion for Living...Open to *tell us stories* which endure and enlighten and entertain.

N is for Nudge...may you keep your spirit *tuned*...ever aware of that Nudge which beckons you to follow your beautiful heart...may you find the illumination and insight to continue to *find your wings* as an Artist...and may you know how many people you have inspired to try their own wings and to truly *believe* that they can Fly!

N is for Naughty....do you have any idea how much you are loved for being who you *ARE* and for your willingness to show us that you are okay with being *less than pairrrrrfect*....some people feel you have been an Angel in their lives (and this emphatically includes Me!) ....but what I really love is that you are an Angel with a cheeky wee *tilt* to your halo...you are absolutely hilarious when you tell the stories of your own life and I love that you are a gentleman, with an endearing streak of Naughty Boy thrown in for good measure. Hang onto your ability to cut through the "malarkey"...and Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

E is for Everything...I wish you *Everything* you dream of... In every moment of your life, may you know that you have *made a difference* in this world. So many of us have met initially because of *you* and have found lasting, lifetime friendships as a result of it. When you spoke the words, "We are all connected", in Dear Frankie...I wonder if you had any inkling of how very true and how precious those connections would become for all of us? You are the first in an endless chain of hearts, Gerry, linking us to one another through some mysterious alchemy which I have yet to fathom, and yet, I know how very real it is. Thank You for being a person who has shown others the way...simply by being who you are and telling the stories which we love so much.

C is for Compassion....may you find compassion and understanding in this world...may those of us who love you so much understand when you are stretched thin by the many amazing opportunities which have come your way...may you find *still* places of peace and rest amidst the go, go, go and chaotic frenzy which sems to come with "the job"....and may you feel all of the Ginormous Love and Support which we are sending to you in such abundance, each and every day.

T is for Truth...may you seek it, and find it in all that you do. May you find the courage and strength to be true to yourself and all that is precious to you. May you know how special it is to find someone in the world of Hollywood who speaks the truth...*YOU* are such a person, and I respect you tremendously for it.

E is for Energy....Well, as we saw with your awe-inspiring transformation into King Leonidas, you must have had reserves of strength and energy which even YOU could not have imagined! I am hoping and wishing for you to find ways to **re-fill your Glass**...and that you might find whatever chances you can grab to replenish your energy...may you feel **energized** by simply doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people who fill your spirit to overflowing with Creativity and Inspiration.

D is for Dream....Thank you for follwing your own dreams and inspiring us to do the same! May you keep on dreaming Gerry...and as you dream, may you find your very own *Happily Ever After*.

Always know that you are someone who is loved so much...

Abundant Birthday Wishes of Love & Joy to *you* on your special day...and in each day throughout the years to come...


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Mr. Butler,

You have given to us all, so many days of the year, the gift of your talents. My wish for you this happy day is that you be given many gifts in honor of your birthday and in honor of your admired talents in the coming days, months and years.

May you have love and laughter all your days! Cheers!

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Wow. Everyone has already sent such wonderful thoughts and wishes and birthday greetings to you, Gerry. There's not much more I can say, except that we all wish you every happiness in your life and truly hope that this year, you are celebrating your birthday with those you love and those that love you for who you are. None of us can really know you, though we might wish hard that we could. May all your dreams for the next year come true and please remember to take time for yourself! There are millions of opportunities just floating your way, and while those are a necessity for your career, you need to take care of yourself too. We want nothing more than to see you happy and successful and thriving, however that takes place!

Love and hugs on your birthday and EVERY day,


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Happy Birthday to you Gerry! May this day be as special as your are. Have a day filled with joy and happiness and, may all your tomarrows shine as brightly as you do sweetie!!!

Love and Hugs,

Di Posted Image

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Gerry I know you are there. How do you like all this love and support coming to you through the Internet. After all of that "action" you are filming, we know you go back to your hotel colapse for a few hours and wake up at 3am and go to your "lap" top, I think. I'm only joking well maybe a little.

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Aw Gerry words just fail me and if you knew me you'd be surprised as most people have a hard time shuting me up!!! Remind you of anyone :lol: only kidding x

A little something I wanted to share with you,

Because of you I found this site,

Because of this site I found people who have brought me more joy than I can tell you,

Because of those people I found real courage in myself for the first time,

Because of that courage I began to really live again,

Because of feeling alive again I went to America to meet my friends,

And it's all because of you!x

I celebrated my own birthday looking at the Grand Canyon and I can't tell you the emotion I felt doing so. Without the encouragement and love from fellow Gerryholics who love you to bits as I do, I'd probably still be in the same dead end job always wondering 'what if'. So I thought I would tell you that you have touched my life in more ways and more deeply than I can ever say and maybe if you get the chance to read these then please know that I thank you so very much. I hope maybe if you do get down days that you know there are people like me whose life has been changed so much for the better. I have two big albums of pictures and memories that I will cherish forever just because of YOU.

I know I'm a bit late writing this, but I've just been away training for my new job, one I wouldn't have even tried for before my Gerry Journey, so know I love ya and that as a wise man once said 'we truly are all connected'.

I wish you joy lovely man, always


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one for luck x

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:bonk::fook: So sorry to be so late, Gerry!!! Hope you had a fantastic celebration because YOU DESERVE IT!!

We are so proud of you, :claphands: as you reach new heights and the world discovers what we already know.....what a wonderful actor and person you are! With all of your new projects, I know you are very busy, but please, remember to take care of yourself....take time to relax and enjoy life now and again....and when you do, please remember how very many people love and admire you and always try to be happy!!! :crack1:

That is my wish for you.....Relaxation, Love, and Happiness in the coming year and every year!

Thinking of you,



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All the monkeys of the Amazônia sing congratulations for you Gerard!

So sorry to be so late

Posted Image

Feliz Aniversário!!!

O Brasil te ama!!!

Brazil loves you!!!

Happy Birthday Gerard

I go to try to say with you with this English mine (bad)...

When you it will come to pass an anniversary in the Amazônia?

While this day you do not arrive desire it accomplishment of its deeper wills.

That you it continues being one bad boy but with a good heart. How you it has always the force of its scotish warlike ancestor! E that pursues the happiness searching always the life! Ah!

It follows yours instincts...

My daughter of 7 years orders to say that she loves you, it says that when to grow goes to marry you!

She imagines if I went to leave... I could the same have a case of sexual perversion in the family... mother and daughter with exactly man! After all the Brazilian girls are bad girls also! KKKKKKKKKKK... It's Trick!

Happy Anniversary


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Thank you Gerard... you it changed my life!!!

The art move the soul of the people, you are a great artist!!! I study cinema in Brazil (Amazônia), and I knew its work you in 300. Your films well they are not distribuidos here... You and the film they had been an impact for me. Hey! It was one of the best movies I've seen!!!

Posted Image

You it obtained to be the king Leonidas classic and modern at the same time! After this I looked to other works its. I perceived then that you it evolved very dramaticamente!!! Its look, its movement of body, mainly of the hands, had improved frightfully!!!

It always wanted to make cinema but it did not have courage... Today I am in the cinema because I was touched by you and for the its history of life... Through you I perceived that never it is late for being happy... And, that everything that the mind can conceive, the body can carry through... Who knows one day goes to direct you in a film mine? For this I go to have that to improve my English!!!!!!!!!!!! :doh: I go to create scripts for you especially!

When you it will not be well (down days), you know there are people like me whose life has been changed so much for the better!!!

When the lights if to remove, when the music it's over and you will be alone, what it will remain? I wait that he remains you yourselves, of the skill that you is... a man, always, always, always full of possibilities!!!

Be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sorry that I did not see this place to send Our Man Happy Birthday greetings. I wished Him Happy Birthday in my heart and many more. I watched every movie that I could get my hands on that day. A Gerry-athon all day. OMG it was great!!! Can't have Him, can dream Him. I chickened out on sending Him the ornaments I made for Him and His Mum. I am so afraid that he will not get them and they were hard work. Marbleizing is a very difficult process and I made a black and white mableized for Gerry and a dark purple and white marbleized for His Mum to say Thank You for the wonderful man that she is sharing with Us, His fans. By the way, did anyone notice that in "The Cherry Orchard" the credits spell Gerry's name wrong??? They spell it Gerald!!!!!! I was PO'd. Happy Thanksgiving to All You Great Fans, Joanna

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