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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)


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My cat, Cotton, is the devil's spawn!

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She was my late husband's cat (a Turkish Angora) and I sort of have to keep her. She likes me and my brother, Rick. The rest of the world is her target! Thank God I had her declawed (in front) when she was little, because the remaining claws and teeth are lethal! She goes into the night crazies every evening about 10 and rips through the house like a maniac! Then she goes to sleep. I guess I could put up with most of her antics, but she has designated my formal dining room as her litter box (even though she has two which are kept clean). No amount of pleading, swatting or bribing can break her of the habit. She is 15 and reasonably healthy, otherwise I'd have her put down. But then, she was Gene's and I just don't have the heart. Oh, did I mention she is deaf? Anyone out there want a biting, scratching, bad tempered, 15 year old deaf cat with bad potty habits? Hummmm???? :bow:


I'm allergic to cats. But, if you want we can switch up a bit and I'll take pills. That's if you want to deal w/two 6 yr. old beagals (Tri-color Paisley girl and lemon/blond Dudley - boy). Ms. Snot and Mr. Chubby. Paisley is a prissy, snotty little thing and Dudley is just a fat, lazy dog w/bad breath who passes the most foul smelling gas you have ever smelled. He doesn't walk he waddles and he doesn't sit he just falls backwards and somehow sits upright on his stump we like to call his butt. It's the strangest thing. Fair trade I think.

Anyhoo, ladies, just a quick drive by to say hello. I'm too busy still fawning over the PSILY pics. I mean the man is just Gorgeous!!!! I just want to touch all of him and never let go! :pant: How can you NOT fall in love w/that man when he's looking at you w/that sexy look, touching your face tenderly, holding you close. OMFG! Oh to be so lucky! I just want to grip him yes I do.

You lovely GALS have a great day.


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