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Gerard Butler GALS

PSILY Premiere - 1st Pics

Stef with an F

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Oh Gawd...that man makes me shiver!

Hilary looks wonderful!

But Gerry...oh Gerry....

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I'm glad I have tomorrow off from work..for there is no way I can even sleep after looking at those, they just keep getting better and freakin' better.

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That's the Gerry we all love. He looks absolutely fantastic and rested. A bit tired around the eyes, but who the heck cares he looks fabulous. Thanks Stef for posting the pics!!!

Edit to add: Oh his mommy and step daddy were there. Oh how cute!!!!


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Let me add my many thanks to our wonder woman Stef!! Next let me say ......THUD! He looks his usual gorgeous self and I can't help but think....Hilary and Gerry look adorable together! Pairfect.....

:claphands: Fran

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My God, Gerry looks wonderful. I am so relieved to see him looking rested, healthy and happy - see, I said he needed Margaret's TLC! Hillary and the rest of the cast looked great too and it seems like they were having a blast!

I'm thrilled that Gerry's folks got to be at the premier, and as I've said before, we need to get them to the premier of one of Gerry's movies where he doesn't die!

Thank you Stef and GALS for getting the pics up so quickly!! I can't wait to see this movie!!


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Gerry looks Wonderful... happy, handsome as ever & Hillary looks beautiful -- everyone

is looking GOOD !! & Most of all Gerry & the rest of the CAST look like they are all

having a BLAST !!!

So wonderful to see his Mum & Step-Dad -- they look wonderful & enjoyed seeing

the pics with Gerry, Hilary, Jeffrey Dean Morgan & their Mums -- great pics !!

Can't wait to see this film !!!!!!!!!

Thanx to All the Mods & Admins & Dr. Em for providing all the wonderful photos, vids

and the conference call too !! -- That was wonderful & well done !!!

and of course Thank You Gerry -- being such a sweetheart !!!


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Well, I fel better knowing that I wasn't crazy when the sight went down.....Gerry looked absolutely amazing....he looked so happy...he and Hillary looked great together.....he looked so proud to have his Mum there.....amazing pics...thank you Stef for everything you do for us!!!!Hugs!!!

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