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12/17 - Milo Ventimiglia Cast in Gerard Butler’s Game


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Milo Ventimiglia Cast in Gerard Butler's Game

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2007 at 1:39 pm by: Peter Sciretta

Heroes star (and Rocky Balboa's son) Milo Ventimiglia has joined the cast of the currently untitled Gerard Butler action sci-fi movie (codenamed: Game). You know, the film from the two maniacs who brought us Crank. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were also the guys who wrote Milo's last film Pathology , which we swear will get a firm release date one of these days. Milo will play "a very interesting futuristic character that's not necessarily in control of himself…" Ventimiglia describes his character as kinda a "bad guy". In the movie, Gerard Butler is a prisoner who is being controlled in a massive multiplayer online figint game.

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Great News! I have been a fan of Heroes since it started! :woo:

Has anyone else noticed that Milo talks out of the side of his mouth similar to Gerry? I wondered if they picked Milo to play Rocky's son for that same reason? :confused:

I can't wait to see this movie! I love Sci Fi! :claphands:

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ooops...I meant to post my post in another board. :doh:

That's OK snowbunny, I was just reading that thread, so your comment went right along with my thoughts.

Something else I just realized-- James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire fame is in PS I Love You. This movie just keeps getting better and better.

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I've loved Heroes since it started as well, Milo talks out of the side of his mouth because he has dead nerves on the other side. He's talked about it and I guess it's becoming more prevelant for him.

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Just watched the 2 and a half minute trailer of Nim's. This is going to be a wonderful movie for anyone who wants to laugh and enjoy Our beautiful Man at His funniest and they let Him use His accent, I think at least part of the time, but it's cute and funny and I didn't think Gerry could ever get better. Boy was I wrong. He's getting better and better and better. I can hardly wait for April. Our Gerry is getting so popular I hope we don't lose Him to the world of movie stardom. He is so Human and we all want Him to stay that way.

We Love You Gerry!!! And I love all you Gals.

Happy Holidays everyone, Joanna :rotflmao::pug::tens:

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