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Gerard Butler GALS

My New Years Blessing to all of *you*


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Greetings my beloved family and friends~

After losing our Missy (our 16 year old kitty) on Christmas Eve, the wind was taken out of my sails quite a bit...and I wondered if I would find the words to share all that is in my heart this New Years Day. I am trying very hard to keep my spirit focused on the Joy of a **love** so pure and beautiful...So, Missy, I am still sending out so much love, in honor of *YOU*...and your Mommy misses you so much.

I hope that my words will remind you of how precious you are to me and how much I treasure the gifts that you have *all* brought into my life.

Hug eachother close in the New Year... always remember how healing it can be to simply share our listening hearts and sweet words of encouragement and compassion.

I hope we always continue to share the JOY of Music and Art ...it is something which keeps my soul rockin'!!!..

David and I want to say *Thank You* ~ for always cheering us on and believing in us, no matter what. Your prayers and your love have brought Light into even the darkest of days. We remain hopeful that the New Year will bring David the *job of his dreams*!

Thank you for sharing my journey and for offering me such constant insight and illumination.... Thank you for inspiring me and believing in me and for offering me your understanding, compassion, friendship and love. There could never be any greater gift than the blessing of having such kindred spirits to walk the path right by my side.....and I am filled to overflowing with gratitude ~~~

Always know how very much you are *Loved*.


A New Years Blessing for *you*

Another New Year~

Thinking back on

the ebb and flow

of Life's tide...

and so many Stars

still left to wish upon...

What will the

New Year bring?

So many choices...

may each and

every soul

find the courage

to choose well...

So many mysteries

yet to unfold...

May we discover

that the greatest gifts

are those which

slumber still,

upon a dusty shelf

in the deepest corner

of our spirit~~

May we find the way

to awaken those

slumbering gifts,

bringing them

into the Light

where they

will sparkle

and shine...

still more Stars

to wish upon.

Don't block that


shining from

your beautiful spirit~

there are stories

only you can tell,

dreams you have

only imagined~~

I pray you will listen

and hear the notes

which only your heart

can sing.

I pray that all

will Listen

to the glorious


of angelsong,

of all hearts

singing the song

we have only forgotten,

yet our Hearts know

every word.

It is the song

of our spirits

breaking free from


of long-past pains~~

In celebration of

*happily ever after*.

May each day

of the brand new Year

invite us to the dance...

the dance of

exquisite Joy

which we feel

in every step taken

upon the path to Freedom...

It is *such freedom*

to hope

to dream

to *Believe*

in all that is


May we find the Grace

to make our Lives

into all we pray

for them

to Be.

As I whisper

my prayer of Peace

into every corner

of our Earth~~

may the blessings

of Compassion

and Mercy

bring healing

to all who suffer.

May understanding

bring forgiveness

into the

hardest of hearts.

May every fear~

every moment of

grief and pain~

be comforted

by the tenderest

embrace of Love...

May we celebrate

every single day

all that Connects us

and seek to mend

all that tears us apart...

These are my prayers,

my hopes,

my wishes on a


on this

New Years Day.

For those I love,

for all the World,

may Hope

illuminate the Path

which stretches out

before us.

What will this New Year,

this New Day,

bring for You?

May there be

an *awakening*~~

to bring those

slumbering dreams

to Life...

and may we never

stop wishing

upon a Star.

With all my Love

& Abundant Blessings~


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