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Gerard Butler GALS

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Guest Beanie

If we have someone who can do cartoon-type illustrations it would be fun to have a picture of seven different GALS, different ages, heights, shapes and shades and have the "terms" for GALS that I listed above under them. So there would be Bawdy Broad, Cheeky Chick, Dirty Bird, Daring Dame, Lusty Lass, Titilated Tart, Wanton Wench.

Oooh, wait a minute -- I just had a thought. We could do these illustrations to look like a police lineup, a-la "The Usual Suspects" movie. Or am I just being stoopid now? :unsure:
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You know, ever since I posted the horoscope info in the 18+ area, my mind just guttter dives every time I read the title "submission ideas"... :handsface:

You really are a diiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty GAL - that's why we love you!
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Had a brainstorm day while bored at work the other day...

Here's what I came up with:

T shirt #1: Front: camel pic Back: Either "We heard Gerry once smoked a camel" or "One hump or two?"

T shirt #2: Front: "GALS - The only disease you LOVE having!"

T shirt #3: Front: GALS Tarts (heart graphic) Gerry Back: "Because he's....(small type) Intelligent, Eloquent, Passionate, Generous, Kind, Witty, Silly, Charming, Intense, Fidgety, Cute, Crazy, Human, Imperfect, Thoughtful, Sensitive, Fond of his Tarts, etc. (big type....like in the back ground of all the writing) "HOT".

T shirt #4 (In homage to Bethy): Front: "GALS: Kinks or Vanilla?" Back: "Nah, we'll have BOTH!"

T shirt #5: Front:"Billy's MY Idol!" Back:"The kilted man touches his sword at 3a.m."

T shirt #6: Front:List of all GALS symptoms Back: "With symptoms like that, who NEEDS a cure?"

T shirt #7(More Bethy homage): Front: Mop-boy graphic Back: description of each mop-boy

T shirt #8: Front: Got GALS? Back: "GALS notes to self: 1. Do NOT molest Gerry...do NOT molest Gerry...." "2. Restraining orders are not evidence that Gerry knows your name..."

"3. Gerry does not drive all black BMWs and silver Audis"

"4. Jo Malone and Burberry Brit are hot.....unfortunately not all males agree...."

"5. Occasionally there will be women who do not recognize the fact that Gerry is the hottest man in the universe....what IS their problem?"

and the list should continue...I just can't think of any more right now....

And T shirt #9: Front:"Sir William Wallace Johnson Jamie Big Mac Butler O'Toole" Back: "Free Billy!"

Love everybody!


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:roll: :roll: :roll:

I think we have a GALS secret phrase- whenever GALs meet in person they walk up to each other and say "The kilted man touches his sword at 3 a.m."! I love it!!!! I can see combining that on a shirt with "It's 3 a.m. Do you know where your Butler is?"

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Okay, I have no idea what the guidelines are, I just had this design from a party a friend and I had where we made up a bunch of shirts to wear out in public. Hehe. Anyways, I just altered it to be GALS appropriate. *Note, at the bottom is greek lettering that spells GALS:

Posted Image

Anyways, I thought it was cute. Hehe. Just thought I'd share.

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Okay, here's the rest of the shirts I did awhile back. Still unsure about the guidelines, but I'll share the pics anyways.





These two shrank for some unknown reason, but I have full sized versions if the lettering is unreadable.



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Those are great. Unfortunately we can't use actual photos of The Man on any of our marketplace items (copyright infringement) and can't even use pictures of him that we took ourselves without his permission.

I would LOVE a GBU shirt with the BUTLER 69 on the back of it. Maybe we can get that on one of the styles that has the 3/4 length colored sleeves (I can't remember what style that is called). That is so clever putting the Gamma Alpha Lambda Sigma for GALS on it!

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T shirt #5:  Front:"Billy's MY Idol!"  Back:"The kilted man touches his sword at 3a.m."

And T shirt #9: Front:"Sir William Wallace Johnson Jamie Big Mac Butler O'Toole"  Back: "Free Billy!"

I've been creating individual shirts on cafepress that I am making myself.

Just testing graphic size and the like.

So far I made 3 of them

I'm going to buy them myself and see what they look like.

That way if they look poopy, then it's only my $$$ spent.

I made a camel one, 3AM one, and Kinks or Vanilla? one.

I am going to make 2 more with your ideas Jen. :p

Once I get them, I'll take pictures of them and post them

so yall can have a look-see.

Already ordered over $50 of GALS merchandise, and I just got

an email saying they are on their way!!

I can't wait to get them! Once my brother and his wife come back from

their island paradise, I'll post pics of me wearing the GALS gear.

I'll also post pics of my designs once I get them.

Just buying them myself to make sure they will look okay.

The whole world has GALS.. they just don't know it yet. (That's another shirt idea! :lol: )

Also making a "Bracelet" shirt for me. A Wanted poster.

Mwa! :lol:

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You crack me up! (That's a good thing!) :rofl1:

Testing Gerry ideas is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! :lol:



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Here is one I would like

Front of shirt


What Gerry Butler means to me

Back of shirt

Rapid heartbeat

Elevated body temperature

Stimulating fantasies

Phantastic dreams

Energized libido

Continuous lustful musings

Tantalizing thoughts



I love that and I looked at the shirt.. I would so buy it, except I don't think my mom would appove.. :depressed:

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Somebody on GB.net was looking for the "Everyone's an Actor" shirt like Gerry was wearing when he met fans at the Four Seasons in Toronto. Nobody was able to track that one down but one of the Tarts had a shirt made that I think is absolutely BRILLIANT and we just SO need to have this available, whether through Cafe Press or another shirt outlet (I'm not crazy about the color choices Cafe Press offers - this needs to be on a kind of washed-out blue or gray or green shirt and I don't think they offer those).

Everyone's an Actor t-shirt

We could use the same on the back or we could say ...but Gerard Butler is the BEST!

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We have upgraded our cafe press to a premium store. It's going to take a wee amount of time to tweak it, so please be patient.

If you have any ideas for the store - feel free to submit them! We'd love to see some great new ideas!


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Ok, I need some ideas for Men's T-shirts, something funny.

I am USELESS at that sort of thing!

And some for kids - like My Mum has GALS.

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Can I just say a HUGE FOOKING THANK YOU to Butlers Babe and Scottish Hottie for their great ideas and help with graphics for CP.

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There is another new choice at our Cafe Press shop today - I hope some of you find it as fun and funny as I do (tooting my own horn because it's my graphic). Check out the "Fruity" selections - and rest assured I honestly had NO idea how the hearts in the graphic were going to fall on the shirts until Sarah added them to the boutique and then I just LMAO when I saw them. Is there such a thing as a Freudian slip in graphic design?

Posted Image

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Ok. Been thinking long and hard :huh: about this. We need a shirt that has a name tag thingy so we can add out own name but is should say something like

"Scottish Snogbeast Preservation Society"

Convention 2005

Maybe some kind of seal or something as well? Just my thoughts

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Muahahah! Scottish Snogbeast Preservation Society.

"Sworn to protect Gerardas Butlerus" Muaha!

Listen Sarah, the Mop-Boys and the Kinks graphics look really

really small. I'll have to do them over later if you like.

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Awesome Bethy!!!

Can we make that happen? I'd love some cafe press with that!!!

I'll get with Sarah after I get back from NYC and see what we can come up with.

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