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Notes on the PSILY Soundtrack

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I found the notes on the soundtrack very interesting and wanted to share...

from: 411 Mania

excerpt from the review:

P.S. I Love You - Music From The Motion Picture Review

Posted by Mitch Michaels on 12.08.2007

Romantic comedy soundtrack mixes Irish acts like Flogging Molly with AC favs like James Blunt…

The Album

On December 4th, 2007, Atlantic Records released Music From The Motion Picture P.S. I Love You, the soundtrack to the upcoming film of the same name.

The Bands & The Songs

P.S. I Love You is an unabashed romantic chick flick, and its soundtrack mirrors that, as its bristling with hot and mostly up and coming Adult Contemporary songs. Will I be able to sit through fourteen tracks of this sappiness? Well, it’s got to be better than watching the movie.

The Pogues – “Love You ‘Till The End”

This track is from The Pogues’ swan song, 1996’s Pogue Mahone. The title here is no doubt in reference to the death of the main character Holly’s husband. “Love You ‘Till The End” was recorded after Shane MacGowen left the band. This is a piano/acoustic guitar driven folk rocker song with a slight Celtic flavor, something any Pogues fan can appreciate and a vibe that goes well with the film’s Irish associations. The post-MacGowen Pogues were much better than critics gave them credit for, and this cut is proof.

James Blunt – “Same Mistake”

This James Blunt’s new single from this year’s All The Lost Souls and its being treated by press as the album’s centerpiece. Blunt’s gentle delivery is perfect for the subject matter of the movie, and “Same Mistake” is most certainly one of his better efforts. If you think “You’re Beautiful” is all that James Blunt’s about, this song should add a little more depth to your perception.


More acoustic guitar/piano interplay. NEEDTOBREATHE are an up and coming alterna-rock band out of South Carolina, sort of a harder-edged version of Hootie & The Blowfish. “More Time” is a cut from their recent record The Heat. Frontman Bear Rinehart’s strong vocal work hear should provide a necessary jolt to listeners who may have been lulled by the earlier cuts.

Laura Izibor – “Carousel”

Ah, so now its time for our sexy hip-hop production number, as is customary for all light rock soundtracks these days. Laura Izibor is an Irish R&B act who has only previously appeared on the Nanny Diaries soundtrack. The acoustic guitar and heavy beat make this song stick out like a highlight.

Hope – “Fortress”

This is another track original to P.S. I Love You. Hope is an all-girl band who rose to prominence as contestants on the UK’s TV show “The X Factor”, the precursor to “American Idol”. To my knowledge, this is their first song to be available on CD here. By now, it’s pretty obvious that this album is going to be acoustic-based. Still, Hope is a surprisingly good band for a TV show discovery. Their vocals are pretty sweet.

Ryan Star – “Last Train Home”

No, this isn’t the Ryan Starr from the first season of “American Idol”. This is actually Ryan Star from the TV show “Rock Star: Supernova”. The packaging lists this as from the album 11:59, which must be Star’s upcoming album. “Last Train Home” is the first BIG sounding song on the album, with big guitars, big strings and a big ballad-y delivery by Ryan. This no doubt plays over the credits in the movie.

Paolo Nutini – “Rewind”

Paolo Nutini is a Scottish pop/rock singer who had a moderate hit this summer with “New Shoes”. “Rewind” is another great track from his debut These Streets. Maybe it’s not cool, but I think Paolo Nutini is awesome. He has a smooth voice and the inflections of a singer/songwriter, but the production around him is very modern and contemporary, perfect for the AC format (think John Mayer). This is a nice track about regrets.

Toby Lightman – “My Sweet Song”

Toby Lightman brings our first taste of blue-eyed soul on this album, an obvious nod to acts lie Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. Toby is an American songstress who debuted a few years ago and had a couple of Adult Top 40 hits. “My Sweet Song” is from her latest album, 2006’s Bird On A Wire.

Chuck Prophet – “No Other Love”

If you don’t like Chuck Prophet, you just suck. This is from his 2002 New West release No Other Love. While that album was very rootsy, this cut is as breezy as a summer day. Prophet shows the younger artists on this set how to sound sentimental and still make a statement.

The Academy Is… – “Everything We Had”

“I am no gentleman/I can be a prick”. I love that line. “Everything We Had” is from the latest Academy Is album Santi, and is one of the few cuts on here to be released as a single. “Everything We Had” is a pretty typical indie rock ballad, but it does add a little versatility to this strictly AAA compilation. When the choir comes in at the end, you can’t help but like this one.

The Stills – “In The Beginning”

The Stills are a Canadian indie rock outfit, and this is from their latest album, Without Feathers. “In The Beginning” is a pretty gritty rock song, which would lead you believe that this album is changing its direction from emotional to just plain mid-tempo rock as it closes. Kind of under-produced among these other songs, but The Stills are a good band.

Flogging Molly – “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”

Another Irish rock entry, Flogging Molly are definitely a glaring exception on this list of singers. This is a great acoustic pub rocker and the album’s best song. “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” is from their 2002 album Drunken Lullabies. The song’s theme no doubt plays on the death theme of the movie. Kind of a morbid choice, but worth it as far as bolstering the soundtrack.

Nellie McKay – “P.S. I Love You”

This is a new song by UK songwriter Nellie McKay. “P.S. I Love You” is a seductive number, backed by only McKay and what sounds like a ukulele. Great vocals here, harkening back to the female standard bearers and the early days of radio.

John Powell – “Kisses And Cake”

P.S. I Love You closes out with a bit of score by composer John Powell, a typical move for modern soundtracks. The acoustic guitar-based composition is pretty and moving, but the title “Kisses And Cake” sure does make me feel gay.

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Maybe I'm late to the game but I only just noticed while watching the credits for the 8th time today that Nellie McKay sings P.S. I Love You on the soundtrack - and she plays Holly's sister in the movie. Duh....

Also - not on the soundtrack but listed in the credits - does anyone know why Gerry's songs in the credits say "performed by Gerard Butler and Nancy Wilson"? When Gerry is singing on the sofa with the guitar I'm sure there isn't a background singer with him! Also, when Hilary sings the song in karaoke it says performed by "Hilary Swank and Nancy Wilson" ... any clue why that is????

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Thanks for all the interesting details.

I've been trying to find the song which Holly performs the first karaoke to. I think it's called Gett Off and was written by Prince. I was wondering if anyone might know the name of the artist who recorded the version used in the movie. Thanks.

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Nancy Wilson! She was the guitarist for HEART! She's the one who taught Gerry and JDM to play the guitar, and I'm assuming that it was her guitar playing that was used in the movie, since Gerry and Jeffrey weren't expert guitar players.

I REALLY wish they would release the score by itself.


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Ah, a topic "right up my alley," so to speak. I had the soundtrack before I saw the

movie, and the music really 'grew" on me. Actually, I just came from seeing the

movie just a couple of hours ago.

One of my hobbies/habits is to try to place each of the soundtrack songs to its spot

in the film. And it has taken me several visits to the theater to do it!! I noticed in

the synopsis above that LAST TRAIN was "probably in the credits." It is actually playing

in the background while the group is at the karoke bar the second time for Holly's

farewell song to Gerry. I particularly like this song.

Of the songs on the cd, so far I have not been able to find "MORE TIME." It is also a

very nice song. I really think they did a good job finding musical renditions that were

pertinent to the story line. I just hate it that often they use just the tiniest little bit

of a really good song, tho.

I think it is correct that Nancy Wilson may have done the guitar for the audio version

of Gerry's and Hilary's solos. What I wouldn't give to have a dvd of Gerry singing all


me that our MR. B. looked quite "at home" in the karaoke bar with that microphone

singing his "heart out." Perhaps a bit of the "good old days" when he was singing with

his rock band?

Anyway, we will have what we have, on the cd, and on the dvd of PSILY, and be most

happy to have that much!! Having the entire score from the movie is just too much to

hope for, but it certainly would be great.


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I find myself constantly singing Galway Girl...its making my kids crazy. Its kinda like the It's a Small World thing...and it just gets stuck in yer head.

Thought ya'll would enjoy these different versions..including the Fenians and Gerry's.





Now its gonna be stuck in your head!! :music:

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:thankyou: mommaduck for the info/background

and kiltphan for the links!



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Wow ! -- This is a great thread !! -- Thanx Becozy, Mommaduck, Kiltphan !!! for all

these great goodies on the soundtrack & Abrock that is cool that Nancy Wilson/1/2ofHeart

(loves those Rockin' Sister/Chics !!) was the one teaching Gerr & JDM & providing much

of the music supervision/advice !!!

and Thanx -- Susan for pointing that thing out about Nellie McKay singing the PS song &

also being the actress who played Holly's sister in the film --- I really loved her role

-- her loopy/but loving and open character as Holly's sis -- she was one of my fav

people in the film -- I didn't realize that she sang so well too !!! Coooool !!!

This is fun great thread -- I must get soundtrack ---sooon..

Take Care !!!


oh yea -- one more thing... is it just me (I knows I can be out there LOL) but in

all seriousness -- I think Gerry's voice when he sings -- Galway Girl -- seriously

reminds me a bit of the 70's songwriter/folk-singer -- Cat Stevens -- anyone

else -- get that impression too -- no biggie -- I mean this as complement to

Gerry's performance -- it's something about the way he phrases his words

in this folk-song -- accent & tone -- reminds me of ole Cat-Man ....

Edited by Amanda-T

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Love this topic! Thanks for that article Barb. :metoyou:

I would like to correct the writer, or at least clarify his comments regarding the song, "P.S. I Love You".

Original lyrics were by Johnny Mercer and music by Gordon Jenkins, copyright 1934!

Here's more on wikipedia.

Bette Midler also sang it in the movie "For The Boys" in 1991. Rudy Vallee recorded it first it seems, and I'm thinking there was a ukulele played on his version, too. Billie Holiday also recorded it.

So, great job to Nellie McKay on her version, but it's not the original by any stretch.

Susan, I had already thought that Nellie's appearance reminded me of a 40's startlet, in her hair and makeup, and also her speech, so knowing that she sang "P.S. I Love You" really ties the visual and audio senses together for me.

And Judy, I'm taking a stab from memory here, and only 4 or was it 5 viewings of the film, but was MORE TIME the song playing when the girls went on their trip to Ireland?

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ooooooh !! Cool find -- Songbird/Katie !! -- I love Johnny Mercer !! what a lyricist --

one of my fav - songwriters -- Love his Skylark - (covered by many - my fav is

Linda Ronstad & K.D. Langs versions)-- also Love his song called --

This Time The Dreams on Me -- covered by Alison Krauss -- actually

if ya wanna hear some -- kickin' Johnny Mercer -- tunes -- get the

Soundtrack from the movie -- "Midnight in the garden of good and evil" -

(btw -- that movie is the bomb too & the novel is 1# bestseller)...

I've seen Johnny Mercer's grave -- in Savannah, Ga -- a native there --

and of course -- another fav song by Johnny is Moon River -- which I believe I read

he wrote about a neighboring river to the Savannah River ---

Wow -- cool to discover yet another -- beautiful song penned by JM --

in P.S.. I Love You... thanx for the info -- Lady !!!

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No, Tee, thank YOU for the info. on Mr. Mercer!! That is so way cool!

They just don't make 'em like that anymore, it seems. I will check out the Midnight, etc. soundtrack.

I LOVE Skylark and Moon River, too. I'm sure there are more of Johnny's songs that I love and have sung as well.

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Thanks, Songbird, for the word on the placment of MORE TIME. Lora and I still haven't

found it, but it probably is right there and we somehow missed it. Several of the best

songs are just background music and not easy to distinguish with the dialogue etc. going

on. We are still looking for PSILY to begin at the "second run" theater here in town. I

will be back there trying to find that darned song--and it will only cost me $1.50 this

time!! I am also waiting impatiently for word of the DVD.


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