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Gerard Butler GALS

Infinite Breath

Phantom's Muse

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Sharing a long breath, it feels infinite and heady

Your body melding weight and magic into mine

In the catacombs of night and opium smoke.

This touch, so ancient and fulfilling

Kind and yet impassioned like a caged circus animal

Oh, please allow it to roam and dispel

All my pain, all my rage, all of my years past.

Are you my reward for years of trials and woe?

Dear Goddess, I'll never let you go -

But I promise, my love, that I will not leash or tether you

to my side or to my expectations, either.

Because I know. . .

What we're creating is a singular flame of karmic dues

Burning each other cleanly and to the mother bone.

Here's an anchor of renewed hope to conversely send us flying

. . .deciphering the early expression of the pregnant moon

And drinking from the astral fountains of faith.

I long to hear words of poetry from your molasses lips

And kiss the future while toasting it on a high C note -

Cradling the seed of origin in our hands.

copyright 2001 CCAC

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Good job, good job!!

Thanks, guys! Your comments make my day, truly they do! Yes, I have been writing poetry for about 20 years...so there's a lot to come. I love all of your stuff as well. We GALS should work on a collaborative project of some sort. Hm, now THERE'S an idea!

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I want Gerry to be my reward for years of trials and woe? Right now!

Beautiful poem. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Yes, he'd be quite a handsome reward, wouldn't he? :::le sigh:::

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