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Gerard Butler GALS

Despondent Visionary

Phantom's Muse

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Burrowed safe in his arms

nothing can harm me there

nothing will get through

nothing could get through

yet a fleeting death wish

a dire dream and --

his arms slip away

slowly then quickly

I'd been so close to heaven

yet now I'm drowning in hell

yearning for his hand

to entwine through mine

knowing too well it never will

Wishing to deny

knowing my feelings for him will never die

pining away for something more

knowing that only less will come ashore

nevermore, nevermore

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OMG...it's such a sad poem!!! But I absolutely loved it!!

Don't be depressed.... :rose: But keep writing, it's the

best medicine...to get it out!!!

Thanks you so much for sharing

Cheers Priscilla

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Hey, Phantom's Muse,

What lovely, sad, emotion filled words...

beautiful writing.

I hope it's more writer's angst than real depression.

We're here for you...thank's for sharing!



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