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Topics older than 30 day's go invisible

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Hey! Everybody! :wave:

I just wanted to remind everyone threads or topics (Topic Titles)

that haven't had a post in 30 days go invisible.

Which means it's still there but it's not showing unless we check for it.

At the very bottom of the page...

look for these little boxes on the bottom right.


Change the FROM: 30 days to "SHOW ALL"....then "PRESS "GO!"

Posted Image

All the topic titles that have been previously posted will appear.

This is just a friendly FYI so we can locate threads and decrease the duplicate posts. :D

If you want your topic to stay visible post on it or give it a :bump22: to keep it active.

Thanks a bunch! :thankyou:


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Oh Zany,

Thanks for those excellent instructions! I get confused sometime and forget about those options at bottom of the page.


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