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Hi Tonya, I was just curious how Gerry gets his scripts. Does he have an agent who reviews & hands him scripts or does Gerry do that on his own? Can he receive suggestions on movie ideas? I just wrote a suggestion to him in the Messages to Gerry thread. I read a book by Jodi Piccoult entitled "Mercy". It is about mercy killing but has a subplot about Scotland. I thought that Gerry would enjoy the book. The town is called Carrymuir & the main character is Cameron MacDonald. He is the clan chief. He also fought in the battle of Culloden. The family emigrated to Massachusetts to a town that was named Wheelock because the lake in Carrymuir was named Wee Loch. The town has a lake & mountains like in Scotland. When I read the book, I thought of Gerry right away. So I have put my two cents into his busy life. I'm sure he doesn't need me to make suggestions for him. I am just having some fun!



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